One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/10/06


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Llanview Police Department

Natalie tells John that Cristian is no longer her husband. John wants to know if she had divorced Cris because she wanted to be with him. Natalie informs him that what they had had been based on a lie. John then asks her if what she had said was a lie, about her wanting to be with him even though Cris was in the picture. Natalie denies having lied to him. Natalie assures him that she had loved him with all her heart. John wants to know what had changed her mind about him. Natalie then asks him how he would have felt if she had kept a secret from him about Caitlin. John remains speechless. John tries to assure her that this situation is different. Natalie assures him that she hates him. John wonders if there is some way that he could make this up to her. Natalie wishes that there were, and then leaves him standing.

Llanview Courtroom

Todd wonders what Spencer is doing there. Spencer is sworn in. Hugh asks Spencer if it was a man or a woman who had killed Margaret. Spencer testifies that it had definitely been a man. Hugh points out that Spencer has vital information that goes to the heart of the case. Hugh questions Spencer about his treating Todd for his stab wounds, and the information that Todd had let slip out when he had been delirious. Spencer testifies that Todd had told him that Margaret was pregnant with his child. Blair questions Dorian as to how Spencer could know about this and not have told her. Hugh wonders why Spencer hadn’t come forward with this information before now.. Spencer points out that it was patient confidentiality. Spencer reveals that Margaret had stabbed Todd because Todd had tried to kill her. Hugh turns the questioning over to Vangie. Vangie questions Spencer as to how he could have believed what Todd was saying, if, indeed, Todd had been delirious. The judge calls for a recess.

Everyone begins to get up and leave the courtroom. Blair goes after Spencer to talk to him. Spencer lets her know in no uncertain terms that he can’t talk right now, and he leaves. Dorian comes up and orders a photographer away from Blair. Dorian wants to know if Blair is all right. Dorian then fills her in that she will be leaving the courtroom for a while.

Todd and Vangie discuss Spencer’s testimony and how it had been a help to their case. Blair joins them. Vangie leaves to talk to Viki. Vangie asks Viki if she can talk to her for a minute, but Viki refuses. Todd and Blair discuss Spencer’s testimony, and how Spencer had tried to bury him. Blair doesn’t see Spencer’s testimony like that. Todd and Blair begin to argue over Blair taking Spencer’s side. Their voices begin to rise, and Vangie has to quiet them down. An officer takes Todd back to his cell. Vangie tries to talk to Viki and explain why she had had to use information about Viki’s D.I.D. to help Todd’s case. Viki explains that she should have been told. Vangie tries to tell her that there wasn’t time. Viki is upset, but she soon relents and tells Vangie that if it could help Todd’s case, then she guesses it was all right. Vangie thanks her.

Asa’s mansion

Asa sits in a chair in the living room. He slowly rubs his eyes. Clint and Bo enter the house and begin to yell for him, but Asa won’t answer them. Bo and Clint come into the living room and find Asa sitting in a chair. They ask him if he is all right. Asa tries to assure them that he is fine, but they don’t believe him. They mention to him that Renee has been worried about him and his health. Asa tries to make out that Renee is the one who has been hitting the bottle. Bo questions him as to what had happened up at the lodge. Asa is reluctant to talk about it. Bo questions Asa as to why he had drunk a whole bottle of bourbon, but again Asa doesn’t want to answer. Asa tries to lie to them and tells them that he had done it because his family had stood him up on New Year’s Eve. Bo reminds him about the blizzard. Bo knows that Asa is hiding something, and he wants to know what it is. Bo demands to know the truth. Asa tries to explain that he has a feeling. Bo and Clint make light of this feeling that Asa has. Asa points out that he has his own worries about Bo and Clint. Bo demands again to know what is going on. Asa suggests that Bo and Clint be careful and watch their backs. Bo assures him that he always does. Bo and Clint get up to leave. Asa reaches in his pocket and takes out the picture of the woman and looks at it.

