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The psychiatrist has Niki hypnotized. Niki agrees to spill the beans, but first he has to do something for her. Niki makes him promise that once she tells all that she won’t disappear like times before. Clint and Antonio is all against the idea of this, but Jessica convinces them to let Niki have her way. Antonio and Clint agrees to do as Niki asks. The hypnosis resumes.

Llanview Hospital

Spencer is on the phone making dinner reservations for New Years Eve. Paige overhears and comes into Spencer’s office. She wants to know who the unlucky lady is.

Llanview Police Department

Todd and Blair discuss the newspaper article about Margaret being an excellent swimmer. Blair wonders who could be framing Todd for Margaret’s murder.

Llanview Hospital

Rex comes into Bo’s room. Bo asks him to cover for him with Paige. Rex tells him that he is ready to get back on the job, too, but Bo doesn’t want to discuss that .Rex brings up the Todd Manning case, but Bo has other things to take care of .Natalie enters Bo’s room. Rex immediately wants to know how she is. Natalie tells him that nothing is fine, and never will be fine again.

Susquehanna Prison

Chris has a visit from John. Chris wants to know what he could want. John informs him that Evangeline is going to take his case before the state Supreme Court, and he is going to testify for him. Chris tells him that he doesn’t need his help. John tells him that he needs his help.

Brennan Winery

Nash has a visit from Bruce. Bruce wants to know where Tess. Nash refuses to talk about her to him. Bruce makes some crude remarks about Tess in which Nash tells him to shut up. Bruce informs Nash that he has run into a little bump concerning the Westons. The Westons are in need of more money than Nash had given them to make them forget what Nash had done to their daughter. Bruce explains that Mr. Weston wants to make him suffer.

Niki reveals her plan. After she reveals what she knows about Jessica and Tess then the doctor won’t try to have her eliminated again. The doctor wants to know why that Niki is scared. Niki denies being scared, and tells the doctor to ask his questions. Niki begins to relive the time when she had taken Jessica to a bar with her, and Jessica was up roaming around .

Spencer tells Paige that it is none of her business what he does or who he goes out with. They discuss Bo, and the surgery that Spencer had performed on him. Paige reminds him that she is getting tired of using her job to do his dirty work. Spencer informs her that she will do his bidding as long as she wants a future with Bo and Matthew. Paige wishes she had never met him, and she can’t live with these secrets. Spencer remembers hiring someone to find Margaret before Todd did. Spencer tells Paige that everyone has secrets.

Blair and Todd discuss who could be framing him, and he thinks that it is Margaret. He explains to her in detail how Margaret could be framing him. They discuss Margaret’s plan. Blair brings up the results of the autopsy. Todd wants another autopsy done, but Blair refuses by telling him that it would yield the same results. Blair begins to feel that he may be right. She tells him that Margaret cannot agree with his story because she is dead .

Spencer gets up from his desk with a file in his hand. He informs Paige that he has a counsel. He questions her as to what she had wanted. Paige brings up the surgery that he had done on Kelly and Bo. Paige remembers that Spencer had said that there would be a price for saving Bo. Paige asks him if he is ever going to forget this vendetta that he has against the Buchanans.

Bo tells Rex that it is alright that Natalie is upset. Bo tells her to sit down as Rex leaves, and shuts the door. Natalie tells him that he has his own problems. Bo convinces her to tell him what is wrong.

Rex runs into Adriana out in the hall, and he wonders what she is doing there. She tells him that she is there to pick up a prescription for Kelly. Rex tries to get her to talk to him, but at first she refuses. She starts to leave, but he takes hold of her arm. She explains to Rex that she had wanted to see Christian, but the guards at Susquehanna had refused. He tells her that he will see what he can do.

Bo and Natalie discuss Chris, and the secret that he had kept from her .Natalie also mentions that John had known, and wouldn’t tell her .Natalie confesses that she doesn’t know what to do. Bo assures her that none of this was her fault. He also tells her that if she ever needed a shoulder to cry on, she knew where he was. He suggests that she let her heart make the decision. She tells him that maybe she had. She gets up to leave. Rex tries to talk to her as she comes out of the room, but she tells him later. She leaves. Rex resumes his conversation with Adriana about Christian.

John and Christian discuss Natalie, and what she is going through. They discuss the secret that both men had kept from Natalie. John confides to him that Natalie hates both men now. John tells him that he is backing off from Natalie, and giving her time to heal, and Christian needs to do the same.

Chris tells him that he is still Natalie’s husband. John confides to him that Natalie is not ready to make any decisions.

Nash and Bruce discussing Nash’s selling the winery. Nash has second thoughts about selling it, since this was his, and Tess’ dream. Bruce sees Tess’ picture. They discuss Tess. Nash confides to Bruce that he doesn’t have the money that the Westons want.

Niki relives the night that she had taken Jessica to the bar. Jessica begins to remember the night, and the man that she had met at the bar. She faints.

Nash agrees to sell the winery. He knows that there will be other dreams. Nash gives him two weeks to get the money.

Jessica comes too. They all want to know what had happened. The doctor brings Niki out, but it is Viki, who emerges. Clint is relieved to see Viki back, but is angry with her for endangering her life in this way. She immediately wants to know how Jessica is. Jessica is happy to see her back .Viki wants to know how long Niki had been out. Clint fills her in on all the details. Viki suggests that she be hypnotized again, but everyone refuses. Jessica suggests that she be hypnotized instead. Everyone disagrees, but in the end, Jessica wins the argument.

Spencer tells Paige that as long as she does what he says then Bo will remain safe .She tells him that he will pay for what he does to people. She leaves. He remembers when he found out that Margaret had been found .

Blair and Todd still discuss Spencer, and how against Todd is of Blair seeing him. Blair suggests that they try to figure out a way to get him out of here.

Nash places an ad in the newspaper to sell the winery. After hanging up, he remembers his conversation with Antonio.

Antonio and Jessica discuss letting Tess out again. Antonio is against the idea. Jessica notifies them all that it is not their decision. Jessica asks for Dr. Fox’s help. He agrees. Jessica asks for support from her family.

Rex talks to Bo on behalf of Adriana. Bo agrees to make the call. Rex leaves to give Adriana the news. Adriana is so happy that she hugs Rex. She makes him understand that this doesn’t change anything .

John tells Christian to do what is best for Natalie .Christian assures him that he always does. John leaves.

Christian talks to the guard. The guard lets him know that he had read the article about him, and he wished him good luck. The phone rings. The guard tells him that he has another visitor. It is Natalie. Natalie informs him that she wants a divorce. Christian thinks that she wants the divorce to be with John, but Natalie informs him that she wants to be her own person. She orders him to sign the divorce papers. She leaves.

Bo is lying in bed, working. Paige stands in the doorway, and watches him. She tells him that he is so busted. She suggests that they go away for awhile. Bo refuses to take Matthew away from Nora when she needs him. Paige understands. John knocks on the door. He visits with Bo for a few minutes. They discuss work, and of course, Natalie .

Dr. Fox hypnotizes Jessica. He asks to talk to Tess. Tess emerges. She calls for Nash.

Nash wakes up, and calls for Tess.

Blair tells Todd that she believes him. They kiss before she leaves.

Spencer remembers when he had seen Margaret in the alley.

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