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Rex is having coffee now, alone, in the morning. He thinks back to telling Adriana that he didn't want her to regret making love with him in the car like that. He fought her off, he really did, but she insisted. She just kissed his lips and ignored everything that he was saying.

Adriana, elsewhere, thinks of the night too. She remembers him telling her that they shouldn't do this and asking her if she was sure about it. The toaster burns the toast and the fire alarm goes off. Adriana has her head on the counter right by the toaster but doesn't hear it. Dorian comes in saying that she was just trying to make cinnamon toast, and now she has almost started a fire. Adriana was right there but was lost in her thoughts. The goofy look on her face is noticeable to Dorian right away. Dorian can tell that Adriana and Duke must have had quite a night, if Adriana was left blushing like this.

Nash and Tess are awake. He leaves the room quickly while she is in bed. He returns with flowers and books that he dumps on the bed. She wonders what this is all about. "I got books on babies, feedings, pregnancy—everything that we need to prepare us for the child that is coming." "Wow," Tess replies, "all these books are great, but is there anything that will prepare us if Antonio is the father?"

Antonio needs help now that Jessica has disappeared. He goes to John, telling him that Nash left and took Jessica with him. "He is into something, John, and he put Jessica in the middle of it. We have to find out what it is." John talks to the secretary to get to work on Antonio's case. He barks out some orders and she gets to work.

A psychiatrist comes to John and introduces himself. He is the man that John is to be seeing for counseling. John tries to ignore the man and pretends that he isn't there. He warns John not to try to blow him off.

Nat comes to see Cris. He is glad to see her. He is more determined than ever. "I still feel that we belong together, and today I am going to prove it to you."

An employee comes to see Rex to talk about the figures for the business from the night before. She is hot and blonde. He lets the girl in. Rex looks at the paperwork and sees that it is all looking great and in order. "Thank you!" he tells her. She moves in on him and kisses him, pressing her body up against his. He pushes her off, not sure why he is doing that. She can see that he must have someone else. He admits it: "Yes, there is someone else".

Dorian needs more information about the night before. Adriana tells her that she had to get a ride with Rex. Dorian gets it now. Adriana tells her how the car broke down. Dorian can guess what happened next. "Don't tell me that you had sex with that boy!" Adriana's lips are sealed. Dorian makes a decision. "I will not tell Duke about this, because you are going to tell him yourself."

Michael is telling Kelly and Duke that Kevin has some type of weird fever that has attacked him. Spencer stands nearby listening to Michael as he talks to Kelly and Duke. Kelly and Duke go into Kevin's room and greet him. Spencer tells Michael that it was a great thing that he checked Kevin's spinal fluid and found the cause of his illness. Michael just wishes that he knew what it was that caused this. "That is a weird thing to get at this time of year." Spencer thinks back to the night before:
Kevin was in a phone booth. A man came up behind him and stuck a needle in the back of his neck. Kevin called out in pain and then fell to the ground in the snow. The man rested at that point and felt safe enough to take off his ski mask—it was Spencer himself.

Nash can see that Antonio makes Tess afraid. Tess just feels like she isn't getting a chance to get used to having a baby. Jessica was the one that gave the child more time. "Maybe she would be a better mother than me." Nash tells her that she is wrong. "We will read these books and then raise our baby. Antonio just wants to put his stamp on this kid and then go back to his night club." Tess just feels that this is going to be weird, as she has never had anything on her own. When she is with Nash, she feels that she can do anything. He starts reading a book with her. He has already read some of the books. "You know what else, Tess? In the second trimester, you are going to feel really, really horny." He kisses her. He wants her again. "We have so much time to make up for."

The psychiatrist is right under John's feet. Antonio calls out to John about getting to work on finding Jessica. The psychiatrist is still there. "Doesn't it occur to you, John, that I could help you?" John tells him no.

Cristian asks for five minutes of Natalie's time. She gives it to him. He wants her to look into his eyes and tell him that she doesn't love him anymore. She finds this silly. He knows, but he wants her to do it anyway.

