OLTL Update Monday 12/26/05

One Life to Live Update Monday 12/26/05


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All the Buchanan family is gathered at Llanfair for Christmas. Clint gives Natalie an early Christmas present of a plane ticket to London. Natalie asks him if he really thinks that a trip to London would get her mind off Cristian and John.

Llanview Police Department

John sits alone in his office on Christmas Eve. Evangeline knocks on his door. She calls him Mr. Scrooge for being in his office on Christmas. He sarcastically says, “Bah humbug.” She asks him if he wants to talk about what is on his mind.

Angel Square Diner

Carlotta and Cristian stare out at the night in Angel Square. Cristian tells her that he thought that he would never see Angel Square again. Carlotta hopes that being in prison has not made him cynical. She also comments on how the message that the Father had preached on was about faith. Cristian vows that he will get Natalie back.


Jessica tries to call Antonio. There is a knock on the door. It is Antonio. Antonio tells her that on the way to Lindsay and R.J.’s they had stopped off to see the nativity scene. Jessica wishes that she could have seen Jaime’s face. Antonio asks her how she is. Jessica tells him that she was shaky a little earlier, because she knew that Tess was trying to get out. Antonio assures her that she is getting stronger.

Napa Valley

Nash is still in the hospital. He is frustrated that Tess won’t turn on her phone.

Bo and Matthew discuss how happy he is that Bo had gotten out of the hospital for Christmas, and maybe, just maybe, Nora would get out of the hospital for Hannukah. Bo doesn’t want him to get his hopes up. Matthew insists that he isn’t going to cry, because that would make his mother sad. Bo assures him that he could never make his mother sad. Matthew suggests that they set up the menorah early.

Angel Square Diner

Carlotta wants to know how Cristian plans on getting Natalie back. Cristian doesn’t quite know how he is going to do it. Carlotta informs him that Natalie is hurt and confused and advises him to just give her time, and she will come around. Carlotta tells him to just be the man that Natalie had fallen in love with. Adriana comes in and wishes them a merry Christmas. She hands Carlotta a package and informs them that she can’t stay. Carlotta insists that she stay and have a pizzelle. Adriana agrees. Adriana hugs Cristian and tells him how happy they all are. Adriana asks Cristian if Natalie is coming. Cristian informs her that Natalie hates him, or at least hates him and John equally. Adriana corrects him and informs him that Natalie loves them both.

Natalie tells Clint that she cannot accept this plane ticket to London, because she would be running away. Clint informs her that as much as he hates to admit it, he agrees with her. They both say they love each other, and they hug. Natalie asks him to do some socializing for them both, because she needs to get some fresh air.

On the patio, Natalie meets up with Rex. She assures him that they do have a front door. Rex informs her that Bo had told him to meet him there. Natalie reminds him that Bo is still in the hospital. Rex tells her that Bo made it an order. Rex peeps past her into the living room. Natalie sees through him and tells him that Adriana is not there.

Duke and Kelly meet up in the foyer. They comment on Adriana. Duke confesses that he doesn’t know anything about Adriana anymore. Kelly tries to take up for Adriana by telling him that Adriana is young and doesn’t know what she wants. Kelly comments that she knows what she wants. Duke tells her that he would take a woman like her any day. Kevin listens to their conversation. Kelly informs Duke that he always knows the right thing to say. They wish each other a merry Christmas. Duke asks Kevin if he has talked to Joey yet. Kevin informs him that he is waiting his turn. Kelly tells Kevin that Duke had just been paying her compliments and asks if he would like to join in. Kevin informs them that Duke is doing fine on his own.

Natalie pours Antonio a cup of punch. They talk about Jessica, and how she is doing tonight. Antonio brings up the subject of Cristian. This is a subject that Natalie doesn’t really want to talk about. Antonio insists to Natalie that it wasn’t easy for Cristian in prison. Natalie tells him that Cristian had lied to her about the whole thing, and he could have told her the truth. Antonio assures her that Cristian had done it to protect her.

Evangeline thinks that John, once again, doesn’t want to talk about his problems. John agrees to talk about them. Vangie asks him if he would rather talk about the Eagles' lack of defense. Vangie wishes she could have gotten a word in edgewise back then. John and Vangie wish each other a merry Christmas. Vangie tells him that, for what it is worth, she still cares about him. John returns the compliment and tells her that he still cares about her. Vangie wishes that he finds whatever it is that will get him out of here on Christmas Eve.

Viki wishes Renee a merry Christmas as she enters the library. Renee comments on how handsome Clint is looking. Duke wishes Asa a merry Christmas as he hands him a drink. Asa is glad that Todd and Blair aren’t here tonight. Kevin comes up and informs them that Viki had better not let them hear him say that. Clint tells them to remember it is Christmas as Bo, Paige and Matthew enter the study. Paige has an armful of presents, which she and Matthew promptly go to put under the tree.

Jessica gets a phone call from Nash. She tries to get him off the phone by telling him that there is a party going on. Nash insists that he has something to tell her and begs her not to hang up.

Natalie and Rex have a talk about Adriana and how he hasn’t gotten over her. Rex asks her if he tells her whom to like. Natalie reminds him that Duke is her nephew. Rex suggests that they talk about something else, like what she wants for Christmas—or whom.

Cristian, Carlotta, Vangie and Layla sit at a table in the diner. Vangie and Layla are eating dinner. Layla mentions that they wanted somewhere to hang out this Christmas Eve because they didn’t want to go to their aunt's again for her goulash.

Carlotta tells them that she is so grateful to have her son home for Christmas. She thanks Vangie for her help, and she also thanks Layla for helping Antonio and Jaime. Layla tells Carlotta that her present can be for her to show her how to make what they are eating. Carlotta and Layla leave to go to the kitchen. Cristian informs Vangie that he thinks that Carlotta would want to adopt her and Layla. Vangie feels that this is her home. Vangie gets up and tells him to wait a minute. Cristian is confused. Vangie hands him a present. Cristian informs her that she has already given him too much. She insists that he open it. It is a blank canvas, so he can paint anything that he wants. Cris asks her about her fee. Vangie tells him that that can wait.

John meets up with Michael at the hospital. John asks him when he gets off. Michael informs him that he is pulling a double shift and won’t get off until tomorrow. John then suggests that they go to church. Michael is confused that John is talking about going to church. John reveals that he had been thinking a lot about his father lately. They make plans for the next day. John leaves. He comes into a church. He sits down in one of the last seats. He remembers when he had gone to church with his father and Michael.

Jessica talks to Nash on the phone. He tells her that he is in the hospital. She gets a headache and begins to hear the voice of Tess. Tess emerges. She concocts a plan to get rid of Antonio so she can cozy up to Asa. She succeeds in getting Asa to let her borrow the company plane. He fills her in on the password.

She calls the pilot, who asks for the password.

Antonio has joined the others at the diner. He is uneasy about Jessica. He leaves Jaime with Carlotta to go find Jessica.

Tess arrives at Nash's hospital and finds him asleep. She climbs into bed beside him.

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