OLTL Update Wednesday 12/14/05

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/14/05


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Llanfair study

Jessica holds up a Christmas ornament and looks at it. She puts it back down into the box. Antonio comes up behind her and hugs her. Jessica tells him that when she closes her eyes she can almost think that everything is all right. Clint and Niki come into the study. Niki wants to know where Nash is.

Brennan Winery

Nash arrives home. He looks around, and seems to hear Tess’s laughter. He sits down on the bed and looks at the picture of Jessica that Clint had given him.

Llanfair cottage

Kevin and Kelly are all snuggled up together on the sofa. Kelly wakes up and wonders how long Kevin has been awake. Kevin tells her that he had just been watching her breathe. Kelly knows that he wants her up to make the coffee, because he is a poor hand at making coffee. They both get up off the sofa. Kevin begins to nuzzle Kelly’s ear. Then they kiss.

Llanview Hospital

David visits Spencer in his office. Spencer notices how bad he looks and offers him an espresso. David informs him that he doesn’t need coffee. David demands some updates. Spencer mentions again about David coming over to his side, which David refuses again. David mentions Blair, and Spencer’s interest in her. Spencer informs him that he is waiting for her now.

Blair brings Starr and Jack downstairs, with her hands over their eyes. When she gets them downstairs, she uncovers their eyes so that they can see the Christmas tree that she had been working on all morning. Jack is excited, but Starr, on the other hand, goes ballistic. She tells Blair that nothing is perfect, and nothing ever will be as long as their daddy isn’t there. Starr informs them that she wants her daddy.

Llanview Police Department

Todd paces back and forth in his cell. A guard escorts Rex to Todd’s cell. Under his arm, he has an attachˇ which contains old newspaper articles about Margaret Cochran. He tells Todd to say "ho ho" because he may just be going home for Christmas. Todd is puzzled.


Niki goes to get a donut off the tray, but Clint stops her and makes her put it back. Jessica questions her father as to why he had let Niki out of her room. Niki explains to them that she doesn’t remember anything about the past. Clint tells them that they need to talk about the session with the psychiatrist that Dr. Jamison had recommended. Jessica suggests that they hypnotize her and let Tess out. Antonio and Clint are both against letting Tess out. Clint tells them that Niki is going to be the one to be hypnotized. Niki refuses to be hypnotized and starts back upstairs. Clint goes after her. Jessica and Antonio just look at each other.

Rex sits down in a chair outside of Todd’s cell. He takes a newspaper clipping out of his attachˇ and reads it to Todd. Todd takes the newspaper from Rex. Todd remembers his conversation with Margaret, when she had told him that she couldn’t swim. Todd then confesses to Rex that he had planned to kill Margaret and her unborn child. Rex becomes upset at the thought that Todd would kill an unborn child, and he starts to leave.

Blair and Jack try to pick up the tree that had fallen to the floor. Starr goes ballistic once again and tells them that the tree and the entire family are cursed. Blair tries to talk to her about things being all right, but Starr won’t have any of it. Starr explains to them that they can’t have a real Christmas without Todd being there. Starr runs back upstairs. Jack questions Blair as to whether the family and tree are cursed.

David mentions to Spencer that Blair seems to be always on his mind. Spencer explains to David that Blair leans on him more and more, and she may be opening herself up to possibilities with him. They discuss Todd being in jail. David then asks him if he will leave him and Paige alone if he gets Blair. Spencer, after some thought, tells him no. David is surprised .

Kelly and Kevin continue to kiss. Kevin wants to take it further, but Kelly tells him that they have to wait. Kevin hugs her and tells her that he just wants to hold her. There is a knock on the door. Kevin yells for whomever it is to go away. Kevin answers the door. A man stands there and tells Kevin that he has been served. Kelly wonders what this is all about. Kevin informs her that he has been served with a subpoena to testify in Todd’s case.

Todd tells Rex to wait. He pays Rex for the favor that he did for him, but Rex refuses the money. Todd wants to try to explain everything to Rex about what had happened with Margaret. Todd tells him that he needs his help to keep someone from destroying his family.

