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One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/22/05


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Napa Valley

A nurse puts a Christmas decoration on Nash’s door. Another nurse walks up and commends her on the work that she has been doing for the hospital. They open the door to Nash’s room and find him still unconscious. The nurse feels it is awful that he has no family or visitors, and that he is alone on Christmas Eve.

Llanview Police Department

Todd sits alone in his cell. An officer brings him a special-delivery letter. When Todd takes the letter from him, he notices that the letter has been opened.

Angel Square Diner

David sits alone in a booth. A waitress brings him a Coke. He feels lonely because he is alone on Christmas, but that shouldn’t stop him from treating himself to a treat. He pulls a straw out of his pocket and puts it in his glass. The waitress doesn’t know why he should be alone at Christmas. David mumbles, “Bah humbug,” as she walks away. He looks out the window at the starry night.

Angel Square

The tree is lit. Everyone applauds. Natalie looks beyond John and sees Cristian. Everyone, shocked by Cristian’s appearance, just looks at one another. Carlotta finally steps forward and hugs Cristian. She tells him, “Welcome home, son.” Jessica goes to her mother’s side. Vangie looks at Carlotta and Cristian. Natalie and Cristian exchange looks.

Todd asks the guard if it is good news in the letter. The officer makes a sarcastic remark as he leaves.

Blair wants to leave the tree-lighting ceremony. Spencer is puzzled that Blair wants to leave already. She yells for the children. She mentions to them that they are going to the annual Christmas Eve party at the hospital. They, instead of going to the party, want to visit their father. Blair insists that it is after visiting hours, and they won’t allow Todd any visitors. Spencer interrupts and tells the children that their father wouldn’t want them unhappy on Christmas, so he suggests an idea. They leave the tree lighting.

Carlotta comments on how handsome Cristian is. Adriana comes rushing up and hugs him. She asks Carlotta about a camera, and Carlotta tells her that there is one in the diner. Adriana leaves to retrieve the camera. Antonio and Jessica come up to join them. Cristian apologizes to Jessica for what had happened the last time they had seen each other. Jessica just shrugs it off and tells him that they will see each other. Roxie comes flying up from behind Cristian and gives him a big bear hug. She kisses him, and then goes on her way.

Viki comes to Natalie’s side. Viki wonders if Natalie wants to go home with them. Natalie declines the offer by telling them that she knew he would be getting out. Clint join them and asks Natalie if she wants him to go over there with her. She again declines. Natalie assures them that she is fine.

Dorian approaches Carlotta and Cristian. She hugs Cristian and tells him that it is a blessing that he is home. She offers her help if they need her. She leaves.

Dorian stops to talk to Kevin and Kelly. She informs them that she is going home. Laughing, Kelly tells her that she will miss all the fun. Dorian is confused as to what she means. Dorian reminds them that Carlotta needs this time to spend with her children, without any voyeurs. Kelly invites her to go to Asa’s for Christmas. Dorian refuses by telling them that she just wants to go home. She leaves. Kelly is confused by her actions. Viki is puzzled by Dorian’s remarks about Clint and what he had told her.

Adriana comes into the diner and finds the camera under the counter. As she's turning around, she sees David sitting alone in a booth. When David sees her, he tells her that if she wants to read him the riot act she'll have to get in line. Adriana informs him that she doesn’t see a line. Adriana sits down beside him in the booth. She tells him that she doesn’t know what had happened between him and her mother, but her mother still cares for him. Adriana informs him that he needs to take advantage of tonight, if he knows what she means. David, sarcastically, says, “Ho, ho.” Discouraged by his remark, she tells him that if he wants to spend his time alone eating Christmas cookies, to go right ahead. David looks around for some Christmas cookies.

Viki comes up to Cristian. Viki warns Cristian about what an emotional state Natalie is in, and that she is going to need time to get back to herself. Cristian thanks her.

Michael assures Vangie that she had done good. For seconds there, Vangie had thought World War III was going to break out. She had doubts when she first started doing this, but now, when she sees him with his family, she knows that this is where he belongs.

Rex approaches Natalie. He asks her if, now that the tree lighting is over, she would like to come back to his loft. Natalie declines the offer.. She exclaims that she wishes that people would stop thinking that she is going to fall apart. Kevin walks up and asks if everything is all right. Natalie reminds them of all the things that had happened over the last few days. She begins to walk off and sees John right in front of her.

Adriana sits on a pew in church. She thanks God for bringing Cristian home to them. Rex comes in and sits down behind her.

Clint, Viki, Kevin and Kelly stand in a huddle. Duke comes up to them and asks if they had seen Adriana. When they give him their answer, he leaves.

Kelly and Kevin discuss Natalie and what has been going on here tonight with Cristian.

John tries to talk to Natalie and tell her not to pretend to be too tough. Michael comes up and asks Natalie how things are going. Natalie, sarcastically, asks him how he thinks things are going. She orders Michael not to even start, because she had had enough of one McBain.

John and Michael cannot figure Natalie out, or how she is feeling.

Marcie remarks on how good Cristian looks. Vangie reminds her not to let looks deceive her, because Cristian had been through a lot in prison. Hugh comes up and starts accusing Vangie of having planned all of this, and especially for Christmas Eve. A group of reporters hurries up and begins to question her about Cristian and how she had had his conviction overturned..

