OLTL Update Friday 12/30/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 12/30/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Angie

The Palace Hotel

David sits at the bar, playing with his cell phone. Spencer comes up and sits down beside him. David wonders why Spencer hasn’t got plans for this evening. Spencer assures him that he has got plans for this evening. David assumes that, since Blair is nowhere in sight, it must have something to do with the Buchanans. Clint and Dorian come in arm in arm. Dorian wishes David and Spencer a happy new year. David wishes Dorian the same. He compliments Clint on being lucky. David informs Spence that that is one Buchanan that he won’t have to take care of, because Dorian is going to do that for him.

Dorian and Clint sit down at a table. Clint informs her that they are there to talk about Viki.


Viki is in the library. The door opens and closes. Antonio and Jessica join Viki. Viki is so relieved to see them. Viki doesn’t understand why Antonio hadn’t told them when he had suspected that Tess had come out. Antonio assures Viki that he had said that he would protect Jessica. Jessica encourages him to go to Capricorn. Antonio agrees, but says he will be back in time for midnight. He leaves.

Viki fills Jessica in on how Antonio had explained everything to her on the phone about Tess and where she had gone. Jessica tells her that she just can’t live like this anymore.


Cris sits on a stool at the bar. Vangie joins him. He thanks her for joining him. He hands her an envelope that contains the $27,000.00, which he has signed over to her. She refuses to take the money. He encourages her to take the money, because he wants her to do something else for him.

Asa’s mansion

Kevin waits for Kelly in the living room. Kelly comes to join him, wearing a very sexy red evening dress. Kevin is very impressed and assures her that she is wearing the wrong thing if she wants to get out of there tonight. They begin to kiss. Kelly reminds him that Asa is waiting for them at the lodge. Kevin can’t wait until they are married. They continue to kiss. She reminds him that they will have a baby this time next Christmas.

David notices motor oil on Spencer’s hand. He is curious as to what Spencer is planning for the Buchanans tonight. Spencer assures him that if he doesn’t want to know what he is planning then he shouldn’t ask questions. Spencer assures David that this will be one New Year’s Eve that the Buchanans will always remember.

Clint asks for Dorian’s help concerning Viki. Clint informs Dorian that Viki wants to bring out Niki again, in order to help Jessica. They argue over the fact that Dorian had helped Viki before to bring out Niki. Dorian informs him that Viki had to trick her into helping her to bring out Niki. Clint doesn’t quite believe her. Dorian insists that she hates Niki.

Spencer asks David for his help. At first David refuses. Spencer reminds him of what had happened in Cairo. David agrees to help him.

Duke and Adriana are kissing. Renee comes downstairs. She coughs to get their attention. She informs them that Asa is wondering where they are. She tells them that they had better not keep him waiting, so Duke runs upstairs to change his clothes. Renee comments on how beautiful Adriana is, like a woman in love.

Kelly and Kevin continue to kiss. They are interrupted by the ringing of the phone. David wants her to meet him at the Palace bar because he doesn’t want to be alone tonight. He reminds her of the things that he had done for her. She agrees to meet him. She tells Kevin about the call. Kevin doesn’t want her to go. She insists that he go on to the lodge and she will catch up with him later, and she will make it up to him then. Kevin assures her that he will hold her to her promise.

Spencer tells David, “Well done.” David assures him that this makes them even.

Cris tells Vangie that he wants to make it so that Natalie can’t divorce him. Vangie insists that Natalie has grounds for a divorce, and she won’t help him. Cris insists that he will make Natalie a painting that she can look at all the time, and she will want him back. Antonio comes up to them. He asks Vangie to help him get a restraining order against Nash to keep him away from Jessica.

Jessica tells Viki that she had felt so good during Christmas, and then she had woken up in California with two men fighting over her. Jessica tells Viki that she can’t live like this forever. Viki tries to assure her that she will get well, and they will find out why this is happening. She suggests that Jessica go upstairs and lie down. Jessica goes upstairs. Viki begins to hear the voice of Niki. Viki tries to ward her off the best that she can, but Niki finally succeeds in emerging, just in time for New Year’s Eve.

The doorbell rings, and Niki reluctantly opens the door. She is upset to find that it is Nash. Nash wants to know where Tess is. Niki lies and tells him that she has her locked away somewhere out of town, and she wants him to take her there. Nash realizes that he isn’t talking to Viki, but to Niki. Niki is impressed. Niki suggests that they help each other. Nash informs her that she has nothing that he wants. Niki says she has Tess.

Dorian laughs and informs Clint that it is nice meeting him like this. Dorian promises him that she will steer clear of Viki/Niki.

Kelly joins Spencer and David. Spencer lets her know that he had tried to stop David from calling her. Kelly assures him that it is fine. Kelly sits down beside him. Spencer leaves. Kelly states that he doesn’t look suicidal. David admits that he had called her in a moment of weakness. She suggests that he let her drive him home. David refuses, but thanks her for coming.

Spencer talks on the phone and makes some more plans.

