One Life to Live Update Monday 1/9/06


Written By Mary
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Paige sits alone in a chair outside Kevin’s door. She looks a little bewildered. Bo comes up to join her. She gets up, and they clasp hands and kiss. He apologizes for being late. Paige tells him about all the visitors that Kevin had been having. Bo asks how Kevin is doing. Paige tells him that they still haven’t been able to isolate the virus. Paige notices how hard this has to be on him after all he has been through. Bo confesses that his mind has been on her, and her not letting Spencer know about the child. The more Bo thinks about the child, the more he doesn’t like Paige keeping it from Spencer. Paige looks surprised.

Kelly, Duke, and Michael visit Kevin in his room. Spencer opens the door and comes in. Spencer makes the observation that he must be feeling better than he was this morning. Spencer informs him about his vital signs. Kevin demands to know how this had happened to him. Spencer remembers that he was the one who had given Kevin the shot in the neck.

Tess doesn’t know how Antonio can stalk them from coast to coast, and then all over Llanview, and then make the accusation that Nash has a restraining order against him. Tess is surprised and unbelieving. Nash informs her that it isn’t just an accusation, it is true.

Starr sits alone in the squad room at the police station. John enters and sees Starr. He reluctantly approaches her. They speak, and he wants to know what she is doing there. She informs him that she is awaiting word on getting her dad out of jail, and she isnít leaving until they get her dad out of jail. Natalie stands in the doorway and watches them.

Vangie is busy with some paperwork while Todd and Blair talk. Vangie looks at her watch and informs them that court will soon be starting. Blair pats Todd on the arm.

Viki enters the courtroom, with Dorian on her heels. Dorian mentions to her that she hadnít mentioned to her earlier that she was going to be in court. Dorian tells Viki that Todd should have someone on his side. Viki sarcastically tells her to get a life.

Viki joins Todd and Blair. Blair notices something is wrong and questions her about it. Viki fills them in that, just today, she had been called to testify against him.

Blair confronts Vangie about Viki being called to testify against Todd. Vangie tries to explain that it was at the last minute, but Blair doesn’t believe her. Todd feels that Viki hadn’t had a choice. Viki assures him that she knows he is innocent, and she wishes him good luck. They suggest that they sit down. Hugh thanks Viki for coming. Viki sits down in front of Dorian. Dorian leans up to talk to Viki and tells her that this should be interesting. The bailiff comes out and calls the court to order.

John and Starr discuss the case and the fact that it had gone to trial. Starr insists that she is still going to stick around there, since she had already ditched school today. John suggests that she call her mom, just to let her know that she is all right. John starts to leave and sees Natalie. They just look at each other.

Paige informs Bo that he has no right to tell Spencer about the child that she had given up for adoption. She also informs him that she had made that decision a long time ago. Bo insists that he can’t just sit on this, because of Matthew. Bo fills her in that he had missed out on a lot of Matthew’s childhood. Paige tells him that she understands, but Spencer would make a terrible father. Paige starts to walk off, but Bo follows her. Paige informs him that she should have kept her mouth shut about her son. Paige gets the impression that Bo is laying a guilt trip on her about giving up her son for adoption. Paige informs him that she has changed her mind, and she doesn’t want him to look for her son. She walks off, leaving Bo standing.

Spencer lies to Kevin by telling him that he doesn’t know what had happened to him. Spencer also fills him in that he hasn’t gotten back all the blood work. Kevin still demands to know how this could have happened. Kelly receives a call from B.E. and goes outside to take the call. Spencer fills Kevin in on the side effects of the virus, adding that he may become sterile. Michael stands behind Spencer, just shaking his head in disbelief that Spencer would tell Kevin that without even getting the blood work back. Spencer leaves the room, and Michael follows him. Michael confronts Spencer about how he could have told Kevin that when they hadn’t even gotten the test results back yet. Spencer commends him for questioning his tactics in telling Kevin that he may be sterile because of the virus. Spencer asks him if he would have done anything differently. Michael goes back to join Kevin and Duke. Paige angrily rushes through the door. Bo catches up with her and assures her that she will always come first with him, and he would never betray her confidence. Bo leaves. Spencer is behind the nurse’s desk and makes a sarcastic remark about her conversation with Bo.

Tess orders Antonio to back off. Antonio insists that he wants to talk to Jessica, but Tess refuses to let her emerge. Tess insists that this baby is hers, and she orders him out. Tess confronts Nash about the restraining order, but Nash refuses to tell her anything. Tess orders Antonio to leave. Antonio at first refuses to leave, but then he changes his mind and agrees to do as Tess asks. Tess tells Nash that she doesn’t blame him for not wanting to talk in front of Antonio. Tess thinks that Antonio and his cop friends may have planted this evidence against Nash. Nash confesses that everything is true, but he still refuses to tell her anything.

John and Natalie discuss how he had handled the situation with Starr. They discuss John having gone to the gym to work out some of his frustration and meeting up with Cristian there.

Hugh questions a number of different witnesses against Todd. He also questions Denton, who tells the court how Todd had paid him to supply him with an alibi.

Paige and Spencer argue as usual over the fact that Paige talks to Bo about Spencer. Spencer warns her to be careful, because she just might get what she wishes for. Spencer leaves. Michael comes out from Kevin’s room.. Michael approaches Paige and asks if he can talk to her about Spencer and what he had said to one of his patients.

Kevin asks Duke if he has romantic feelings for Kelly. Duke tries to explain as best he can that he just respects Kelly. Kevin finally agrees. They discuss Kelly, and her wanting to have a child.

John and Natalie discuss him and Cristian sparring together. Natalie walks away from John to join Starr. Natalie offers to take Starr for a cup of hot chocolate. Bo comes into the squad room and orders John to join him.

Antonio waits outside Tess and Nash’s room while they talk. Tess and Nash discuss the restraining order that he has against Antonio. Nash refuses to tell her anything. Tess demands to know who the girl is. Tess and Nash argue over the other woman. Nash still refuses to tell her anything. Tess throws things across the room in anger. Tess begins to have a headache. Tess refuses to let Nash touch her.

Hugh calls Viki to the stand, and he questions her about Margaret’s death. She denies thinking that Todd could have killed Margaret and her unborn child.

Natalie and Starr discuss Todd’s trial.

Bo and John discuss his therapy, and how he had not cooperated at all. Bo, in view of how John had acted in therapy, demands that John turn in his badge and gun. John is surprised at Bo’s decision. John finally agrees to go back to therapy. John leaves Bo’s office.

Kelly and Paige discuss Kevin, and how this could have happened to him. Kelly goes to join Kevin.

Paige and Michael discuss Spencer and whether he could have crossed the line with what he had told Kevin.

Spencer enters the courtroom. Dorian is surprised to see him and questions him as to why he is there.

Vangie questions Viki about her D.I.D. and asks if she has integrated all of her alters. Viki denies that she has.

Hugh calls Spencer Truman to the stand.

John and Natalie discuss Bo, and that John is going back to therapy. Natalie informs John that she is no longer married to Cristian. John asks her if she had done this so they could be together.

Tess demands to go back to Viki’s. Antonio offers to take her. Nash begs her not to go. Tess informs him that their falling in love was crazy, and she should have known their pasts would have caught up with them. 

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