One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/11/06


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The Palace Hotel

Nash enters the Palace Hotel bar. He gives the bartender his drink order.. Spencer, who stands a little ways off, remarks that that was a bad choice. A conversation begins between the two. Nash looks across the room and sees Clint and Dorian. Spencer, upon seeing them together, remarks that there is a more effective way to deal with your problems. Spencer questions the maitre d' about Clint and Dorian. The maitre d' at first refuses to tell him anything, but when Spencer slips him some money, the maitre d' spills the beans.

Dorian and Clint sit at a table near the patio doors. Dorian makes a suggestion about what they should have to eat, but Clint refuses it. Dorian remarks about shooting their supper and cooking it over an open fire. Clint tells her that he is not David Vicars, and she should stop treating him as though he were. Dorian can’t believe her ears. Clint informs Dorian that he is only there because of Asa. Dorian doesn’t believe him. Dorian insists on calling Asa to let him know how things are going. Clint refuses. Clint tells her to pipe down. Clint suggests that they start over. Dorian places her order, at which Clint is pleased. Dorian remarks on how good the baked potato was. She begins to rant and rave about Viki and all the things that she thought Viki had done to her. Dorian also points out that he had better be glad that he had gotten out of there. Clint loses his patience with her and points out some faults, and then he gets up and leaves. Upon his departure, he sees Lindsay. They exchange a few words. Cristian, also present, tells Clint that he hadn’t meant to hurt Natalie.. They discuss what had happened with the reporters, and how Cris had smashed one of their cameras. Clint commends him on how he had handled the situation. Clint offers his condolences to Lindsay on the death of Jen. He starts to leave but sees Nash. Nash asks about Tess. Clint questions him on how many drinks he had had. Nash informs him that when Tess finds out about his past, everything will be over between them. Clint is confused. Clint instructs him to start talking. Nash fills him in on everything that had happened between him and Claudia, and about the money. Clint suggests to him that he stop drinking if he wants a future with Tess.

Cris enters the dining room. He tells the maitre d' that he is meeting someone, so he wants a table for two.


Natalie enters the library, carrying a tray of food for Tess. Tess assures her that she is not hungry as she polishes her toe nails. Natalie pushes her feet off the chair. Natalie introduces herself as the sister that she had told Nash was dead. Natalie assures her that she has finally met someone who won’t fall for her stuff. Tess and Natalie both throw slurs at each other. Natalie reminds her of the things that she had done in the past. Natalie talks about the baby that Tess is carrying, and she orders Tess to eat in order to take care of the baby. Tess picks up the newspaper and sees the article about Ginger. Tess demands to know what this is all about. Natalie fills her in on how it had happened, and that she hadn’t suffered long. Tess tells her that Ginger was her best friend. Tess is upset by Ginger’s death. Natalie apologizes, saying she didn’t know that they were that close. Natalie notices how much Tess cares about Ginger. Natalie admits that she doesn’t know how Tess feels. Tess points out to her that she is always there to clean up Jessica’s mistakes. Natalie points out that Tess doesn’t know her. Natalie fills her in on everything that had been going on in her life. Tess realizes that they are indeed sisters. Natalie tries to apologize to Tess, but Tess won’t have any of it. The doorbell rings. It is Antonio. Natalie fills him in on her conversation with Tess. Antonio offers her a suggestion on how to deal with Tess. Natalie asks Antonio to stay with Tess for a while, because she has something to do. Natalie leaves. Antonio sits down on a bench at the foot of the stairs. Tess comes out and asks for a bottle of salad dressing. Antonio refuses to get her one. They begin to argue as usual. Antonio points out to her how Nash had been keeping secrets from her. Tess doesn’t believe him. Antonio urges her to go through with the integration.

Llanview Police Department

Vangie sits at a desk, going over some notes from her case. Rex comes in and asks her if she is now working for the cops. They begin to discuss Todd’s case. Rex assures her that they are on the same side. Rex tries to assure Vangie that he is on the up and up. Vangie has her doubts about him. Rex offers his help in Todd’s case, but Vangie knows that if she were to put him on the stand, Hugh would bring up his past. Rex assures her that he knows Todd is innocent. They continue to discuss Todd’s case and how their only hope is Blair, and her standing behind Todd..

David looks at the picture of the woman but can’t believe his eyes. He hears the housekeeper’s voice calling for Asa. David mashes his finger in the desk drawer, and also hits his head. He rubs his head while he hides from the housekeeper. The housekeeper finds the picture lying on the floor, picks it up and lays it on the desk. While she is doing this, David sneaks out. In the foyer, David wonders to himself why Spencer is involving this woman in his vendetta against the Buchanans.

Todd agrees to Denton’s demands. Todd orders Denton not to tell anyone else that he had killed Margaret. Blair listens to the conversation and can’t believe her ears. Blair confronts Todd about his conversation with Denton. She questions him as to why he had told Denton that he had killed Margaret. Blair and Todd discuss Denton and what Todd had told him. Blair points out that she had, for the last months, heard his side of the story. Blair wonders how she will get her children through this. Todd becomes angry and begins to yell. He then apologizes to her. He tells her that he can’t lose her. Blair doesn’t believe him. Blair informs him that it is not up to him anymore. They continue to argue, with her ultimately walking out on him. He yells after her.

Bo is in his office at the police department when Antonio visits. They discuss Nash. Bo tells him that he can’t run him out of town. They discuss Jessica and her having the ultrasound the next day. Antonio fills Bo in on Nash’s past, and what he had done to a woman named Claudia. Antonio mentions about the restraining order that Nash has against him. Antonio hands him the paper with the information. Bo fills Antonio in on how Claudia had given Nash her money, and how she is in a hospital now. They discuss Jessica and her money, and how he can’t get his hands on her money. Antonio suggests that Jessica need not know about this. Bo agrees. Antonio insists on telling Viki. Bo instructs Antonio to take care of Jessica.

Lindsay comes into the dining room and, upon seeing Cris, she hugs him. She tells him how glad she is to see him. Cris offers his sympathy on the death of Jen and says that he loved her. Sitting at the table, Cris and Lindsay discuss his painting and how he wants her to handle his art again. Lindsay refuses. She points out to him that people will only buy art when they think that the artist is dead. Cristian understands. Cristian vows to be the man that Natalie had fallen in love with.

David enters the Palace Hotel dining room and, upon seeing Spencer, tells him that he needs to talk to him.

Rex visits Todd in his cell. Todd begins to fill him in on Denton, and how he could have been the one who had killed Margaret. Rex doesn’t quite buy it. Todd asks Rex for his help in finding out what Denton is up to. Todd borrows Rex’s cell phone to transfer the money into Denton’s account. Rex feels he is crazy for doing such a thing.

Dorian stands in the dining room of the Palace as Blair comes rushing in.. Blair rushes past her and onto the terrace, where she proceeds to slug Spencer. Spencer goes reeling into a chair. David is impressed. Blair confronts him about his testimony in court and how she had thought he was her friend. He asks her to do some soul searching and then realize who she can believe. He leaves her on the terrace. Denton joins her. He offers to buy her a drink. She refuses. He leaves. Blair realizes for the first time that Todd may have indeed killed Margaret and his unborn child.

Natalie confronts Vangie about what she had done to her mother in court today. Vangie tries to explain that she had done it for the best of Todd’s defense. Vangie begins to throws slurs at Natalie’s family. Natalie threatens her, vowing that if she makes any more remarks about her family she will ruin her.

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