Renee informs Duke and Adriana that there are some problems at the hotel, and she will be unable to go with them. She suggests that they go on without her. Duke refuses to do this, since there has already been an accident. Adriana then agrees to stay with Renee and help her while Duke goes on. Renee and Adriana leave. Duke receives a call from Kelly, who asks him for a ride up to the lodge. Duke agrees. Spence listens to their conversation. Kelly leaves after wishing David a happy new year.

David and Spencer discuss dinner reservations and the dirty work that he is planning. David tells him that he doesn’t want to know his plan.

Nash refuses to help Niki. Niki tries to come on to Nash, but again he refuses. Nash starts to leave. Niki orders him not to mention to anyone that he had seen her. Niki slams the door after him. Jessica comes downstairs after hearing voices. She calls Niki "Mom." When Niki turns around to face Jessica, Jessica sees that it is Niki Smith that she is talking to.

Dorian again laughs for David’s benefit. She kisses him. She is so glad that she will be seeing more of him in the coming year. They leave, and David and Spencer watch them go.

Rex is behind the bar at the Palace. He talks to one of the waitresses. Rex and Adriana join him. Renee is going over some papers. She suggests that Adriana go on up to the lodge. Rex volunteers to take her. Adriana has doubts about going with him. Renee encourages her to go. Renee orders Rex to take good care of her. Adriana gives him his instructions, saying that he is to take her as far as the gate.

Vangie won’t agree to help Cris and Antonio. She declares that she is no magician, or she would be with John. Cris encourages her to find a way to be with John. Cris is also going to find a way to be with Natalie.

David doesn’t know what had started this dispute between Spencer and the Buchanans, but whatever it was, David tells Spencer to break a leg—anyone’s leg. Spencer appreciates the sentiment. Spencer leaves. Clint comes up and sits down on a stool beside David. They discuss what Spencer had done for Kevin and Kelly. They also discuss the card game that Spencer and Asa were involved in. Clint informs him that the Buchanans stick together. Clint gets up and leaves. David mumbles to himself that maybe the Trumans should stick together, too.

Cris tells Vangie that she is too good for McBain. Vangie informs him that he doesn’t even know John. Antonio reveals that he had better stay on the good side of John, because he might need him later. Vangie looks and sees Nash enter. Nash heads their way. Vangie braces herself for trouble.

Antonio confronts Nash, saying that he thought he was still in California. Nash tells him that he has come there to warn him. Antonio gets the wrong impression and tells him that he doesn’t warn him about anything. They argue as usual. Antonio assures Nash that he will keep him away from Jessica. Nash leaves, vowing that he will do whatever it takes.

Jessica wants to tell everyone that Niki is back out, but Niki stops her. Niki takes hold of Jessica’s arm. Jessica tells her that she is hurting her. Niki tells her that she can give her Nash. Jessica is surprised that Nash has been there. Jessica begins to have a headache, and Tess once again emerges. Tess demands to know where Nash is. Tess fills Niki in that she knows what she did. She runs out the back door.

Niki comes downstairs wearing a sexy black sequined evening gown. The doorbell rings, and it's Nash. He agrees to Niki’s help. He demands to see Tess. Niki informs him that Tess is gone. Nash runs out to find her. As Nash leaves, Dorian is just arriving. She wishes Viki a happy new year. Dorian fills her in that she had promised Clint that she would not get involved in the Niki/Viki deal. Niki informs Dorian that she can have Clint with her blessing. Niki asks her to leave so that she can get to where she is going. Dorian leaves.

Adriana and Rex drive to the lodge while the snow is peppering down on them. The tension between them is thick. Neither one knows what to say to the other. Adriana breaks the silence and asks about Natalie. They get into a dispute about Cristian and his lying to Natalie.

Duke and Kelly are also on their way to the lodge. They discuss Adriana and how she should know that she is the only one he wants to be with.

Kevin tries to make a call from a pay phone. Spencer slips up behind him and gives him a shot in the neck. He drags Kevin out of the phone booth and leaves him lying in the snow.

Dorian visits Clint and informs him of her talk with Viki. Clint realizes that it wasn’t Viki that she had talked to, but Niki.

Niki comes into the Palace dining room. Renee approaches her. They talk for a few minutes, then Niki joins David at the bar. David is surprised by Viki’s topic of conversation.

Nash is out in the snow, looking for Tess.

Tess goes into a building, but then goes back out into the snow. She yells for Nash.

Antonio and Cris hug. Cris goes over to talk to Vangie for a few minutes. They discuss John, and her going to find him. She hands him back his check.

Adriana and Rex get stranded in the snow. They cuddle together to keep warm.

Kelly and Duke get stranded, too. Duke informs her that they will at least have heat.

Kevin lies unconscious in the snow.

Asa tries the bottle of wine. He begins to feel funny. He pours himself another glass. He staggers over to a chair and collapses into it. The glass falls to the floor. Spencer comes out and mumbles that he is glad that Asa is enjoying his present.

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