One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/3/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Angie

Tess is out looking for Nash in the snow. He comes running to her, and she hugs him tightly.

In the car covered with snow, Adriana and Rex are holding each other. She tells him that she wants him so bad she can't stand it.

Kelly is in her car, upset. The door opens and a man sits in the seat beside her, shivering from the cold. Kelly looks at him. "Are you crazy?" she asks.

Kevin lies almost unconscious in the snow.

Asa is in a chair with his eyes closed. Spencer comes to sit beside him and tells him that it won't be long now.

David is in a bar with Niki, and she offers him a shot at not being single tonight. She hustles him to the dance floor and shimmies up against him.

John is at his desk at the station, and he looks at the news articles of his father being shot as a hero. Next he gets a file folder and opens it. He looks at the pictures in it of Evangeline and Natalie. Someone knocks at the door. John looks up and sees Evangeline before him. "Spending New Year's Eve alone?" she asks.

Natalie is in the park. She thinks about Cris. Suddenly, he is before her.

Kevin manages to sit up in the snow now. He is confused. "What happened? Who did this to me"

Asa is still out of it. "Welcome, Asa," Spencer says to him. "Welcome to your nightmare." Asa blinks and opens his eyes. Everything is blurry. Spencer tells Asa not to black out until everything is finished. "I am working on you Buchanans one at a time. Tonight I lucked out and got two!"

Dorian and Clint are together. He feels that she is trying to get involved with him, but she denies that. He knows that this has something to do with the way that Viki was acting before. He tells her that she was dealing with Niki before, and not Viki. The phone rings. It is Renee warning Clint that ?Viki? is dancing up a storm and acting funny. "You need to get down here and see this."

John has to catch up with work, he tells Evangeline. "I can't celebrate the New Year tonight." Evangeline sees some glasses. "Are these clean?" John confirms that they are. She reaches into her bag and pulls out a bottle of champagne.

Natalie wonders what Cris is doing there. He has champagne. They sit in the park while he opens the bottle of cold duck. He pours her a glass, and then one for himself. He tells her that they are going to make a toast to divorce.

Kevin gets up and goes over to a phone booth, staggering. A passing driver comes to him and offers help. "You look wasted," the man says. Kevin tells him that he didn't have a thing to drink. "I just passed out. I have to see Kelly."

Kelly gets angry with Duke for trying to use his jacket as traction to get the car moving. Now he has nothing to keep himself warm, and his idea didn't work. She takes off his shirt and he shivers, but at least he isn't wet anymore. She takes off her coat and offers it to Duke. She is barely wearing anything as it is, so they share the coat and huddle under it together.

Adriana waits for Rex to say something about what she just said. Rex reminds her that she has a boyfriend. She turns to Rex. "Duke hasn't ever made me feel like this before. I want to touch you, Rex." Rex is sure that being stuck in the snow is making her feel like this, but she knows better. She can't help feeling connected to him. "Do you feel it too?"

Todd reaches through the bars, and he and Blair kiss. They really should be married by now, and spending New Year's Eve together. Todd is afraid that he is going to get fried by the court system. She promises that will not happen. "I love you, Todd, and I am with you now." He apologizes for everything that has happened.

Tess and Nash talk about Jessica coming out and how they can stop it. She has to get away from Jessica's family; that should help keep Jessica away. He tells her that she shouldn't worry about that now. "Tomorrow we will face whatever and whoever we have to. I love you more than I have ever loved anybody, Tess. You are the only person that I love." She asks him to take her from this awful placeóright now.

Spencer can see the headlines now: "Asa, Clint: The end of an Empire. Clint and then Duke found dead. Suicide suspected." Asa turns in horror to look at Spencer.

Niki is cooking up a storm on the dance floor. She suddenly gets an idea. "David, wait! I will be right back." She runs off. Renee comes over to David and tells him Viki shouldn't be drinking. Dorian arrives. "What is going on? What is this I hear about dirty dancing going on?" Clint is there as well. Niki returns and is suddenly unhappy when she sees that someone has pooped on her party.

Rex is fighting the way that he feels, alone with Adriana as he is. Adriana says that no one knows that they are there, and that it is safe for them to really be together. He has every excuse in the book why they shouldn't do this. She doesn't care. She reaches over and kisses those lips. "You are more trouble than I ever bargained for, Adriana. If you don't back away right nowó" She doesn't care about the consequences. Neither does he. They start kissing.

John and Evangeline share a drink. He tells her that Bo thinks he should go and see a shrink. "I have to go or they will take my badge." Evangeline thinks that is a really good idea. "That opinion has nothing to do with what happened between you and I. You have been through a lot over the past year. Maybe this guy can help you." He tells her that Natalie saw things differently. Evangeline finds that a strange revelation, that she and Natalie saw things differently.