Antonio introduces Jaime to Cristian. Cristian asks her if she likes to paint. Cristian tells her that maybe they can paint a picture together sometime. Cristian hugs Jaime. A group of reporters hurries up to Cristian to ask him some questions. They suggest getting a picture of the entire Vega family. Carlotta motions for Vangie to join them. One of the reporters tells them that no picture would be complete without Mrs. Vega, as they motion for Natalie.

Adriana asks Rex how long he has been there. Rex wants to know how she knew. Adriana asks him if he had followed her. Rex tells her no. He also tells her that he needed to say some things to God. Adriana is surprised. Rex informs her that Matthew had given him some pointers on how to say a prayer..

Blair, Spencer and the children enter the park. Jack wants to swing. Blair tells him he can, as long as Starr watches him. They begin to run, with Blair yelling at them to be careful. Blair, turning to Spencer, asks him why he is doing this. They discuss what David and Dorian had been saying about him. Spencer wants to know what she thinks. Dorian comes up to join them. She warns Blair to go home with her children before Spencer ruins her evening. They just look at her.

Clint and Cristian order the reporters to leave Natalie alone. Viki apologizes for what had happened. Clint mentions Natalie going home. Natalie informs them that she has something to do. Kelly and Kevin leave. Natalie leaves. Clint tells Viki to watch her step. This infuriates Viki.

Michael tells John that Cristian had his nerve, putting all of their lives in danger.

Natalie confronts Cristian. She informs him that he didn’t have to do what he did back there. She also asks him if he had signed the divorce papers. He remembers their wedding vows. He also remembers when he had kissed her in prison. He vows that he will never sign the divorce papers.

Napa Valley

Nash remembers the times that he had spent with Tess.


Kelly and Kevin walk out onto the patio. Kelly wonders what is wrong with Clint and Viki. Kevin hasn't seen them act like this since their divorce.

Viki is on the phone with Jessica. Jesscia informs Viki that she is going to spend the night with Antonio and Jaime and come by the next day for Christmas. Clint notices that Viki is bothered about something. Clint wonders if it is about Dallas. Clint tells her that he can’t stand for her to be angry with him at a time like this, and especially at Christmas time. Viki encourages him to go after her. Clint insists that he has to stay there because of Natalie and Jessica. Viki questions him as to how Dorian plays into all of this. Clint is puzzled as to why Viki is feeling this way. Viki makes up the excuse that she has some things to do. Clint tells her that he has some errands to do, too. After Clint leaves, Viki mumbles to herself, "Dorian." Clint mumbles to himself, "Dorian."

Spencer is happy to see that Dorian hasn’t lost her Christmas cheer.. They begin to argue, and Blair has to separate them. Blair tells Spencer that she would like to talk to Dorian. Dorian accuses Blair of having a blind spot where Spencer is concerned. Blair insists that she knows all about Spencer’s past. Blair, as usual, defends Spencer. They begin to discuss Todd and where he is right now. Dorian accuses her of lying to the children right now. They begin to talk about Spencer again.

Natalie informs Cristian that she didn’t know that she had given him an option. Cristian insists that he is not giving up on them, or on life. He tells her that she remembers the nights that they were together. Natalie demands that he sign the divorce papers and says she is not leaving until he does.

Marcie wants to go after Vangie, but Hugh stops her. She sees Michael and tells Hugh to wait a minute. She wishes Michael a merry Christmas.

Cristian goes to join his family. Jessica begins to hear Tess’s voice inside her head. She suggests to Antonio that they go home. They leave. Carlotta is happy that she will have her entire family home for Christmas.

Natalie tells Vangie to go away. Vangie refuses to go. Natalie wants to know what she wants.

Adriana and Rex discuss Duke and his whereabouts. Adriana questions him about his going to Llanfair. They wish each other a merry Christmas, and she leaves.

Roxie comes in with a suitcase. She asks Rex if he has a going-away gift for her. Rex hands her some bills and tells her to have fun. They kiss and hug bye.

Clint and Viki discuss Dorian and his having a drink with her last night.. Viki warns him to stay away from her. Clint assures her that she is making a big deal about all this. They continue to argue.

Kevin and Kelly talk outside. Kelly says that she wants him to walk her home, and spend the night. Kevin has reservations, but Kelly reminds him that they are engaged. She asks him to move in, and he agrees.

Vangie and Natalie discuss this whole situation and what Natalie is going to do about it. Natalie changes the topic and asks where John is. Vangie tells her to cut the act, because this isn’t easy for Cristian, either.. Vangie points out that they both have their families to lean on. Natalie tells her that she has to deal with this on her own.

Michael and John come into the diner. John sees Cristian at the bar. John tells Michael to grab a table. John joins Cristian at the bar. John offers to buy him a cup of coffee. Cristian is annoyed.

Clint apologizes to Viki for his outburst. Clint tells Viki that he was out of line too. He informs Viki that he will call Dallas in the morning and try to work things out with her.

Dorian leaves Blair and Spencer. David stops Dorian before she can leave.. He shows her the mistletoe in the pine. Dorian tells him that mistletoe is a parasite, just like he is. She leaves. Spencer and the children make snowballs and have a snowball fight. Blair thinks about Todd, and being apart from him on Christmas. Todd reads the letter from Blair.

Antonio, Jessica and Jaime arrive back at the loft. Jessica begins to hear Tess’s voice in her head.

Nash calls out to Tess.

Natalie looks at the divorce papers. Vangie sits down beside her and holds her.

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