OLTL Update Friday 12/23/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 12/23/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita


Natalie stands at the table in the foyer. She reads a note that was left on the box of ornaments. She picks up the two stockings that have her and Natalie’s names on them.

Cristian visits Antonio and Jessica at their loft. Antonio hugs him and can’t believe that Cristian is back home. Jessica speaks to him and then walks away. Cristian notices that something isn’t right. Jessica then confesses to him that she has an alter, and her name is Tess. Tess is in love with another man, and he may be the father of this baby that she is carrying.

Napa Valley

Nash calls for Tess. The nurse beside him is glad that he is awake. He tries to get up out of the bed, but the nurse refuses to let him get up. She insists that he needs his rest.

Llanview Hospital

Paige is having a difficult time keeping Bo from getting up. She threatens to use force on him if he tries to get up. The door opens, and Matthew and Renee come in. Matthew informs his dad that if he couldn’t come to the tree house, then the tree house will have to come to him.

Blair, Spencer, Starr and Jack come into the hospital. She knows that the children have enjoyed themselves. They run into a room where Santa and the other children are. Blair and Spencer follow. Blair pulls the beard down off of Santa’s face and tells everyone that that isn’t Santa. Asa says, “Ho, ho, ho.” He looks at Spencer and accuses Blair of having another toy.

Llanview Police Department and Jail

Todd lies in his cell, reading the Christmas card that Blair had sent him. A guard brings Evangeline to visit him. They speak to each other when she gets to the cell. The guard opens the door, and Evangeline steps into the cell. Todd wonders where she has been. Evangeline tells him that she had been clearing an innocent man of murder.

Bo looks at the blueprint of the tree house and brags that it is a scale model. Paige and Renee want all the details about the tree house and when it is going to be built. Renee wonders if the tree will be safe enough to hold the tree house. Bo extends Renee an invitation to visit the tree house, but she declines. John comes in. When he sees that it is a family gathering, he apologizes for intruding. Paige wonders if Asa is still playing Santa in the sunroom, and when she finds out that he is they decide to take Matthew to see him. They leave John and Bo to talk. They all wish John a merry Christmas.

John apologizes for intruding. John explains that he only wanted to give Bo an update on the events of Statesville. John informs Bo that Cristian Vega is a free man. Bo knows that he and Cristian will never be close friends or share a drink. John confides to him that they had shared a cup of coffee.

Natalie looks at the stockings. She has memories of Cristian and a Christmas that they had shared together when they made the stockings.

Cristian can’t believe that Jessica has an alter. Jessica tries to explain that she is genetically predisposed. Cristian questions her as to what kind of trauma had caused her to split, and how long she had had an alter. Jessica tells him that she owes him an apology about all the times that they had found beer bottles and cigarettes outside Llanfair. Jessica explains that it was all Tess. Antonio comes up behind Jessica and tells her that she was no more responsible for her actions than Cristian was for his.. Antonio assures her that they should focus on just being together. Cristian tells them that he is happy for them. The phone rings, and it is Natalie. She asks Antonio if Cristian is there. Antonio hands Cris the phone. Natalie informs Cris that she needs him to come by.

Nash talks to the nurse about Tess being his girlfriend, and he asks for her help. Nash wants to call Tess, but the nurse informs him that long-distance phone calls aren’t allowed. She then comes up with the idea of him using a cell phone. She remembers his having one when he was brought in. She looks around and finds it in a drawer. She hands him the phone to make the call.

Todd wants to know what Evangeline thought about the evidence that Rex had come up with. Vangie tells him that it won’t stand up because Margaret was strangled. Evangeline finds it interesting that Margaret had lied to him about knowing how to swim.

Spencer tries to get Blair to leave, but Blair refuses. Instead, she wants to argue with Asa. In order to get Starr and Jack out of the room, she tells them to go and get her some Christmas cookies. Blair informs Asa that she is in no mood for him tonight. Asa congratulates her on her article about Todd and that she had finally woken up about him. Blair denies writing the article about Todd. Blair insists that Todd is innocent and says she is going to stand behind him. Asa asks about Spencer and why he is there. Blair tells him that Spence is her friend.

Nash tries to call Tess but cannot get through. There is a knock on the door. It is a detective from the police department. Nash tells him to give him a moment, because he is trying to call his girlfriend. The detective takes the phone from him. The detective demands to know who had done this to him. He tells Nash that if he wants to talk to his girlfriend, then he had better start talking.

Cris talks to Natalie on the phone. She asks him to come by. He accepts. He offers his apologies to Jessica and Antonio and tells them that he will see them at Carlotta’s for Christmas dinner. He hugs them and leaves.

