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One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/29/05


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Napa Valley

Nash is still in the hospital. The nurse informs him that after they run some tests he will be free to go home. Nash is concerned about the hospital bill, since he has no insurance. The nurse informs him that the bill has already been paid. Nash wonders who had paid his bill. The door opens, and Antonio and Jessica walk in. Antonio informs him that he has paid his bill. Nash is surprised that they are still in town.

Angel Square

Blair and Jack are in Angel Square. They meet up with Spencer. Jack immediately hugs Spencer. Blair notices a change in Spencer.

Llanview Jail

Rex visits Todd in jail. Todd asks him if he has any new evidence in his case. Rex informs him that he has new evidence, but he is not going to like it.

Cristian is in Bo’s office, waiting for him. Bo tells him not to be alarmed. Bo informs him that he has a release for him to sign about what had happened at Statesville.

John comes into the squad room, in an extremely bad mood. He snaps at everyone he sees. Natalie comes in and overhears him snapping at a police officer. John turns around and sees her standing there. They exchange glances.

Asa’s mansion

Kelly comes downstairs with some of Kevin’s things. She informs Duke that she is just picking up some of Kevin’s things, and the movers will be by to pick up the larger stuff. Their conversation wanders to Adriana. Adriana comes in with Duke’s tuxedo and lays it on the entrance table. She starts to go into the living room when she overhears Kelly and Duke talking about how irresponsible she is. Adriana boils with anger.

Spencer informs Blair that he is going to back off. Blair tells him that she appreciates everything that he does for her, and she doesn’t want him to back off. Blair mentions how staunchly against Todd Dorian and Kelly are. Blair informs him that she needs someone to stand by her.

Rex fills Todd in that no one had seen anyone at the lake but him and Margaret. Todd feels that they are missing a vital part of evidence. Todd offers to pay him more money for his help. Rex informs him that he has got to go. A police officer comes up and confronts Rex about him working for Todd to get him released.

Natalie and John share some small talk. Neither really knows what to say to the other one. John starts to walk away, but Natalie tells him to wait.

Cris signs the release. Bo hands him a brown envelope that has his effects in it, which were taken from him when he was put in prison. Cris goes through the envelope. He pulls out a plaque. Bo explains how Natalie had had that put on the statue at Angel Square. He also explains to Cris that he hadn’t had the heart to give it back to her. Cris just continues to look at the plaque.

Natalie asks John about his plans for New Year's Eve. John informs her that he doesn’t go much for New Year’s Eve. Natalie encourages him to call his mom or Michael and spend New Year’s Eve with them. John has his doubts. Natalie lays her hand on John’s shoulder, as Cris watches them.

Antonio insists that Nash tell him who had done this to him. Nash again refuses. The nurse informs them that she is taking Nash to radiology. They leave Antonio and Jessica alone in the room.

Antonio suggests that he is going to talk to the officer to find out what he can about Nash and what has happened to him. Jessica wants to go with him, but Antonio refuses to let her. Jessica informs him that she needs to know what had happened to him. Antonio leaves her alone in the room.

Antonio questions the police officer about what had happened to Nash. The officer refuses to give him any information.

Blair and Spencer discuss Todd and his trial. Blair informs him that Starr and Jack can’t even walk out of the house without reporters hounding them about Todd. Blair asks him if he wants her to beg him to stick around. Spencer points out that Blair Cramer doesn’t beg anyone to do anything. He informs her that he has got to get going. They say good-bye. Blair turns around and sees Jack talking to Jack McNaugton. Blair orders Jack away from her son.

Kelly and Duke discuss love, and how it was in the olden days. Adriana is quite upset by the discussion. She picks up the dry cleaning off the table and walks over to the door. She slams it as if she is just coming in. She yells to them. Duke and Kelly both join her in the entrance hall. Duke gives her a kiss.

A police officer knocks on Bo’s door. He escorts Rex into Bo’s office. He informs Bo that Rex had been helping to get Todd released. Bo is upset that Rex would be helping Todd. He asks Rex if Ultraviolet isn’t enough for him these days. Rex points out that he wants to help prove Todd innocent. Bo doesn’t understand Rex at all. Bo asks Rex for his help in finding a baby. Bo gives Rex all the vital information that he needs to find the baby. They are interrupted by Blair. Blair wants Bo to let her in to see Todd at midnight. Bo refuses.

John and Natalie discuss the holidays. They also discuss what had gone down between them. Natalie suggests that they try something else. They give each other looks as if they don’t know what to say next.

Antonio and the officer discuss Nash. The officer questions Antonio as to why he is so interested in Nash and what had happened to him. Antonio explains that it concerns his fiancée and her baby. The officer reminds him of his breaking-and-entering charge.

Jessica talks to the baby when Nash is brought back from radiology. He asks her what she is afraid of. He notices that Jessica is getting stronger and asks her about it. Jessica informs him that the baby is making her stronger. Jessica also informs him that she and Antonio are going to raise this child. Nash tells her matter-of-factly that Antonio is not going to raise any child of his, if it is his child. Antonio and the officer come into the room and want to know what is going on. They all just look at one another.

Natalie informs John that they need to start the New Year off fresh. She tells him that she needs to be on her own. Natalie tells him that he is scaring her with the way he is acting. He tries to soothe her worries by telling her not to be scared. John suggests that she focus on herself.

Cris enters Rodi’s. He has memories of Natalie playing pool.

Blair orders Jack McNaugton away from her son. Jack reminds her of the things that Todd had wanted him to do. They argue as usual. Jack McNaugton leaves. Jack wants to know if they can go home now. Blair informs him that she will drop him off with Starr because she has some things to take care of.

Spencer makes a call. After he hangs up, he meets Kelly. He asks how she has been doing since the surgery. She assures him that she is fine. He notices that something is bothering her and wants her to talk about it. She refuses at first, but then she agrees to tell him what is going on.

Duke and Adriana kiss. She tells him to tell her that she is the only one that he wants. He assures her, but she doesn’t quite believe him.

Nash refuses to let Antonio pay for his hospital bill. The nurse tells him to just wait and see what the hospital bill is. Nash still refuses to take Antonio’s money. He wants a one-way ticket to Llanview, and he doesn’t care that it is New Year’s Eve.

Natalie talks to Rex about John and how she had tried to help him but had only made things worse. Rex suggests that she forget all about John and Cris and let them fend for themselves. She agrees.

John and Cris play a game of pool and discuss Natalie.

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