David calls Spence arrogant. David reminds him that he is his brother. David asks him if he had ever had any good thoughts about him. Spencer doesn’t say anything. David tells him that he had failed him as a brother. David leaves when he sees that Spencer is speechless.

The phone rings. Spencer answers it. It is Blair, and she sounds upset. Blair tells him that her family is barely holding it together. Blair explains everything to him that had happened about the tree. She also explains to him that Starr had said that the tree was cursed. Both children were too upset to go to school. Blair tells him that she had gotten a message from Todd, and he wanted to see her. Spencer asks her when she needs him there.

Clint comes back into the study. Jessica confronts him about wanting to be hypnotized. Clint and Antonio both say no. The phone rings. Jessica answers it. Nash calls her Tess.

Kevin and Kelly look over the document that was just served to Kevin. They discuss Todd and Blair. Kevin tells her what had happened the night that they had seen Todd and Margaret in the motel. Kevin feels that if he hadn’t intervened, Todd would have killed Margaret that night.

Rex agrees to help Todd. Todd explains that he wants out to save his family.

Blair hurries downstairs. When she opens the door, she sees Spencer standing there with a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. She calls Spencer sweet and kisses him. Both are surprised by the kiss.

Blair and Spencer set up the Christmas tree. Spence wonders what she had done with the other tree. Blair informs him that she had donated it to the hospital. They share a laugh. Blair lets him know how much she appreciates what he did. Spence tells her that he is just glad to be there. Blair thanks him for watching the children, when she should have called Dorian or even Kelly. Blair reminds him of the argument that she had had with Kelly. Spencer orders her to go see Todd. She starts to leave as Jack and Starr come downstairs. Starr wants to know what is going on.

Todd and Rex discuss the fact that someone is going after Blair who is even more dangerous than Margaret. Todd knows that he needs to get out of there in order to help his family. They discuss Margaret and what had happened the last night they had seen each other.

Kelly and Kevin discuss the subpoena papers that he has just received. Kevin feels sorry for Blair and the children, but he points out that he and Kelly deserve some happiness. Kelly can’t wait to be married and to have a child. The doorbell rings. It’s David. Kevin invites him in. David feels bad about what had happened to Kevin’s car the day before. Kevin goes upstairs to take a shower while Kelly and David talk.

David is happy about her surgery. They discuss Spencer and his doing the procedure on her. Kelly shows him her engagement ring and says that she is going to marry Kevin. David is happy, but also sad that he and Dorian aren’t together.

Jessica is on the phone with Nash. The alarm goes off outside. Clint and Antonio hurry to the front door. They meet the psychiatrist, who tells them that Niki is on the roof. Clint and Antonio hurry outside.

Nash talks to Jessica. He wants to know if everything is okay. Jessica assures him that everything is fine. Nash tells her that he is sorry to bother her. Jessica tells him that she has got to go.

Clint brings Niki into the study. She is introduced to the psychiatrist. She again refuses to be hypnotized. She declares that she has nothing to say. Jessica tries to talk her into being hypnotized. Niki finally agrees to help her.

Jack and Blair think the tree that Spencer had brought is beautiful. Blair fills Starr in that Todd wants to see her, and that it is important. Starr wants to go, but Blair sends her upstairs to get more ornaments for the tree. Blair leaves.

Nash brings in firewood. He has memories of when he and Tess were together.

Niki begins the hypnosis. Niki is asked about Tess, and why Jessica had created her .

Kevin fills David in that he had been subpoenaed to testify against Todd in his trial.

Spencer admires the tree. He then looks out the window. He walks over to the mantel and picks up a picture of the Manning family. The doorbell rings, and Spencer thinks that it is the babysitter.

Rex gathers up all his information and starts to leave. He tells Todd that he will notify Evangeline of his findings. Blair comes in. She wonders what Rex is doing there. Rex leaves. Todd fills her in that he has proof that he is being framed for Margaret’s murder.

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