One Life to Live Update Friday 1/6/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Angie

Evangeline is with Antonio at the diner. He tells her that he has been given a restraining order.

Tess and Nash are together. She is worried that Antonio will bust Nash for taking her. Tess worries, because when Antonio is around Tess can?t fight Jessica.

Dorian gets food to help Adriana eat her troubles away. Adriana is in a bad mood, and Dorian can?t figure out why. Adriana says that Rex was with another girl when she went over to his place.

Rex tells Roxy that he got caught with another girl when Adriana showed up. Roxy offers him ice cream to make things better. Natalie shows up. Roxy tells Rex that his love life isn?t bad. "Natalie?s, on the other hand, is a disaster."

Cris is alone, looking at a picture. He remembers Natalie telling him that, in her heart, she is no longer his wife. He tears up the picture that he has in his hand and tosses it in the garbage. He turns and sees a sign to the gym. He walks in.

In the gym, John is punching a bag. The old man holding the bag for him tells him to take it easy on the bag. "What you need is a sparring partner," the old man says. "Will I do?" The old man and John turn to find Cris behind them.

Roxy can?t understand why her two kids can?t find loved ones and keep them. Natalie turns the tables, asking about Roxy?s love life. She shies away from that question. "Haven?t you been paying attention? I went on that cruise by myself." Natalie isn't sure how to feel about Cris pressuring her. Then there is John, who does nothing. "He acts like the whole thing never happened." Rex can relate to that. Roxy tells Natalie how Rex was with another girl when Adriana came over, and now that has ended before it even started. Natalie hits him. "You idiot!"

Adriana really thought that Rex had changed. She thought that they had something. She feels foolish now. Dorian knows that there are other men out there that are far more worthy than Rex. "You should really keep Duke in reserve, just in case," Dorian advises. Adriana will not do that. "I still do want to be with Rex." Dorian sees she is hurting. Dorian feels that Adriana is really brave for doing what she did. "Now we are alone together, ready to eat ice cream. We are going to get through this because we are tough and strong."

Clint comes to see Bo at the office. They have coffee together. They are worried about the family. They talk about Kevin and his fever lifting, as well as Asa getting whacked on New Year's Eve. Clint changes the subject to Tess. "She is in the driver?s seat now. She is off with Nash somewhere."

Tess is upset that she has to get tested to see who the baby belongs to. Jessica always wins, and that is what Tess is afraid of in this scenario. Nash wants to take the test to know what their next step is. Nash asks Tess about the secret that caused this to happen to her. "What is your secret, Tess?"

Antonio is going to find out who is behind the restraining order, but first he needs to find Jessica. "I want Jessica to be healthy and I want to get back with her." Evangeline really hopes that things work out for him. Layla enters. Antonio and Layla talk about Jamie for a minute and then split up.

Soon Evangeline and Layla get a table to talk. Evangeline can?t stop talking about John, it seems. "I would stop talking to him, but I just seem to be bumping into him everywhere that I go," Evangeline confides.

John thinks for a minute, and then he tells Cris to put some gloves on and they will spar.

Dorian tells Adriana that they need major pampering. She offers to take Adriana on a trip. Adriana will not go. She would like to tough it out in town. She tells Dorian to go ahead on her own, though. Viki enters, hoping that she isn?t interrupting. She tells them that June let her into the house. Dorian doesn't even know who that is. Adriana tells her that is the latest housekeeper. Adriana leaves the room then. Viki thanks Dorian for the scarf that she gave her for Christmas. Dorian says that she already was thanked for the scarf that she gave Viki, with a card. Viki stutters now. "Well, actually, I wanted to thank you for your help with Niki the other night." Dorian smiles. "I was glad that I was there to see that big kiss on New Year's Eve."

Rex comes clean. He explains how he heard Dorian talking about how he was a rotten guy and not good enough for Adriana. Rex didn't make a big deal out of that, as he believed that Dorian was right. Natalie finds all the men in this town to be stupid Neanderthals.

Cris and John are sparring and shooting remarks back and forth, offending each other as they do.

Evangeline tells Layla how she and John have been relating to each other lately. First he is there, then he is distant. Evangeline feels that she can control herself, but she still has feelings for John. Layla tells her that she needs a new man.

Antonio gets a call. "Tell me! Did you find Jessica?"

Tess wants to keep her secrets to herself. "That will only cause more problems." Nash shouts at her that it will not. "It will make things better, and I will still love you."

Clint hates not being able to help Jessica with this problem. Bo listens as Clint tells him how things are out of control and he can?t do anything about it. Bo knows what that feels like. "Matthew is the same way with Nora, and there is nothing that I can do to help him get over what she is going through." Clint wants to know what this thing is that split Jessica. "Tess said that she only wants to speak to Niki, but Niki denies that she knows anything. Viki feels that Niki knows more than she lets on, though. On New Year's Eve, Niki came out, and it was very difficult to put her back in again, but I did." Bo wonders what he did.