Bo and Clint meet up with Dorian in the foyer. Bo wants to know what she is doing there. Dorian assures them that she has some personal business with Clint. Bo leaves. Dorian tells Clint that she is going to take Niki Smith’s advice and ask him out on a date. Clint only laughs. Clint wants to know what is going on. Dorian denies that anything is going on. Clint accuses Dorian of wanting to stick it to Viki. Asa comes out and tells Clint that he would like to speak to him for just a moment. They go into Asa’s study. Asa encourages Clint to take Dorian out. Clint wants to know why. Asa confides to him that he wants to see if he can trust her concerning Spencer Truman. Asa encourages him to take her out. Clint finally agrees. Clint leaves. Clint goes back to join Dorian. He apologizes for his absence. Clint agrees to take her out. Dorian is enthused, and they leave arm in arm.

Paige sits at a table near the patio. She looks over and sees a mother with her son. David comes in and joins her. Paige accuses him of telling Spencer about her giving up their child for adoption. David denies telling anyone what she had told him. Paige assures David that she had told Bo everything about the baby and her having given it up for adoption. David wonders what she will do when she finds her son. Paige assures David that she just wants to explain to him why she had given him up. David wonders what will happen if her son is hurt and resentful of her. Paige wonders about her son and how he is doing. David hopes that Spencer never finds out about their son. Paige tells David that Bo has his reservations about keeping this secret, but he vowed to stand behind her. David assures her that her secret is safe with him. Spencer comes in and sees David and Paige with their heads together. David makes the observation that Spence looks like someone with something to hide. Spencer wants to join them, but David refuses. Paige gets a call on her cell phone and has to leave. Spencer sits down opposite David. David just waits for Spencer to start questioning him about what he and Paige were talking about. Spence assures him that he trusts David, and he hopes for the day that they join forces again. Spence asks him if he wants to know what he has against the Buchanans. David denies wanting to know anything. Spencer instructs him to break into Asa’s house and find a picture that he had given him. David is confused, but agrees to do as he is told. Spencer sits at the bar. Paige comes up to join him. She wants to know where David is. Paige questions him as to what he is up to. Spencer denies that he is up to anything.

Matthew waits for Bo in his office. Bo is glad to see him. Matthew fills him in that he had been to the hospital to visit his mom, and she had moved her hand. Bo asks if he had told anyone. Matthew affirms that he had. Bo assures him that Nora will wake up when she wants to. They confirm that they need each other, and then they hug. John listens to their conversation outside the door. John joins Matthew and Bo in the office. Bo gets a call and has to go upstairs for a few minutes. Bo leaves. John talks to Matthew about Bo being a great guy and dad. John reveals that his father had been a cop too, but he had been killed. Bo rejoins them. He tells Matthew to go and find Mary Ann. Matthew leaves. Bo talks to John about him continuing therapy. John agrees. They discuss what is going on between Matthew and Nora. Bo also fills him in about something going on with Asa.

The Palace Hotel

Natalie sits at a booth in the dining room. Viki comes in to join her. Natalie is glad that Viki could join her for lunch. Natalie asks about Jessica. Viki informs her that Jessica has turned into Tess again. The topic wanders to Niki Smith. Viki tells her what had happened in court that day, and that she was asked about Niki Smith. Natalie is upset that Vangie would do this to her, especially in court. Viki tries to assure her that it was for Todd’s sake. Viki looks up and sees Dorian come in arm in arm with Clint.

Denton visits Todd in his cell. He brings Todd some magazines. He blackmails Todd for one hundred thousand dollars, or else he will go to the cops and confess how Todd had killed Margaret. Denton demands payment for keeping his mouth shut. Todd is reluctant to pay him off. Todd finally agrees to pay the one hundred thousand dollars. Todd states that he will give him what he wants, but he must not tell anyone that he had killed Margaret. Blair listens.

Asa hides the picture in his desk drawer. When Asa leaves the room, David sneaks in. He uses a letter opener to open the desk. Inside he finds a picture of a woman. David looks at the picture and is surprised.

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