OLTL Update Wednesday 12/21/05

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/21/05


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The Buchanans (Clint, Viki, Natalie and Jessica) are in the study at Llanfair. Natalie is busy wrapping presents, Jessica is helping with the ornaments, and, well, Clint and Viki are just enjoying being with their two girls. They all reminisce about things that had happened when Natalie had first come to Llanview. The doorbell rings, and Clint goes to answer it. While he is gone, Jessica gets under the tree and finds a gift with Viki’s name on it. Natalie tells her that they wanted to give it to her when the three of them were together.

Clint opens the door and finds Dallas standing there. Clint is surprised to see her but wishes her a merry Christmas. Dallas informs him that they need to talk, because they have some things to settle.

Llanview Police Department

John and Hugh are in John’s office at the police department. Hugh makes mention of John’s testimony. Vangie walks in with a document in her hand and hands it to Hugh. He looks through it as Vangie explains what is going on. She advises Hugh to drop the charges against Todd Manning because it will make Blair happy. John laughs, and Hugh doesn’t say anything.

La Boulee

Blair is in the kitchen with Dorian at La Boulee. On the edge of the counter stands a replica of La Boulee. Blair looks at it carefully but doesn’t believe that Dorian had made it. She insists that she wanted Starr and Jack to have a replica of La Boulee. About this time, the replica falls apart onto the table and floor. They begin to argue. Adriana walks into the kitchen with a copy of Craze magazine. Blair notices and wants to know what is going on when she sees Todd’s picture on the front.

Spencer is at the diner, on the phone. He smiles as he hangs up the phone. David approaches and questions him as to what he is so happy about. David sees Craze magazine in Spencer’s hand and knows that he is reading the article about Todd. David also knows that this article has Spencer’s name written all over it. He asks Spencer if he is trying to get him killed. Spencer tells David that everyone in Todd’s family has suffered at the hands of Todd. Spencer reads some of the article to David. David informs Spencer that the author didn’t have to be embellished and asks Spencer if he wants him to die. Spencer just looks at him without saying a word. David informs Spencer that he had gone to fire the guy, but the author had quit. David is more concerned about what Spencer’s plans for the Buchanans are. David threatens to go to the Buchanans and reveal what Spencer has in store for them. Spencer, in turn, blackmails him for what he had done years ago.

Clint invites Dallas in. He tells her that he is glad that she stopped by. Dallas apologizes for stopping by the way that she had earlier, and for treating Viki the way she had. She tells Clint that Viki is one classy lady, and this has nothing to do with her. Dallas states that this has everything to do with him.

Viki opens the present and finds that it is a beautiful cameo. She tells Natalie and Jessica that it is beautiful and a perfect gift. Natalie and Jessica wanted to get it for her after all that they had put her through the last year. They all hug. Viki thanks them.

Kelly and Kevin sit in front of a cozy fire. In her hand, Kelly looks at the article on Todd Manning in Craze magazine. Kevin comments that Blair is better off without Todd in her life. Kelly is more concerned about the children, and how their friends will react to this article. Kelly closes the magazine and lays her head on Kevin’s shoulder.

Dorian and Adriana read the article in Craze about Todd. Blair becomes furious when the author comments on Todd’s “occasional wife..” Blair grabs her coat and purse off the chair. Dorian questions her as to where she is going. Blair informs her that she's going to talk to David. Blair storms out. Adriana remarks that she would hate to be David right about now. Dorian assures her that no matter what Blair hands David, he deserves it, and more.

Hugh tells Vangie that she should be careful that the judge doesn’t charge her with contempt of court. Vangie is not worried at all. Hugh reveals that he is not worried either. Hugh starts to leave, but he asks John if he will see him later. John informs him that he will be the one turning the lights on. Hugh leaves John and Vangie alone. Vangie confronts him about his turning on the Christmas lights. John tells her that he is doing it for Bo. Vangie asks him for a copy of Margaret’s autopsy results. After he gives her the results, she starts to leave. John tells her to wait. He asks her if Cristian is out. Vangie nods her head and says yes.

Antonio comes into the diner. He wishes Carlotta a merry Christmas. They hug. Carlotta asks him if he and Jessica are coming to the tree lighting. He assures her that they are. Antonio tells her that he had gotten a call that morning saying that Cristian had been released. They hug.