Viki had no idea that she was kissing Clint as Niki on New Year's Eve. She is shocked. Dorian is skeptical about Viki not knowing that Clint kissed her. She tells how Niki told her that she should be dating Clint. Viki laughs. "She was probably trying to get Clint out of her way when she said that." Dorian says that she needs a new man in her life, and she might just take Niki up on her advice about dating Clint.

Evangeline says that she doesn't need a new man in her life. Layla remembers that all their lives, Evangeline said, "I don?t need this, I don?t need that." Layla knows differently. She wonders if Evangeline would like to be with Hugh. Evangeline calls Hugh ?the enemy? and says she won?t date ?the enemy?.

Antonio gets the tip and ends his call. "I will take things from here."

Tess would like to tell Nash about her secret, but she can?t. Nash reminds her that he loves her and that they should trust each other. "Whatever it is, I will be there for you. I know that this isn't easy, but you should tell me." Tess has been living with this all her life. "I can?t say this aloud. The second that Jessica hears me say it, things will change. The Buchanans will come out and take care of her, and they will let her out and push me in. We have to keep going the way that we have been. We have no choice."

John and Cris spar. The old man watches, egging them on. Cris tells John that Natalie doesn?t want him. John says that Natalie doesn't want him, either. The men suddenly get tangled up and have to be pulled apart by the old man, who leaves the room right afterwards. John and Cris stay in the room alone. Cris asks John if he wants to go again. John lunges for him with his fist, but Cristian ducks the punch. "Do you?" John asks. Cris lunges for him and misses.

Evangeline turns the subject to Layla?s love life. She is defensive. "I never came to town for a love life." Evangeline finds that funny, as she hooked up with Antonio right when she got to town. Layla says that it is a good thing that she hooked up with Antonio, as that was helpful in him getting his daughter back. Evangeline is actually glad that happened. Evangeline has to get going now. On the way out, Adriana is coming in and sees that Evangeline is sad. Adriana goes to Layla, remarking that Evangeline doesn?t look all that happy. Layla notices that Adriana doesn't look all that great, either.

Natalie, Roxy and Rex sit around in the salon, eating and bitching about their love lives. Natalie will not let anything change the way that she feels. "He can paint all the pictures that he wants, and that will change nothing; I want a divorce."

John and Cris spar alone. Cris says that John still wants Natalie and that he will not give up. John tells him to shut up and box. That is fine with Cris. The men start fighting for real. The old man runs in and separates the two men, but this time he orders the both of them out of the place before someone gets killed. Cris thanks John for the fight. John tells him it wasn?t a problem.

Viki thinks that Dorian dating Clint is ridiculous. "What about David? He is begging you to take him back." Dorian remembers being left at the altar. Viki knows that David and Dorian love each other. "How can you date someone so soon after David?" Dorian tells Viki that she can tell that the woman is jealous. "I am just telling you ahead of time out of respect, but I don?t need your permission. I am going to ask him out on a date!" Viki doubts that he will say ?yes?. Dorian knows that he will not say no. Viki tells her to go ahead then. "Ask him!"

Clint tells Bo that he had to kiss Niki to bring Viki out. Bo asks how that kiss was. Clint says that he just did it, but he doesn't care about that. "The first thing that I have to do is help Jessica."

Tess says that this secret is the only thing that keeps her from disappearing into Jessica. "She is sweet and perfect, but I am a drinker and I sleep around." Nash worries that she might still be sleeping around, but she assures him that she hasn't done that in a long time. He insists he wouldn't change her or choose Jessica over her. "We are twisted together, but we work together. I am never letting you go, no matter what." Someone knocks on the door. "I know you guys are in there, so why don?t you make this easy and open the door?" It is Antonio. Nash goes to open the door.

Bo has questions about Viki, but Clint avoids them. Bo laughs at him and then leaves. Clint turns to walk the other way and bumps into Viki, who walks into him, too. He holds her steady with his hands on her arms. "Oh! Clint!" Viki says, surprised.

Tess shouts at Antonio to stop stalking them. Antonio has a question for Nash: "Why did someone take out a restraining order on you?"

Clint says that he has no news on Jessica yet, but he will be looking still. Viki thanks him for taking care of her on New Year's Eve. They laugh over how his kiss put her back together again. A man interrupts them. He has been saved a tripó"You have just been served."

Adriana and Layla sit in the diner and talk. Adriana tells her how she has fallen for Rex.

Natalie has made a decision. "It is time for me to walk away from Cris."

Cris is walking by and sees Natalie with her family in the window of the salon. He continues walking.

John leaves the gym and sees something familiar in the garbage can. He takes it out and smoothes it flat. It is a picture.

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