OLTL Update Tuesday 12/20/05

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/20/05


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Llanview Police Department

A police officer leads Blair to Todd’s cell. Once she is inside, Todd and Blair kiss. He asks her if she has talked to Vangie. She assures him that she has. He asks about the autopsy results, but Blair tells him that all the autopsy results are the same. Todd tries to make up some excuse that Margaret might have died some other way. Blair insists that Margaret was strangled to death. Blair lets it slip that she had gone to Spencer with the evidence that he had told her about. Todd becomes upset. Blair explains to Todd that the police can’t help because there isn’t enough time. They discuss Margaret and her death, and how Todd is the prime suspect. Todd and Blair both wonder who would want Margaret dead. Todd mentions that Ginger had been giving Margaret money and that she might have killed her. Blair shoots the idea down, because Ginger wasn’t strong enough to kill Margaret. Todd asks Blair whose side she is on, since she shoots down every idea that he has. He thinks that Blair is trying to get him convicted. They begin to yell at each other. Blair tries to assure him that she believes him, but they have to prove his innocence.

Palace Hotel

Dorian and David argue over her being cozy with Clint and that she might as well have a drink with Bo. Spencer listens to their conversation. Dorian explains to him that she would rather be with one of the Buchanans than with him or a member of his family. Spencer joins them at the bar. She confronts him about him harassing David into leaving her at the altar. Spencer tells her that David did the only thing he could do. Dorian begins to get upset and tells Spencer that he does not care about family. Spencer remembers his conversation with Margaret about Blair and the children and staying away from them. Spencer informs Dorian that he cares more about family than she knows. They discuss the Buchanans and how different they are from the Spencer brothers. Dorian is tired of Spencer and his mouth and tells him to shut up. Dorian leaves.

Jessica is impressed that Antonio had gone to all this trouble to bring her here just in hopes of Jessica emerging. Jessica can’t believe that Antonio would do all this for her and the baby. They discuss Tess, and her involvement with Nash.

Llanview Police Department

Natalie has some files in her arms. She brings them into John’s office. She begins to lay them on the desk when John comes in the side door. Natalie tries to leave to avoid a confrontation with him, but he catches her by the arm. Natalie calls him Lieutenant, which upsets him. Natalie begins to remind him of all the things that he had kept from her about Cristian being alive. Natalie explains to him that he was her best friend, but now she didn’t have anyone to confide in. John tells her that she is right. Natalie explains to him matter-of-factly that she doesn’t care anymore. She also explains to him that no matter how badly he feels, he brought it on himself. John tries to console her by saying that if she needs him then he will be there for her. Natalie tells him that this is not his problem, and that he had ruined her life. Natalie hands him the papers. As she starts to leave, she tells him that he is the one who should be ashamed to show his face around there. John signs the papers that Natalie had brought into his office. John gets a phone call from Vangie. He asks her if there is any news. She tells him no. Vangie promises to keep him posted. Natalie asks John about Cristian. She informs John that she hopes that Cristian does get out.

Susquehanna Prison

Vangie visits Cristian in prison. They discuss the fact that she has taken his appeal to the state's Supreme Court and is right now awaiting word. Cristian asks her if they are going to overturn his conviction. She is unsure of their decision. Cristian shows Vangie the divorce papers that Natalie had brought to him. Cristian vows that he wants to try, but a lot has changed. Cristian wants Natalie back, but he doesn’t know where to start. He also tells Vangie that he has to deal with McBain. Vangie questions him about what he means about having to deal with McBain. A guard tells Cristian that he has another visitor. Vangie leaves, but promises to let him know as soon as she knows anything. Adriana comes into the room where Cristian is. She starts to hug him, but the guard tells them there's no physical contact. She tells him that she missed him. They discuss her brothers, Antonio and Tico, and how much she had learned from them. Cristian apologizes for what he did to Tico. Adriana explains to him that she understands. They discuss Natalie, and how she is feeling. Cristian asks her if there is anyone special in her life. She tells him all about Duke. They discuss Carlotta and the homecoming that she must be planning for him. Cristian didn’t want them to know that he was alive until he could get out of there.

Adriana and Duke are loaded down with Christmas packages. They kiss. He lifts her up on the counter. There is a knock on the door; it’s Rex. He informs her that if she wants to visit Cristian, she must go right now. She is grateful to Rex and hurries upstairs to get ready. Rex starts to leave, but Duke stops him. Duke and Rex discuss Adriana. Duke and Adriana are committed to making this relationship work. Duke commends Rex on doing a good thing by helping Adriana to get to see Cristian. Adriana listens to their conversation. Rex warns Duke that he had better live up to the idea of his being a hero. He also tells Duke not to let Adriana down.

Antonio and Jessica discuss Tess. Jessica explains that all that Tess wanted to discuss was Nash. Jessica tells him that this baby is making her strong enough to fight Tess, but she doesn’t know for how long. Antonio declares his love for her and the baby. Jessica tells him that his love for her and the baby makes her stronger, and that she needs him. She takes his hand and lets him feel the baby.

Spencer orders a bottle and two glasses for him and David. They discuss the Buchanans. David doesn’t know how anyone could go up against the Buchanans. Spencer vows that he is going to try. David at first wants to know Spencer’s plan to go up against the Buchanans, but then he changes his mind.

Duke sits down on a stool near them. David approaches him and congratulates him. David fills him in on what is going on between Kevin and Kelly. Duke gets up and leaves some money on the bar. He tells David that when the drink comes, he can enjoy it. Duke leaves. Spencer joins David. They once again talk about the Buchanans. David leaves.

Antonio and Jessica discuss the baby. He suggests that she take a DNA test. She assures him that she doesn’t need a test. Antonio gets the idea that she is not sure about who the father is. Jessica tells him that this has to be his baby. Jessica confides to Antonio that she is scared of Nash and his feelings for Tess. Antonio wants her to trust him. Jessica agrees to have the DNA test.

Todd is in his cell. Rex visits him. Rex mentions about all the money that he had received. Todd asks him for his help.

Spencer is still in the bar. Blair comes in. She confides to him that she had gone to see Todd, and he wants her to stay away from him. Spencer offers his help. Then he remembers his conversation with Margaret, in which he ordered her to stay away from Blair and the children.

Vangie again visits Cristian. She happily announces that he is a free man.

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