Cris and Natalie talk about the divorce. She asks if he is ready to sign the divorce papers. He has something to say about that. "I thought when I got out and you knew that it was me, we would be able to pick up where we left off. It was tough for me, and I figured that it would be tough for you too, but I never thought of you with anyone else. You thought that I was dead and that was why you moved on. I am glad that you were not in pain anymore. The only thing that kept me alive is that I thought that I would be with you again." She feels she has crushed him when she realizes how he felt. "I am sorry, Cristian" He doesn't want her to be sorry; that is why he has reconsidered, and that is why he will be giving her the divorce. Cris sees finally that what he had with Natalie is over now. "I will sign the papersóbut not now. I need a little more time." Natalie tells him that she has had two years to get over him. "Our marriage was more than a technicality, and I still have trouble dealing with this." Cris explains that he will try to get Natalie back whether they are married or not. "I love you, Natalie. I want to start over. I have hope that we can be together, although we have both changed."

John and Evangeline see that it is almost midnight. Evangeline thinks that she should be going home. "I am not spending New Year's Eve in a police station. I would also rather skip the ?"wondering what to do with you"? feeling that is going to come when midnight strikes. Happy New Year, John." John decides that he will walk her home. He gets her coat and puts it on her. They leave the station.

Blair sits on the floor outside Todd's cell, while he sits on the floor inside his cell. Blair tells him how Starr will be taking driver's ed. soon. Todd has no idea how she got in there, but he is glad that she is there. He hardly sleeps, thinking about his family and having nightmares about what might happen to him. She knows him and she knows the truth. "I don't give a damn what other people think about us." Blair sees that it is almost midnight now.

Clint wants to talk to Viki alone, he says. Dorian and David move away. Clint quietly thanks Renee for calling him to come over to get Viki. Niki tries to get a drink over at the bar. Clint grabs her and tells her that she shouldn't be drinking. She gets angry with him.

David asks Dorian if she had been having a nice time with Clint before. She finds that a strange question, as he was with someone else. He says that Viki just wanted to have a good time and kick up her heels a little. He offers to show Dorian a couple of Viki's moves. Dorian shakes him off her when he grabs her and tries to make her do a jig with him. She whispers, "That is not Viki."

Asa can barely see. Spencer asks Asa if he has any idea how much he hurt this woman. Spencer shoves a picture before Asa. Asa can't see straight and has no idea what is going on. Spencer tells Asa that he hasn't remembered everything yet, but he will. "I am in your head, Asa. You will never have a moment's peace again for the rest of your life."

Kelly and Duke are in the car, shivering under her coat. They huddle close. Duke promises that he will take care of her. "I promise." They get closer under the coat and put their heads together to keep warm.

Outside in the snow, Kevin has returned to the car. He walks up behind it and then stops. He peeks in the window from the back of the car and pauses.

Asa is in his chair, alone now. "Asa!" Renee comes in. "What is going on with you? You are going to have one hell of a hangover tomorrow." She rushes out of the room. Asa reaches into his jacket pocket and fishes out a picture of a blonde woman. "Where the hell did I get this from?"

Nash and Tess get into bed with their clothes on. He tells her that she is all that he ever wanted. He means the same to her. They start kissing. He stares into her eyes as she starts taking his shirt off. Later, he gives Tess a foot massage. She smiles lovingly at him and then beckons him to her. The lovemaking is fantastic. He slowly moves down her body to kiss it, and then back up to her lips. She grips the side of the bed while he makes love to her.

Natalie feels it is time to go home now. The clock starts chiming. It is midnight. Footsteps can be heard in the snow. Cristian and Natalie turn to find John and Evangeline coming up behind them, walking through the park. They stop and all four just stare at one another.

Todd and Blair kiss at midnight, pressing their lips through the bars. "I love you," they tell each other. "Happy New Year!" Then it is just hugging through the bars.

At the bar, everyone shouts, "Happy New Year!" Clint grabs Niki and plants a big wet one on her lips. Dorian and David are a little shocked. Niki is at a loss for words. Clint tells her that he is taking her home now. Dorian wishes David a happy New Year. They kiss. David stands back, wishes Dorian a great New Year, and then simply walks away.

Out in the snow, Kelly and Duke are shivering under the coat. They hear something. "Duke! Duke!" They open the door and see Kevin. Kevin is upset when he sees his son with his shirt off. Suddenly, he falls backwards in the snow, unconscious, as Kelly and Duke watch.

Tess and Nash have finished making love now. She looks off into space, thinking to herself. Suddenly, Nash reaches for her and turns her to him. They start kissing once again.

In Rex's car, he and Adriana have managed to get their clothes off. With Adriana, on top, looking down to Rex, who is on the bottom, they look into each other's eyes one last time to make sure that everyone is with the program, and then they make love.

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