Cristian is in a bathroom. With his fingers, he writes "Natalie" on the mirror and underlines the name.

Natalie looks at the tree, but her thoughts are far away.

John looks at the picture of Natalie on his desk, then at Vangie.

Marcie puts icicles on the tree in Angel Square. Roxie gives her pointers on how to put the icicles on. Rex and Michael join them. Michael tells Roxie that it needs more pink. Roxie tells them to stay right there as she hurries off. Michael looks at Marcie lovingly and wishes her a merry Christmas. Marcie smiles.

R.J. and Lindsay approach Angel Square. Lindsay can’t seem to keep her eyes off the tree. Lindsay asks him if Antonio is bringing Jaime. R.J. informs her that he had tried to call, but he hadn’t heard anything from Antonio. Lindsay hopes she will get to see her little girl on Christmas.

Vangie tells John that she had gone by the prison to pick up Cristian, but he was already gone. Vangie has no idea where he is.

Antonio fills Carlotta in that Cristian had been released that morning. Carlotta demands to see him. Antonio sadly tells her that he doesn’t know where he is.

Cristian is busy shaving.

Natalie looks at the tree and is deep in thought. Viki, upon seeing her, asks if everything is all right. Natalie assures them that they should make a pact to put all their troubles behind them for today.

Dallas blames Clint for leaving. Dallas also tells him that you can’t make someone want you. Clint wonders what is next for them. Dallas informs him that she is going home to London, and he is staying here with his family. They love each other, but Clint cannot give her what she needs. Dallas leaves. Clint watches her go.

Kevin takes the magazine out of Kelly’s hand. He picks up her coat and puts it around her shoulders. Kelly is more than a little upset that David would dredge up the past about Kevin having an affair with Blair. Kelly points out that they all make mistakes. They discuss David and how he could write an article about them. They hug and kiss. They leave. The copy of Craze magazine is burning in the fireplace.

Blair comes up to join David. She tells him to give her one good reason why she shouldn’t kill him right now. David tries to explain to her about the article. She demands to know why he had picked now to do this. He again tries to explain to her, but she will not listen. Blair fires him. He tells her that she can’t fire him because he quits. He again tells her that he didn’t write the article, but he stands behind the article. Blair, more than a little furious, storms out.

Jack is busy eating the gumdrops off the replica of La Boulee. Starr enters the kitchen and wants to know what is going on. They try to distract her, but she informs them that she already knows about the Craze article. She assures them that everything will be just fine. They start to rant and rave about the Buchanans, but Dorian defends them. She remembers her conversation with Dorian. They all think that Dorian has been visited by the ghost of Christmas future. Dorian tells them to get their coats on. They all leave the kitchen.

Viki and the girls come out of the study. Viki questions Clint as to what is going on. Jessica asks him who it was at the door. Kevin and Kelly come into the house through the back. They share the news with them that they are engaged. They all share a laugh about Dorian.

Jessica gets a call from Antonio. He wants to know if they are coming for the tree lighting. Jessica assures him that they are on their way. He asks about the baby. She assures him that it is fine.

When he hangs up, Carlotta asks him what this is about a baby. She asks Antonio if Jessica is expecting a baby.

Nash lies in a hospital bed, unconscious.

Michael and Marcie question each other about their dates. Michael confesses that he hasn’t been dating much. He asks Marcie if they are ever going out again. She looks at him in puzzlement.

Rex has two cups of hot chocolate when Roxie comes up to join him. She asks him if he is going to help her set up the gnomes, which are a symbol of family.

All Llanvillians gather in Angel Square for the annual tree lighting. Everyone feels fellowship with everyone else. Some are filled with gladness, but other connections are disappointments. Natalie is disappointed to see John with Vangie. Jessica tries to call Nash but doesn’t get an answer. Nash lies in a hospital bed. Roxie informs Rex that she is going out of town on a cruise. Dorian warns Spencer to stay away from Blair.

Renee brings Matthew to talk to David. They discuss the article and who had written it. David denies it, but Matthew doesn’t believe him. Matthew leaves. Renee comes to join him and brings him a cup of hot chocolate. She encourages him to go talk to Dorian, because he never knows what might happen.

John makes a short speech before he lights the tree. Carlotta comes over to hug Natalie. Natalie looks beyond John and sees Cristian.

Michael and Marcie decide to try again. Hugh joins them.

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