One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/5/06


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[missing some of this update due to local news interuptions.]

Dorian wants Adriana to go with her and do some girly things today. Adriana is on her way to break up with Duke, as she will not miss out on being with Rex again. She leaves the house.

Rex is at his place, looking out at the patio. He remembers Adriana saying how Rex was the kind of guy that girls are always warned about.

Blair calls to leave a voice-mail for a friend. She really needs some support. She gets off the phone and heads into the courtroom. Todd is there, and his shackles are being taken off. He turns to see Blair walking in. Marcie and the DA enter the courthouse. Todd sees that some people that he expected to be at his trial are not there. He is sure that people want to hang him for what they think he did.

John is talking to a prep in interrogation, but he is not getting any cooperation (he thinks). John grabs the guy and is about to hit him when the door flies open. "John! Leave the room! Now!" John takes his hands off the suspect and walks out past Bo and another officer. Bo orders the other officer to finish the questioning. He then leaves the room to talk to John. "You better start holding it together, or you will be kissing your career goodbye."

Evangeline talks to the DA in the courtroom. Both are confident that they can win the case. The DA remembers his first law suit and how he won it. He was given a lucky charm for his trouble, and he hasn't lost since. He shows the charm to Marcie and Evangeline. Evangeline jokes that she should be shivering in her boots, now that she knows that the man has a lucky dollar. Marcie came to court to offer her friend support, but she can see that he is as sure of himself as he can be and doesn't really need her help.

Blair comforts Todd, who is worried about how all this is going. Evangeline comes over to tell Todd that they are in for a fight.

Duke is at the diner, getting an order of food. Michael comes over and learns that Duke is trying to make up for what happened the other night. "I haven't gotten a chance to talk to her yet, but I will today." Duke picks up his order. He also thanks Michael for taking care of his dad. Michael decides to cancel his order with the diner. "There is someone that I have to see."

Bo tells John that the riot in Statesville is over, but he is still there. "You have been giving everyone a hard time, and the suspects, as well." John admits that is the truth.

Evangeline talks to the jury: "In the coming days, you and I will be compelled to look at pictures, and you will want to turn away and not look at things like this, but you won't. If Margaret Cochran was the kind of person that we say she is, then Todd had a right to do what he did. Todd was at the lake that night. He was terrified that Margaret would hurt his family, and the moment came to him—and he couldn't go through with it. Todd felt his baby kick and he couldn't do it. He couldn't kill her, because Todd is a changed man. He is a loving man. He is an innocent man who couldn't hurt any of his children. His daughter has love for her father, and he loves her. Todd Manning is many things, but a cold-hearted murderer he is not. You will see that Todd Manning is not guilty of the murder of Margaret Cochran and his unborn child. Thank you."

Evangeline turns and sees that John is standing at the back of the courtroom, watching. Evangeline takes her seat.

Michael and Marcie are at the diner together, and they try to get along, but it doesn't work. "You are too understanding, Michael, and you are too cool, and that makes it very difficult for people like me and John. We are always afraid that we will get angry with you." Michael has to get back to work. "He offers her some of his food. She only wants the pickle.

Adriana is giving Duke his walking papers. He fights her to stay together, but she is determined. She opens the door for him and waits. He walks out. Dorian is coming in as he is leaving. "Hi Duke!" He says nothing and leaves.

Dorian comes into the house with Adriana, blabbering about something, but Adriana is not listening. Dorian can tell that Adriana broke up with Duke. "I know what you are feeling. When I broke up with David I thought that I never needed to be held ever again, but I was wrong."

Rex talks to Bo about Adriana. He was talking anonymously about "a girl that he was seeing," but he lets Adriana's name slip out. Bo is not angry that he is seeing the girl. He tells Rex to get over himself and not to worry.

Court is adjourned for thirty minutes so that the prosecution can address the jury. Blair talks to Evangeline, hoping that things are going to work out. Evangeline tells her to keep hoping.

Evangeline goes to John at the back of the room. John came to watch the case, as he was the one that found the baby in the lake. "I want to know what the verdict is."

Todd is taken off for the adjournment time. "I love you," Blair shouts, and then she is alone in the room. She goes to a chair and sits. She bows her head and cries. Her whole body shakes with sobs.

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