The girl from the club tells Rex that she has had a thing for him since he hired her. Rex admits that he would be all over her ordinarily, but this other girl that he knows is different. "You are not going to quit on me, are you Nina?" She promises she will not quit. "You are the only club that provides dental coverage." The girl turns to go to the door.. She opens it and Roxy is standing there. Nina turns to Rex. "Is this her?" she asks incredulously. Rex shouts that the woman is his mother.. Nina leaves. Roxy has questions about how he has been doing. "I got stuck in a car with Adriana last night." Roxy smiles. She knows what that means—lucky boy! "I was a gentleman, Mom." Roxy thinks that something must be wrong with him. "What is wrong with you? Didn't I raise you right?" Rex makes a decision: "I am giving her up. It will never work!"

Dorian has a lot to say to Adriana. She feels that Duke needs to know about this. Adriana can't tell Duke the truth. "It would kill him." Dorian knows that isn't true. Adriana hopes Dorian will keep her big mouth shout. Dorian says that the problem with this is that she will be lying to Duke if she doesn't tell the truth. "If Duke can't handle this, then there will be other things that he can't handle. You try so hard to make things work with Duke, when it is clear that you are not sure that he is really what you want."

Michael is hard on Kevin's case and getting the details and trying to piece together what really happened to him. Spencer cautions him to worry about being Sherlock Holmes later and to pay more attention to the patient.

Duke tells of how he got separated from Adriana the night before. "I was just in such a rush and didn't want to be late." Duke feels that the night going wrong was all his fault. Kelly and Duke tell Kevin that they tried to call him but they couldn't get a signal. Kevin remarks that that must have been when the two of them decided to take off their clothes in the car.

Spencer is listening outside Kevin's door, and he smiles.

Natalie says that what is going on inside her is not all about love. She has pain inside that she wouldn't have if she didn't love him. "The lies and the deception are the things that I have to deal with. Imagine what I felt like when I realized that I had found two men that are exactly the same." Cris denies that he is like John. "I can give you something that John never can, Natalie."

The psychiatrist will not let up on John. He tells John that someone like him, who lives to be a cop, who is needed as a cop, needs to take care of himself to stay a cop. John understands that the job that he loves is on the line and says he will take the sessions. The man gets a chair and sits. "The faster you talk, the faster this will go. You can talk about your toilet training or the matter that is at hand with you presently—Natalie Vega. Talk to me about her, John." John doesn't see how Nat fits into this. The psychiatrist reminds him that she has had an effect on his job. "She worked here, you have saved her life in the line of duty. I am afraid that she is involved," the psychiatrist insists. John only says that they were involved and they then broke up. The psychiatrist warns John to open up or he will be taken off the streets.

Antonio is in the public-records database on the computer doing searches to try and find information on Jessica's whereabouts. He gets some information, but he already knew about it.

Tess and Nash lie in bed. She has questions about him being beaten up. "You take care of me and deal with all my problems. This is going to be a two-way street; now talk." Nash tells her that he used to be a different person. "I was someone that I didn't want to be, but now I like who I am with you." Tess can see that he is avoiding her questions. He assures her that the person who did this to him is gone and that there is nothing to worry about.

Roxy is angry that Rex is letting Adriana go. His fear is that Adriana will not be happy with him. "We just had sex last night, it was nothing more. Mom! Listen! She grew up in a convent and I play three-card Monty on the streets. It will never work!" Roxy tells him to go and get her. "Sometimes I am right, and what if I am now? I will just keep on talking until you listen." He kisses her forehead, smiling. "I am so out of here."

Duke explains how he ended up without his shirt and under the coat with Kelly the night before in the car. Michael comes in and tells them that visiting time is over. Kelly stays back for a minute. Kelly reminds Kevin that they were about to have a baby before all this happened. "We were doing that because we love and trust each other." He smiles at her, seeming to realize that he was being silly before about her and Duke. She leaves now, encouraging him to get better so that they can start trying to have their baby.

Michael comes to Kevin to prepare him to have his blood taken. Spencer enters the room as well. Michael tells Kevin that he has no idea how long Kevin will be ill and off his feet. "You have a virus and not a bacterial infection, which makes this difficult to isolate." Michael has all the blood he needs in a minute or so, and he leaves. Kevin asks Spencer a question. "I was fine when I got out of the car, but then I got hit like with a ton of bricks and I had no idea how long I had been that way. I feel like someone did this to me. Am I right?"

Natalie tells Cris that he can avoid signing the papers, but that is just a technicality. "No matter what, as of right now, in my heart I am no longer your wife."

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