OLTL Update Friday 12/16/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 12/16/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Angie

Brennan Winery

Nash wakes up and calls for Tess. He wonders if she needs him.


Tess emerges from hypnosis. She immediately wants to know where Nash is. Tess sees Viki and wants Viki out. Viki tries to explain to her that she is not Niki but Viki. Tess wants to know where Nash is. They try to explain to her that Nash had gone home. Tess doesn’t believe that Nash would leave without her. Dr. Fox tries to make her sit down, but she starts to leave. Tess informs them that she holds all the cards. She gives them the ultimatum that either she talks to Nash or she doesn’t talk.

Llanview Police Department

An officer brings Todd back to his cell. He makes a sarcastic remark about what Todd wants for lunch. Todd comments that he is glad that the officer hasn’t lost his sense of humor. When Todd gets to his cell, he sees a doll lying on his bed. He wonders who had put it there. The officer informs him that he had seen the autopsy and calls him a “baby killer.” The officer leaves him to himself.

Hugh paces back and forth, practicing his opening speech to the jury. Blair comes in and informs him that Todd did not kill Margaret Cochran.

Llanview Hospital

Spencer looks at a newspaper article concerning Margaret Cochran. He recalls when he had seen Margaret in the alley.


Viki talks to Tess and tells her that Jessica only let her out because she had wanted to. Tess doesn’t agree. She informs them that Jessica only let her out for her own selfish reasons. Tess vows that she is the only one who knows the secret about what had happened in the bar that night long ago. Viki asks her what about Niki. Tess reminds her that Niki is not around. Tess tells them that she hadn’t discussed her terms. She tells them that she wants to talk to Nash, or she doesn’t talk. They try to tell Tess that she is not the one in control.

Bo sits up in bed, going over some paperwork. When he sees Paige in the hall, he quickly hides the papers under his sheets. Paige comes in and tells him that he would do poorly in undercover work, because some of his papers are sticking out from under the covers. She suggests a plea bargain. She promises not to go hard on him for working if he doesn’t mind staying a couple more days. Bo feels bad that he won’t be there for Matthew during the holidays. Paige assures him that he will have family there for him. They kiss. Bo tells her how happy he is. He tells her that he wants out of his room for a while. She suggests the sunroom, but he wants to go to see Nora.

Marcie visits Nora. She talks to Nora about how much she misses her. Marcie and the nurse leave the room discussing Todd, and how she had been the lawyer in his last trial. The nurse thinks that it is too bad that she can’t handle this case. They begin to discuss Hugh, and how handsome he is. Michael walks to the elevator and overhears their conversation. Marcie wants to know how long he has been standing there. Michael asks for Nora’s chart. The nurse leaves, and so does Marcie. Michael asks her to wait for a minute. He mentions a great opportunity that might be coming his way.

Antonio agrees with Tess that she should get to talk to Nash. Antonio asks her if she will cooperate after she talks to Nash. Antonio asks her for the phone number. Antonio talks to Nash first. Nash wants to know about the baby and Tess. Antonio assures him they are fine. Antonio tells him that Tess wants to talk to him. Antonio finally hands the phone to her. Nash can’t believe that it is really Tess. Tess tells him that she misses him so much it hurts.

Antonio talks to Viki about Tess being part of Jessica.

Nash fills Tess in about the fire, adding that it wasn’t as bad as they originally had thought. Tess asks about the cottage. He tells her that he had had to get some firewood and light a fire. Tess wishes that she were there with him. Nash asks about the baby. Nash gets the idea that Antonio is there with her. Tess informs him that Antonio is always there. Tess asks him when he is coming home. Nash informs her that he will be on the next plane. Antonio takes the phone from her and hangs it up. Tess is upset.

Michael tells Marcie about the great opportunity with Spencer Truman. Marcie is happy for him. Michael has his doubts about getting the promotion.

Spencer throws the papers onto his desk. He looks at his watch. He remembers more of his conversation with Margaret. He remembers that he had enlisted Margaret’s help in breaking up Todd and Blair.

Todd picks up the doll and angrily throws it at the guard just as the guard closes the door.

Blair fills Hugh in on the information that Todd had given her about somebody trying to set Todd up for the murder of Margaret Cochran. Hugh tries to convince her that the results of the autopsy didn’t lie. Blair tries to make him believe that Todd hadn’t laid a finger on Margaret.

Bo and Paige meet up with Marcie and Michael on the way to Nora’s room. Paige wants to stay with him, but Bo tells her that he needs to do this alone. Michael helps him with the door. Once inside the room, Bo remarks that the two of them make a good couple.

Viki talks to Tess about what had happened to Jessica when she was small. Tess informs them that Jessica had bailed out to leave her to handle the situation. Tess informs them that she does not want to be integrated.

Nash packs his bags and is starting out the door when he meets Mr. Weston.

Blair and Hugh argue over the results of the autopsy. He tells her to take her theory to someone else. Angrily, she leaves his office.

Spencer remembers how he had taken the gun from Margaret. She at first refused but then agreed to hand it over.

Bo talks to Nora about Hanukah coming up and about getting Matthew some presents.

Paige watches through the window at Bo, who talks to Nora. Michael comes up and asks if she has a moment. He discusses with her about his internship. She tells him that she will approve his application, but he needs to not get too involved with Spencer. Paige promises not to reject his application.

Spencer looks at the picture of Blair and mumbles to himself that he did this for her.

The officer drags the doll over to him. He picks it up. He discusses with Todd what he had done to Margaret. He throws the doll back at Todd as he leaves. Todd remembers his conversation with Margaret. He angrily throws the doll against the cell wall.

Mr. Weston wants fear out of Nash. He reminds Nash of what he had done to Claudia. He reveals to Nash what he had done to some of his winery equipment. Nash lunges at him. Weston’s men catch hold of him and hold him around the neck. One man holds him while the other man beats him. Weston makes sure that his daughter is Nash’s last victim.

Viki talks to Tess about what she had done for Jessica when they were small. Viki tells her that she loves her, but she doesn’t want her in control. Viki points out to her that the pain is still with her, and she needs help. Tess agrees to tell her what had happened.

Tess begins the hypnosis, but soon bails out. Dr. Fox wants to know what is stopping her from remembering. Dr. Fox wants to talk to Jessica, but Tess refuses to let Jessica gain control.

Spencer is in his office. Michael visits. He asks Spencer about his application. Spencer tells him that the internship is his if he wants it. Michael thanks him. Blair pokes her head in the door. Michael leaves to make some phone calls.

Spencer questions Blair as to what has happened. Blair tells him that she needs his help. Blair fills him in on the new evidence that Todd had presented. Blair asks for Spencer’s help. Spencer is reluctant to help, since it won’t change the autopsy results. Blair tells him that they need to find the person who would profit more from Margaret’s death.

Bo talks to Nora about the present that he has purchased for Matthew for his first day of Hanukah. He promises her that her son is going to be fine.

Blair takes Spencer up on his offer to testify for Todd. Spencer informs her that he has to go on rounds. Blair appreciates what he has told her. She leaves.

Tess has a conversation with Clint. He forbids her to leave the house. She sits down on the sofa to wait for Nash.

Weston and his men leave Nash bruised and bleeding on the floor.

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