Antonio and Jessica discuss Natalie and how much she had loved John, and now Cristian has come by. Jessica explains that she knew what she was going through. Antonio confronts her and asks if she was hoping that it was Nash on the phone. Jessica tries to tell him that she was just concerned about Nash and what had happened to him.

Todd and Vangie discuss Ginger and how she couldn’t have been the one who had killed Margaret. Vangie points out that they need a vital suspect, one who also had a motive to kill Margaret.

Spencer and Asa argue over his cheating at the poker game. Spencer points out that no one believes this persona that Asa tries to put on. Spencer also brings up B.E. and its business dealings. Asa informs Blair that Spencer is worse than Todd. Blair, once again, defends Spencer. They lock arms and leave the sunroom.

Starr and Jack get the cookies. They are joined by Matthew, Paige and Renee. They discuss Todd being in jail while Bo is in the hospital. Matthew tells Starr about the tree house that he and his dad are building.

John looks at the blueprints for the tree house. They discuss Matthew and how excited he is over this tree house. Bo asks him if he has any plans for Christmas. John informs him that he doesn't. John tells him that he might just go by the police station and get some work done. Bo doesn’t think that that is such a good idea. John is confused. Bo reminds him how all the happenings of the last year had taken a toll on him. Bo suggests that he talk to someone. John laughs.

Natalie looks at the divorce papers. She remembers her and Cristian's wedding. The doorbell rings. When she opens the door, Cristian stands there.

Spence defends David and his actions. Blair states that Spence shouldn’t expect her to defend David. Blair looks over at Starr and Jack and feels so sorry for them that they can’t see their dad. Spencer suggests that she ought to get Todd off her mind until after the holidays. Blair is surprised that Spencer would say such a thing, with Todd in jail. She suddenly thinks of something. She gets the kids and leaves.

Paige approaches Spencer. She asks him if Blair is slipping through his fingers.

The detective has a word with the nurse, who is caring for Nash. She informs Nash that she will be right outside if he needs her. The detective wants the name of the man who had done this to him. Nash tells him that he had deserved it, and now it is over. The detective doesn’t buy it.. Nash fills him in on what had happened. Nash demands his cell phone.

Jessica denies that she has feelings for Nash, but she is concerned for his well-being. They discuss Tess, and how she feels about Nash. Antonio begins to put Nash down, but Jessica tells him that he doesn’t even know him. Jessica tells him that she has seen the look in his eyes when he thinks about Tess. Jessica begins to have a headache, and Tess talks to her, trying to get her to let her out to find Nash.

Natalie lets Cris in. She shows him the box of ornaments and tells him that he can have them. Cristian informs her that he doesn’t want them. He tries to talk to her about their future, but she will not listen. He tries to make her believe that he wants a future with her, but again she won’t listen. She tells him that he is wrong; none of this is her fault, it is all his fault. Cris is shocked that Natalie would blame him for this. Natalie tells him that he should have fought for them, but instead he had wanted to be a martyr. He had turned her over to another man.

John refuses to see a shrink. Bo puts a condition on it: if he doesn't see a shrink, it will cost him his job at the police station. John tries to tell him that he doesn’t need help. Again Bo insists that John get help. John leaves.

Todd and Vangie discuss the vital suspects in the case. She gives him a Christmas present of a book written by an ex-con who had spent years in prison. She wishes him a merry Christmas. She leaves.

The detective tells Nash that this is not over. The detective leaves.

Tess fights hard to gain control so she can find Nash. Jessica fights hard to stay in control. Antonio offers his help.

Matthew comes into Bo’s room and climbs up into bed with him. They look at the blueprint of the tree house.

Natalie tries to get Cristian to sign the divorce papers, but he once again refuses. He tells her that he will never give up on her. He starts to leave. She follows after him and orders him to sign the papers. She tells him that she wants him out of her life. He grabs her and kisses her. She pulls away and wants to know why he did that. He points at the mistletoe. John watches from outside the patio doors. He looks at present, and then he leaves.

Spencer threatens Paige that he will reveal how she was responsible for a man’s death. He also tells her that she should stay on his good side.. She informs him that that is not the only secret that she has. He doesn’t believe her. She wishes him merry Christmas and leaves.

Matthew makes Bo open a present. It is a wooden plaque that has the inscription, “No Girls Allowed.” Paige comes in and hands Bo a card that reads, “Get Out of Jail Free.” She tells him that he is released as of tonight. Bo and Matthew are thrilled.

Todd reads the book that Vangie had given him. He gets visitors—his children and his wife. Everyone is happy that they are together.

Nash tries to make a call. The nurse catches him. The nurse takes the phone away from him. She finally agrees to let him make one call.

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