One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/17/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

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Palace Hotel

Adriana asks Rex how his cut is. She assures him that now that the cut is better, he can go back to chasing women. They bring up Nina. Rex doesn’t like the remark very much. She assures him that it was only a joke.. Rex tells her that she is a whole different story. Adriana and Rex discuss his coming on to other girls. He suggests that she find herself another Duke. A man walks up and wants to talk to Rex. Rex tells him to wait a minute.

Cris is in his apartment. He tries to paint a wedding dress that is covered with black. Carlotta comes in, bringing him a home-cooked meal. She notices the painting. She is confused. Cris thanks her for the supper. They discuss the painting. Cris fills her in that Natalie had thrown her wedding dress in the trash, and he had found it. Carlotta suggests that his painting should be a positive thing. Cris fills her in that he was commissioned by Vangie to paint her a picture. Carlotta is thrilled. Carlotta suggests that he needs balance in his life. Carlotta leaves him to eat his supper. Cris takes down the picture and covers it up. He puts up a new board to begin a new painting.

Llanview Police Department

John goes into the psychiatrist’s office and finds Natalie there. He resents it and thinks that Natalie is trying to get back at him for what he did to her. Natalie tries to explain to him, but he will not listen. The psychiatrist tries to interrupt, but John tells him to hush. He turns to Natalie and orders her to explain. Natalie tries to explain, but John tells her to forget it and leaves the office. Out in the corridor, Natalie finally gets through to him as to what had really happened in there. Natalie tells him that she is worried about him, and even though a lot had happened between them, she had loved him. The psychiatrist invites Natalie back into his office. Natalie reprimands him for trying to use her to get to John. John comes in and shuts the door. The psychiatrist reminds John that he has his career in his hands. Natalie tells the psychiatrist that she refuses to be used against John. Furiously, Natalie walks over to the desk, writes a note on the file, and hands it back to the psychiatrist. Natalie assures the psychiatrist that John is a hero. Natalie decides to leave. The doctor tries to get John to stay, but John refuses. John leaves the office, too. John and Natalie meet up with each other out in the hall. They exchange looks. John apologizes to her for the way that he had acted. She tells him that she understands. She promises him that she will back him up. She walks away.


Nash comes into the house and meets up with Antonio. They discuss Tess and her whereabouts. Antonio suggests that they work together to find Tess. Antonio seeks help from the police department in finding Tess. Antonio and Nash go looking for Tess. Tess comes in the door. Antonio questions her as to what she had done now. Tess lies and tells them that she had gone out for a walk. Nash is concerned about her. Tess informs him that he is just paranoid. Tess noticed when she came in how cozy Antonio and Nash were. They tell her that they have come to an understanding. Antonio assures her that they have no reason to fight. Nash holds Tess.

Llanview Hospital

Tess has the amniotic fluid in her hands. She tries to decide what to do with it. She hears Jessica’s voice interrupting her thoughts. Tess informs her that she hadn’t asked for her opinion. Jessica asks Tess what she plans on doing with the amniotic fluid sample. Jessica talks to Tess about disposing of the amniotic fluid. Tess becomes angry and throws it against the wall. She leaves the room. Once out in the corridor, she sees Spencer. She turns and goes another way to keep him from seeing her.

Llanview Municipal Courthouse

Hugh asks Blair if she thinks that Todd is guilty of murdering Margaret. Vangie objects. Hugh turns the questioning over to Vangie. Vangie confronts her, asking if she could have been the one who had killed Margaret. Todd objects to this line of questioning. The judge orders him to remain silent or he will have him removed from court. Vangie tries again to make it look like Blair might have killed Margaret. Again, Todd objects. Hugh redirects. Hugh asks her if she had killed Margaret. Blair denies killing her. Blair leaves the stand. Hugh calls Kevin Buchanan as a witness. Hugh questions Kevin as to what had happened in the motel the night that he had seen Todd with Margaret. Hugh continues to grill Kevin over what had happened the night that he had seen Margaret and Todd together. The questioning is turned over to Vangie. She brings up the fact that Todd may have been fighting for his life because Margaret had had a gun. She also brings up the fact that Kevin hadn’t even filed a report about the incident. The prosecution rests. The judge recesses the court. Blair starts to leave, but Todd goes after her. The officers drag him back. Blair comes back to where he is and informs him that she is through listening and that Kevin was telling the truth.

Spencer is approached by David, who wants to know what is up with the photo and why he is involving the woman in it in this vendetta against the Buchanans. Paige listens. Starr and Jack come up and ask for their help in seeing Todd. Jack asks David and Spencer if they will help them. Spencer takes Jack into an exam room. He lets Jack play with a stethoscope. They discuss Jack’s mom and dad. Spencer tells him that he hopes he will have a son like him. Paige listens to their conversation. Starr talks to David about helping her to get in to see Todd. David has his reservations and wonders what Blair and Dorian would say. Starr reminds him of what he had done to Dorian on their wedding day.

Kelly tries to talk to Blair on the outside. Blair confesses to her that she doesn’t know what is happening. Blair tells Kelly to just go on and say that she had told her so. They discuss Todd being guilty. Blair tells her that she feels like she is on railroad tracks and sees the lights flashing, but she cannot move. Kelly points out to her that she and Todd love each other. Blair confesses that she cannot look Todd in the eye. They go back into the courtroom.

Rex shows the man the paper. The man asks him if he knows who the birth mother is. A man approaches Adriana and remarks that some men don’t know how to treat their women. Adriana agrees. Rex watches them. He tells the man seated across from him that he wants the information yesterday.

David and Paige discuss Spencer getting close to Blair’s children so he can get close to her. They discuss the woman in the photo. David suggests that she not go there. David goes to call Blair to let her know where the children are.

Natalie visits Cris in his studio. They discuss the painting that he is doing for Vangie. She sees the picture that he had painted of the wedding dress. She informs him that she is donating the dress to someone who doesn’t have the money to buy one.

Vangie and John share a cup of coffee.

Todd is taken back to his cell in chains.

Blair visits Spencer at the hospital, and cries on his shoulder.

Antonio and Nash find out that the amniotic fluid sample from Jessica has been destroyed.

Tess buys a train ticket to Penn Station.

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