OLTL Update Tuesday 12/27/05

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/27/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

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Dorian and Edwards are busy delivering Christmas presents to the Vega brothers. She meets up with David, who is upset that she is giving away his cashmere sweaters. She informs him that the Vega boys deserve the very best.

Napa Valley

Antonio knocks on Nash’s door. He gets no answer. He begins to yell for Jessica.

Napa Valley Hospital

Nash can’t believe that Tess is there. She kisses him and asks him if that is proof enough that she is there. Nash can’t believe that the nurses had let her stay all night. Tess confesses that she thinks that she scared them by telling them that he’d die on Christmas. Nash informs her that she wasn’t lying—he was going to die without her. Tess asks him what had happened to him. Nash is reluctant to tell her, and instead asks her how she got away from the Buchanans. She informs him that they don’t know that she’s gone.


The doorbell rings. Viki answers it and finds that it is Clint. Viki comments that he is out early this morning. Clint felt that Viki would be out and gone this morning, too, since this is opening day for Todd’s trial. Viki informs him that it is a closed courtroom or she would be there. Clint asks her if she thinks that he is guilty. Viki informs him that she doesn’t. Clint points out that there is a lot of evidence against him. Viki gets the impression that Clint thinks that Todd killed Margaret. Clint wouldn’t put anything past Todd. Viki is under the assumption that Clint has always hated Todd. Clint confesses that he has.

Llanview Courthouse

Evangeline wants Todd to sit out in plain view so that the jury can see an innocent man. Hugh wants to make sure that he gets a jury that will nail Todd to the wall. Evangeline wonders why Hugh is taking this so personally.

Spencer meets up with Blair. She wonders what he is doing there. He tells her that he just wanted to wish her and Todd good luck. Blair informs him that it is just jury selection. Spencer points out that jury selection is very important. Blair informs him that she knows. Spencer asks her if she wants him to stay, and she replies, “No.” Todd notices Spencer with his wife and orders him away from her. Blair exclaims, “Todd!”

Napa Valley

Antonio yells for Nash and Jessica. A man approaches and wants to know who he is. Antonio tells him to take it easy, he is a friend. The man informs him that Nash and Tess are at the hospital. Antonio thanks him.

Nash informs Tess that it won’t take long for Antonio to track them down. Tess knows that he is right, and that they need to leave. Nash wonders where they would go. Tess vows to get rid of Jessica for good. Nash wants to know how she will do that, since Jessica is a part of her. She comes up with a plan. Nash wonders what she will do if the baby is Jessica and Antonio’s. Tess vows that it is not. Tess tells Nash that she hates Antonio. Nash still wonders what will happen if Antonio is the father. Tess insists again that this baby is his. They then begin to discuss the sex of the baby.

Paige informs Bo that he has to take it easy. Bo is just happy to get home. Paige still insists that he has to be careful. Paige tells him that it is doctor’s orders. Bo says it's fine as long as she is the doctor. Matthew comes in. He hugs Bo. They begin to discuss the tree house. Bo informs him that he can always tell him anything. He points out that they have this trust.

Hugh confesses to Vangie that he is adopted. Vangie thinks that that is wonderful. Hugh points out that Margaret wanted the baby, but Todd didn’t. Hugh also points out that the child would have been better off if he had had different parents. Hugh wants justice for the baby, and Vangie finally agrees with him. Vangie points out that Todd did not kill the baby. Hugh says that that is for the jury to decide.

Blair insists that Todd stop it by telling him that nothing happened. Todd knows what he is there to show. Spencer is sorry that Todd has taken it the wrong way about him being there. Todd insists that he didn’t take it the wrong way. Blair begins to apologize for Spencer. Todd insists that she stop apologizing for him. The bailiff announces that the judge is there, so they are ready to start. Todd asks Blair if she is coming. Blair tells him yes, but she lets stress get under her skin.

David asks Edwards how the Rolls is running. David comments on his shoes. Dorian informs David that Edwards is instructed not to acknowledge his existence. David informs her that it is not like he is dead. Dorian insists that he is to her. Dorian insists that she had stopped loving him the minute he walked out on their wedding. David tries to get her to listen to him, but she refuses. David insists that he will never stop loving her.

Clint blames Todd for Mitch Lawrence having almost killed Natalie. Viki tells him that she forgave him. Clint knows she is more forgiving than him. They begin to argue about which one is the most forgiving.

Paige informs Bo that she had forgotten his medicine at the hospital. Bo wants her to call the pharmacy to deliver it, but Paige insists on going to get it herself.

Paige runs into David, and they discuss what David thinks is wrong with Paige, namely Spencer.

Tess feels that she is all messed up. Nash doesn’t want her saying that. Tess puts herself down. Tess questions him again about who had done this to him, but Nash refuses to tell her.

Clint questions Viki about Jessica and how she is. Clint brings up the subject of Niki, and her having no idea why Jessica split. Viki feels that Niki is lying. They vow to try to force the truth out of Niki.

David sees that Paige is shaking and wants to know what is going on. Paige refuses to tell him.

The opening statements begin in Todd's trial.

Nash refuses to tell Tess what had happened to him.

Viki wonders what Dorian is doing there. Dorian informs her that she is there to give her a Christmas present. Viki is surprised. Dorian feels that this may not be a good time. They begin to discuss Niki.

Tess orders Antonio to go away, but he refuses. He continues to talk to her. Tess yells for Jessica to shut up. Jessica finally emerges.

Matthew tells Bo to just call Paige if he is worried about her. Bo insists that he is not worried. Bo comes to the conclusion that they are worried about nothing.

Paige fills David in that she had had a son and had given him up for adoption. David can’t believe it.

Antonio reveals to Nash that he and Jessica are going to have a paternity test to reveal the father of the baby.

Paige comes back with Bo’s prescription. She confesses to him that she wants him to help her find her son.

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