OLTL Update Wednesday 12/28/05

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/28/05


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Bo can hardly believe what Paige is telling him about how she wants him to help her find her son. He asks her if the son is Spencer’s. She nods her head yes.

The Palace Hotel

Kelly and Kevin sit at a table. Spencer comes in and comes up to their table. He informs them that the test results have come back, and they can start trying to have a family. Kelly is so enthused that she jumps up and hugs him.

Todd lies on his bed in his cell. He has dreams of Margaret visiting him.

Hugh follows Vangie into the squad room. He tries to persuade her to take the deal that he is offering for her client. She argues with him. John comes up and warns Hugh to back off, or he will be wearing his glasses on the back of his head.

Cristian hurries downstairs to open the door for Natalie. Cristian wonders how she knew where he was. Natalie informs him that Carlotta had told her where he was. She hands him a check for $27,000.00. He thinks that she is trying to buy him off, so he throws it back at her and tells her to show herself out. She is shocked by his actions.

Paige mentions to Bo that he has gotten quiet. Bo doesn’t know what to say to her. Paige goes on to tell him that she wanted to tell him about the baby, but just couldn’t bring herself to. She tells him that the child was on her mind every day. She begins to cry, and Bo tries to comfort her as best he can. Bo notices that Paige is always saying that she did this or that. Bo asks her if Spencer had known about the child.

Kelly draws away from Spencer. She tells him how thankful she is for what he did. She then hugs Kevin. Clint comes up to join them. Kelly fills him in on the good news. Clint is happy for them both. Kelly reminds them that it is all due to Spencer. Kelly tells Spencer that she still wants to see the test results. Spencer tells her to just call. Spencer leaves. Clint joins him at the bar.

Todd still has dreams of Margaret visiting him in his cell.

Vangie lets John know that she can take care of herself, and that she will deal with Hugh in her own way. John leaves. Again, Vangie refuses Hugh’s deal for her client.

John and Vangie go into his office. Vangie points out that he had lashed out at Hugh because he just doesn’t like him.

Cris refuses the money because he thinks Natalie is trying to pay him off to give her a divorce. She informs him that she had sold his paintings, and that is where the money had come from. He is surprised, and a little ashamed of himself. He wonders if she had sold them just to be rid of any memory of him, so she could be with John. Natalie informs him that she had sold his paintings because it had been too painful to keep them around.

Clint and Spencer discuss what he had done for Kevin and Kelly. Spencer informs him that he just wants to help people—and make lots of money. Clint points out to him that if a man doesn’t have a family then he has nothing.

Paige starts to leave, but Bo stops her. She begins to fill him in on what had happened when she had found out she was pregnant with Spencer’s child. She describes how scared and frantic she had felt. She also tells him how she had felt when they had put the baby in her arms for just a few seconds.

Natalie explains to Cris why she had sold his paintings, and how she had felt that she could keep him alive forever. Natalie informs him that he had made a fool out of her. She hands him the money again. Cris finally agrees to keep it. He tells her that he appreciates it. He apologizes to her for his actions. She asks him about his work, but he refuses to let her see any of it yet. She wishes him good luck and leaves. Cris follows after her.

Todd continues to talk to Margaret. He reaches out to touch her, and she tries to bite him. They argue over the child. Margaret grabs him around the throat and tells him that it is all his fault. He wakes up and feels a splatter of water on his face. He looks up and sees the roof leaking.

John and Vangie discuss how he had acted toward Hugh. John apologizes to her for his actions. Vangie points out to him that he doesn’t like Hugh. Vangie is upset because Hugh had gotten every juror he wanted on the jury. John asks her if she believes that Todd is innocent. Vangie assures him that she knows that he is innocent. Vangie asks him if he had a good Christmas. They discuss Cris and his getting out of prison.

Clint tells Kevin that he is happy for them, but he has deep concerns about Spencer. Clint wonders what Spencer wants from the Buchanans.

Bo and Paige discuss Spencer and his not knowing about the baby. They discuss the child that she had given away, and where he is now. Paige tells him that this situation is completely different. There is a knock on the door. It is Spencer, who has come to check on Bo and how he is. The phone rings, and Paige tells Bo that it is the office. Bo goes to take the call in another room.

Spencer informs Paige that David thinks that he has something on him, and he demands to know what it is. Bo comes back into the room. They exchange some small talk, and then Spencer leaves.

John and Vangie discuss the case against Todd. He offers her some coffee. She starts to leave. John apologizes to her once again.

Natalie brings a fax into John’s office. She reads the fax to John. They discuss the therapy that he is taking. He asks her if you can fail therapy. Natalie assures him that you can’t. As she leaves, she tells him that the cross that she had given him would come in handy about now. She leaves. John looks at the cross.

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