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Viki lets Clint in. They wish each other a good morning. Clint asks about Jessica/Tess. Viki informs him that Jessica is still Tess. Viki also tells him that they will never be able to help Jessica until they find out what had caused her to change. The doorbell rings, and it is Antonio. Viki, Clint, and Antonio go into the library. Tess sits on the stairs, and calls them, “idiots.” Tess starts out the door when she sees Nash standing there. Tess wants to know what he wants. She starts to close the door on him, but he barges in. She reminds him of his past, and how he wouldn’t open up to her. She tells him to start explaining. Viki asks about the restraining order. She also asks if Nash is violent. Antonio fills them in as best as he can as to all that Bo had told him. Nash informs Tess that now is not the best time to go into all this. He wants to start making plans for the future. She orders him to start talking. She tells him to explain about the restraining order. Tess tells him that she likes to take risks. Nash turns the tables, and wants to know what had turned her into Tess. Tess refuses to explain until he tells her everything .Viki, Clint, and Antonio discuss Nash and Tess, and how much Nash loves Tess. Clint suggests that they not do anything until they talk to Dr. Jamison. Viki opens the door, and sees Nash and Tess together. Tess asks if they were having a meeting without the guest of honor. Nash asks for some time alone with Tess. The Buchanans and Antonio go back into the library, and close the door. Viki tries to assure Antonio not to worry. Nash tries to tall Tess that they love each other. They discuss the test that she is going to have today. He assures her that if this baby is theirs then everyone will have to know that she is real. Tess goes over, and knocks on the door. The Buchanans and Antonio come out of the library to join Tess and Nash. Viki is glad that she is going through with this. Tess tells them that she is not doing this for them that she is doing this for herself. Clint hands her her coat which she grabs out of his hand. Tess leaves. Antonio and Nash follow her. Viki warns Clint that if Nash hurts Jessica.

Llanview Hospital

Michael informs Kevin that he is going to release him today. Kevin is overjoyed. Michael mentions about the side effects of the virus. Kevin questions him if he could be sterile as a result of the virus. Michael tells him that in a couple of weeks they would want him to come back so they could do some tests on him. Michael tries to reassure Kevin about him and Kelly having a baby.

Kelly stands outside in the hall. Duke join her. Kelly mentions to him about Michael being in with Kevin. Duke fills her in that he and Adriana have broken up. Kelly is sorry for them both. Kelly and Duke talk about his and Adriana’s breakup. Kelly tells him that his father is being released today, and they may be going to a wedding soon, and he may also be having a little brother or sister. Michael opens the door, and listens to their conversation. Michael informs them that they can now take Kevin home. Kelly and Duke enter Kevin’s room. Kelly offers Duke help, but won’t give any additional information to Kevin. Kevin demands to know what is going on.. Duke informs him that he will tell him later about it. Michael comes in, and tells Kevin that he is free to go. He also tells him that he has some tests scheduled for him in a few weeks. Kelly wonders what is going on, but Kevin won’t give her any details. Instead, they plan a delayed New Year’s celebration.

The Palace Hotel

Adriana talks to one of the waitresses in the Palace dining room. Rex comes in, and watches her with the waitress. Chris comes in, and join her. They sit down in a booth. She thanks him for coming. They discuss the indecisiveness that she feels concerning Duke and Rex. Adriana fills him in as to what had happened when she had gone to his apartment. They discuss Natalie, and how he had broken her heart. Chris and Adriana discuss Natalie and John, and their feelings for each other. Chris vows that he is not giving up on Natalie. Adriana suggests that he get a job to get his mind off this. A waitress talks to Rex, and he offers her a job at Ultraviolet. She takes his card. Adriana and Chris watches Rex, and him coming on to the waitress. They discuss Duke, and her breaking up with him. Adriana admits that her heart is with Rex. They discuss Natalie, and what Chris had put her through. They discuss Rex, and what Adriana needs to do about it. Christian gets up, and kisses her bye. Layla sits down with Adriana, and gives her advice on how much Rex cares for her. Adriana thanks her, and leaves. Adriana sees Duke on her way out .They exchange some pleasantries, but then Adriana leaves alone. Duke gets a call which upsets him.

Vangie and Layla sit down at a table near the terrace doors. They discuss Viki, and what she had done to her on the stand, and how Natalie had confronted about it. Layla assures her that she needs to relax, and also that she needs someone in her life. Layla suggests that Vangie call John. Vangie admits that she would like to lean on John, but Natalie is in the picture. Vangie only wants what is best for everyone. Vangie admits that John doesn’t know what is going on. Vangie also doesn’t know what is going on inside John’s head. Vangie and Layla discuss Todd’s case, and Vangie putting her all into it. They discuss John, and Vangie wanting to call him. Layla tells her that she loves her, and only wants the best for her. Layla compares Vangie to John for pouring her heart and soul into this case. Layla tells her that she takes her cases too seriously.

John is in his office going over some paperwork. He gets a call from Dr. Cosby’s office telling him to go over some paperwork that he had been sent. John picks up the papers, and begins to look at them. Hugh comes in the door, and tells him that they need to talk about his testimony. Hugh tells him that Vangie tears into everyone that he puts on the witness stand. He also reminds him that he is Vangie’s ex-boyfriend. John assures him that he can take care of himself. Hugh mentions about John’s past relationship with Vangie. Hugh orders him,” no surprises,” that he wants to be fully repaired. Vangie listens to their conversation. Hugh tells him that Vangie has no case. John excuses himself that he has work to do. Hugh leaves. He meets Vangie outside the door. Vangie goes in John’s office. She thanks him for defending her.Vangie wants him to open up about what is troubling him, but he refuses as usual .They exchange some pleasantries, and she starts to leave .John stops her. She begins to open up to him about Todd’s trial. John hugs her.

Rex boxes a bag as the owner of the gym holds the bag. While he boxes, he remembers his night with Adriana. Chris comes in, and begins to give him some boxing pointers. Chris fills him in on how he had hurt Adriana’s feelings. Rex turns the tables on him, and mentions why he had hurt Natalie. Rex throws a punch at Chris. They spar together. Rex makes a remark about Christian handing Natalie over to John, and Christian knocks him to the ground. Rex wonders out of the gym, while wiping the blood from his head. Adriana finds him outside. She takes a snowball to put on his head.

Tess is at the hospital ready for her tests. The doctor gives Antonio and Nash some papers to fill out about their backgrounds. They argue and throw slurs about each others pasts. A nurse brings out a picture of the baby. The doctor prepares to examine Tess, and perform the necessary tests.

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