One Life to Live Update Monday 1/16/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita
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Blair lies alone in bed. She remembers overhearing the conversation between Todd and Denton, and how Todd had ordered him not to tell anyone else that he had killed Margaret. Dorian and Adriana bring her in a breakfast that Adriana had prepared. They insist that she eat before she goes to court. Blair informs them that she is not going to court. Dorian reminds her of the consequences if she doesn’t show up in court. Dorian and everyone else know that she would never say anything about Todd. Blair tells Adriana and Dorian that she wants to ask them something. She asks them if they will run Craze for her so she can devote more time to Starr and Jack. After a little hesitation, they argue. They also want to be in court with her, but she refuses to let them be in court. She assures them that she knows exactly what she has to say.


Nash comes into Rodi’s and has a brief conversation with the bartender before Antonio comes in to join them. Antonio reminds him of the things that he had told Tess yesterday in order to get her to take him back. Antonio insists that he is not going to allow him to do to Jessica what he had done to Claudia. They discuss Tess and that Nash would never do to her what he did to Claudia. Antonio doesn’t believe him. Nash reminds Antonio of his own past as a gangster. Antonio changes the subject. Nash mentions the baby and whose it is, Tess or Jessica’s. Nash picks up a pool cue and begins to play pool. Antonio and Nash make a bet that the winner takes all, and the loser takes a hike. They discuss Tess, and how at the end of the integration there will be no Tess. Nash tries to call Tess but doesn’t get an answer. They both rush out. Nash and Antonio, upon their arrival at Llanfair, find Tess gone.

Tess comes into the foyer with Natalie’s wedding dress on. Natalie comes out of the library and asks her where she got that. Natalie orders Tess to pull off her wedding dress. Tess pulls it off as she tells her that it didn’t fit anyway. Natalie notices that Tess has ripped it and has broken the zipper. Tess realizes that, given how upset Natalie has become, she must still be in love with Cris. Tess remarks that Natalie could buy a whole lot of wedding dresses, and it would not put a dent in her credit card. Natalie reminds her of what had happened here yesterday between her and Nash. Tess reminds her of the love that she shares with Nash. Natalie suggests that she be careful, because love is a very fragile thing. They discuss the baby and how it may not be Tess and Nash’s, because it could be Antonio and Jessica’s. Natalie gets a bag to put the dress in. She receives a call from the police department psychiatrist. He asks her to come down to the station. She agrees and leaves the house.

Cris is trying to paint when there is a knock on the door. He opens it to see Vangie standing there. She has come by to check on him. He shows her his new painting, which she doesn’t understand. She questions him as to how he is. He assures her that his painting had gone out the window along with his marriage. Vangie tries to reassure him. Cris refuses Vangie’s help. He vows to get Natalie back. Vangie commissions him to do a painting for her. Cris is confused. Cris admits that he gets his inspiration from her. Vangie tries to tell him that she did what any lawyer would do. Cris tells her that he can count on her. Vangie tells him that she needs to get to court because she is cross-examining John. Cris tells her that she needs someone better than John, someone who will return her love. They hug.

John is headed toward the psychiatrist’s office. A fellow officer confronts him about him going to a psychiatrist. John questions him about his job and whether he likes it. The officer apologizes to him and goes on with his business. John goes into the psychiatrist’s office. John is told that he is late. John apologizes. They discuss the report and some of the specifics it contained. The psychiatrist and John discuss him being dangerous. They discuss John’s father's death, and the effect that it had had on John. John doesn’t really want to talk about his father’s death. John tells him that he is due in court, and he gets up to leave.

The Palace Hotel

Marcie comes in and joins Michael at a table near the terrace. She finds a rose on the table, and is pleased. She tells him that she is glad that they talked yesterday. Marcie tells him that she knows that they had hurt each other. Michael tells her that he wants to try again, and he won’t make the same mistakes again. Marcie assures him that she wants to make it work. They kiss. Hugh comes up and tells them that he guesses that congratulations are in order. Hugh sees that Marcie and Michael are working on a reconciliation. Marcie and Michael admit that they are. Hugh congratulates them. He also admits that some things are meant to be. Hugh tells them that he is due in court and, after wishing them good luck, he leaves. Before he leaves, he looks back at them.

Llanview Courtroom

Todd is in the courtroom, waiting for court to re-convene for the day. Rex comes in and immediately comes up to him. He fills Todd in on what he had found out. Todd still believes that he is being set up. Todd and Rex discuss Denton and how he is setting him up. Rex gets a call. Todd orders Rex to go and keep Denton drinking to find out everything he can from him. Rex leaves. Vangie enters the courtroom. Todd wants to know where Blair is. The court is called to order. John McBain is called as a witness. John and Vangie exchange looks. John is questioned about how he had found the baby and Margaret dead in the lake. They discuss how Todd hadn’t had an alibi. Hugh finishes his questioning, and John is turned over to Vangie. Vangie questions him as to how the police hadn’t questioned anyone else about Margaret’s death but Todd. Vangie confronts him about his being treated by a psychiatrist at the police department.

Adriana and Dorian eat lunch in the Palace Hotel dining room. They discuss Craze, and Adriana wonders if they are doing the right thing. Dorian assures her that they are. They discuss Todd and the charges against him, and how Dorian hopes that he gets a lethal injection for what he did. Dorian admits that she would like to give him the injection herself. Adriana thinks that it is a great idea for them to be working together. Adriana looks up and sees Rex enter the dining room.

Denton sits at the Palace bar and drinks. Rex joins Denton at the bar. He tries to get Denton to talk, but Denton refuses to talk.

Blair gets dressed for court and leaves.

Tess looks for a way out of Llanfair. Cris comes up to the door and yells for Natalie. He finds Natalie’s wedding dress in a garbage bag outside.

Natalie and the psychiatrist discuss how John had acted during the jailbreak at Statesville. Natalie realizes that the psychiatrist had not called her down there to talk about her, but to talk about John. Natalie confronts him about his wanting to talk about John. The psychiatrist wants her help to help John. Natalie thinks that she is not the right person to be talking to. John walks in on them and wants to know what is going on.

Tess goes into the lab at the hospital. She finds the sample that they had taken from her to test for the paternity of the baby. A lab technician comes in and confronts her, asking who she is and what she is doing there. Tess threatens him not to say a word to anyone about her being there or he will be sorry. After he leaves, Tess laughs to herself.

Blair is called to testify. Todd grabs her by the hand. She tells him that she believes that he had killed Margaret and his unborn child.

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