One Life to Live Update Friday 1/13/06


Written By Mary
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Llanview Hospital

The doctor performs the test on Tess that will determine the paternity of the baby that she is carrying. Tess hears Jessica’s voice inside her head. The nurse asks Tess how she is feeling. Tess informs her that she feels like a pincushion. The doctor comes in, and Tess questions him as to how the baby is. The doctor assures her that the baby is fine. She inquires as to how long before she finds out the paternity of the baby. He tells her two to three weeks. The doctor assures her that she will just have to wait. Antonio and Nash come in. Nash asks how she is. Tess replies with a sarcastic remark and leaves the room. Nash begins to look at the screen that shows the baby.


Clint doesn’t think that this is the best-case scenario for their daughter. Viki declares that Nash is the wrong person for Jessica.

Antonio and Nash discuss the paternity test and decide that if the baby is Antonio’s and Jessica’s, Nash will leave town for good. Nash asks Antonio what would happen if Tess refused to let Jessica out again.

Adriana asks Rex who mugged him as she holds a snowball to his head. She insists that he tell her who had done this to him. Rex informs her that it was Cristian. Adriana wants to know why Cris had hit him. Rex explains that they were sparring. Adriana is surprised that he wasn’t wearing a helmet. Rex assures her that he wasn’t supposed to get hit. She tries to examine his head, but he flinches. She examines his head and confirms that he needs stitches. Adriana tells him that he is sexy. Rex is surprised.. They begin to walk off to go to the hospital when Adriana asks what Cris looks like.

Cris pulls on the string of his boxing glove. The owner of the club comes in. He informs Cristian that whoever the woman was, she wasn’t worth getting his teeth knocked out over. They also discuss what Cris had done to the other man.

John still comforts Vangie by holding her in his arms. She suddenly pulls away from him. She insists that she should be stronger than this. John advises her that she doesn’t have to be that strong in front of him. He pulls her back to him. Natalie walks in with some charts and sees them. John looks up and sees Natalie. Natalie walks in and fills John in on what Vangie had done to her mother in court. John tries to defend Vangie’s actions. This upsets Natalie. Vangie tells them that she doesn’t need this, and she leaves. Natalie tells John that she doesn’t know what she ever saw in him. They discuss Vangie and what she had done to Viki on the witness stand by bringing up her D.I.D. John wants to know what she wants from him. They decide not to talk anymore. John and Natalie argue. He tries to explain to her that he wants to be her friend. She won’t have any of it. He tells her that he is tired of this conversation and he leaves her alone in the office. Natalie starts to leave the office, when John comes back. Natalie accuses him of just viewing her as a search-and-rescue case. This hurts John’s feelings, that Natalie would view their relationship like this. He tells her that he may have lied about Cristian, but he hadn’t lied about his feelings for her. She doesn’t believe him, and she assures him that she doesn’t have any feelings at all anymore, as she leaves his office.

Michael and Marcie meet up in the hospital corridor. She tells him that she has just been to visit Nora. He tells her that she looks pretty. She is surprised by the compliment. He informs her that he is going to have thirty-six hours straight and he is going to the Palace for a nice dinner, and he asks her to join him. Before she can answer, Adriana brings Rex up to him. Adriana explains that Rex needs stitches, and she wants him to do it. Michael at first refuses. Michael suggests that he go to the E.R., but Rex refuses. He insists on Michael sewing him up. Michael finally agrees and goes to get the needle. Marcie and Adriana watch as Michael sews up Rex’s head. Michael gets through with his task, and he and Marcie leave. Adriana and Rex share a tender moment, but she abruptly pulls away. She admits to him that she had never felt with anyone the way that she had felt when she was with him New Year’s Eve. She leaves him alone in the room.

Viki and Clint are arguing over the fact that Nash is not good for Jessica, especially now that she is pregnant. They hear Tess and Antonio come in. Viki immediately wants to know how the procedure went. Tess is sarcastic when she gives Viki her answer. The doorbell rings, and it is Nash. He demands to talk to Tess. Tess tells them that she doesn’t want to talk to either of them, and she orders them to leave her alone. She starts into the library, but Nash tells her that he wants to tell her everything about Claudia Weston. Nash tries to begin to explain about how he had met Claudia Weston and the things that had led up to her being on drugs. He tells her that he wants to be a good dad to their child, just like Clint. She orders him to start talking, and to not even think about leaving anything out. Nash explains fully about what had happened with Claudia. When he gets through explaining, he admits that he wants her back, and he wants to be a father to the child that she is carrying, if she will allow him to. She turns around, tells him that she is sorry, and hugs him. Clint motions to Viki for them to leave Tess and Nash alone. Antonio just looks on in silence.

Cris is busy putting up a punching bag when Vangie comes in and puts her coat over a chair. She says she knew that she could find him here. She asks him if he is all right. Vangie fills him in on Natalie walking in on her and John in his office. Vangie admits that she just wanted to see one of her success stories. She hands him a letter of recommendation for his next job interview. He assures her that he believes in her. She questions him about his art.

Michael and Marcie arrive at the Palace. They discuss Rex and the stitches that Michael had put in his head. Marcie laughs. Michael comments on how good it feels to see her laugh. Marcie confides to him that she doesn’t see Hugh anymore. Michael admits that he still loves her. Marcie reaches out and takes his hand across the table.

Adriana is in the alley where she had found Rex just hours before. She remembers how she had held a snowball to his head. She leaves. Rex arrives. He imagines Adriana coming back and them kissing.

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