OLTL Update Monday 12/19/05

One Life to Live Update Monday 12/19/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita
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Tess tells the Buchanans and Antonio that Nash is on his way back from California. Antonio suggests that they go to their penthouse, because he has something there that might change how she views things. Tess refuses to go anywhere with him until Nash gets back. Antonio once again tries to get Tess to go with him to the penthouse, but Tess refuses. Tess calls the Buchanans control freaks. Tess also reminds them of how they had gotten rid of Niki. Viki tries to assure her that they don’t want to eliminate Tess, because she is part of Jessica. Viki tells Tess that she doesn’t want her to disappear. Viki assures Tess that they are not giving up on Jessica. Antonio suggests that they talk about the future. Antonio mentions again about her coming home with him. Antonio asks Tess if she is all right as she walks over to the desk. Clint comes up and tells her that he doesn’t know what Antonio has in mind. Clint also promises her that once Nash comes back they won’t try to keep her away from him. Clint also tells her that they are going to stop forcing feelings on one another, and this includes her. Tess thanks him and wants to call Nash. Antonio promises that if she will go home with him, then she can call Nash as soon as they get to the penthouse. Tess asks him if he means it. Antonio assures her that he does. They leave.

Brennan Winery

Nash lies on the floor, bleeding profusely from his nose and mouth. He mumbles Tess’s name. Nash hears Tess’s voice. Nash tries to get up, but fails. Nash remembers Tess, and them telling each other that they loved each other. Nash remembers kissing Tess, and them making love. There is a knock on the door. A man yells for Nash. The man comes inside and finds Nash unconscious on the floor. He immediately calls for an ambulance.

Palace Hotel

Kelly is on the phone. After she hangs up, she sees Dorian and speaks to her. Dorian asks her how she is doing, since she had just had surgery. Kelly informs her that as soon as she gets the word from Spencer, she and Kevin are going to start trying for a baby. Kelly also holds up her hand and shows Dorian her engagement ring. She informs Dorian that she and Kevin are getting married as soon as possible. Dorian orders a drink. When Dorian doesn’t answer Kelly, this annoys Kelly. Dorian wonders what Kelly wants her to say. Dorian thinks that things are so unfair, but things are going to change. Kelly doesn’t quite understand, and she asks Dorian if she is going to start dating again. Dorian doesn’t seem to know why not. Kelly tells her that she had loved Kevin for a long time, and they just wanted to be happy. Dorian points out all of Kevin’s sins. Kelly suggests buying her a one-way ticket out of town the day of her wedding. Dorian gets her feelings hurt and asks if Kelly doesn't want her at the wedding. Kelly assures her that she needs her at the wedding. Kelly assures her that she loves Kevin and wants to be happy with him. They discuss Spencer and the procedure that he had done on her. Dorian orders another drink. Kelly doesn’t want her to be negative about all this. Kelly wants Dorian to share her happiness. Dorian is concerned about Kelly’s life if she tries to have a child. Kelly wants Dorian to be happy for them. Dorian refuses. Kelly leaves.

The gym

David is on a bicycle, exercising. Kevin joins him. David asks him who he thinks he is. Kevin has no idea what David is talking about. David reminds him of what he and Kelly had done in stealing the baby, and now they are planning to have one of their own. Kevin wants to know what had happened to David since that morning. Kevin tells him how badly Kelly feels about him and Dorian not getting married. David points out to Kevin that he has a brother who hates him and wants to destroy his life.

John lifts weights a little ways from them. All he can think of is Natalie. John still has daydreams of Natalie, and her telling him that she is his. John is on a bicycle, and he has memories of himself and Natalie making love.

Susquehanna Prison

Cris is taken back to his cell. He has a conversation with the guard, who asks him what he is going to do. Once inside the cell, he sits down on the bed. He sees the divorce papers that Natalie had brought and left for him. Cristian sits in one corner of his cell. He dreams that Natalie visits him and gives him the news that he has been released. She tells him that she loves him. Cristian has visions of Natalie coming to visit him in his cell and telling him that she is sorry. She assures him that she had never wanted a divorce, she was just confused and hurt. She tells him that she had never wanted a divorce because she still loved him. Cristian yells to the guard that he needs to see his lawyer. Cristian again yells to the guard that he needs to talk to his lawyer. He has dreams of Natalie and him at Christmas with a puppy. Cristian has more dreams of being together with Natalie and the puppy.

Clint and Viki talk. Viki begins to cry and tells him that she doesn’t know what she would have done if he hadn’t been there. They hug. Dallas walks in and sees them hugging. Clint is surprised to see her after him telling her to stay in London.

Viki is glad to see Dallas. Viki apologizes to her for Clint being here for so long. Clint tells Dallas that he wishes she had called. Viki offers to give them some privacy, but Clint starts to leave. Clint tells them both that he doesn’t have any answers for either of them. He lashes out at them both for not doing as he had requested. He leaves.

Dallas asks Viki if she would care to share some thoughts on the situation. Viki apologizes to Dallas for Clint being in Llanview so long. Viki knows that Clint loves Dallas. Viki tries to assure her that Clint is only there for the children. Dallas confesses that she didn’t like what she saw when she walked in. Viki tries to assure her that Clint loves her. Dallas doesn’t quite believe her. Viki offers her help, but Dallas refuses. Viki offers to let her stay there, but again Dallas refuses. Dallas asks Viki to tell Clint where she is staying. Dallas tells Viki that she is sorry for what is going on with Jessica.

Antonio and Tess arrive at the penthouse. Tess immediately wants to call Nash. Antonio tells her that he wants to raise this child as his own. She is distraught at what he has just said. Antonio tells Tess again that he wants this baby. Antonio assures her that a baby needs both a mother and a father. Tess tells him to shut up. He keeps talking. She tells him to shut up again. She begins to have another headache. Jessica emerges and falls into Antonio’s arms. Antonio and Jessica discuss the baby. They discuss Nash and how he will never give up Tess. Antonio tries to assure her that nothing matters except that they are together with the baby.

Kevin stops John. He asks about Natalie. Kevin tells him that he knows about Cristian. John leaves. Kelly comes up to join Kevin. Kevin notices that Kelly is upset. Kelly fills him in that she had just had a run-in with Dorian over David. Kevin tells her that he had just had a talk with David.

Dorian sits at the bar. Clint sits down beside her. He orders a drink. She compares him to a cowboy. Dorian confides to him about Kevin and Kelly getting re-married. They laugh. David watches them. David continues to watch Dorian and Clint laugh and talk. He comes up to ask if he can join the party. Clint gets up to leave. David questions her about her being with Clint. Dorian wonders what business it is of his whom she is with. She explains to David that Clint is truthful.

John comes back to the gym to hunt for his keys. A man has found them and gives them to John. John has memories of Natalie again.

Cristian has dreams of him and Natalie making love. He starts to sign the divorce papers, but he changes his mind. He gets up and walks over to the bars. He vows to fight for Natalie.

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