OLTL Update Tuesday 12/13/05

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/13/05


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Llanview Police Department

Todd has a visit from Rex. Rex compliments the officer on his body building. Todd notices how well Rex gets along with the officers and says he might use them when he gets out. Rex corrects him and tells him, if he gets out. Todd asks Rex for his help.


Spencer visits the gravesites of Margaret and her unborn child. Blair comes up and asks why he is there. Spencer tells her that she knows why. Blair comments that she thought seeing Margaret’s grave could give her some kind of closure, but it didn’t. Spencer offers to take her home, but Blair insists on staying. A woman and man walk up. The woman holds out her hand and introduces herself as Evelyn Foley (Margaret’s sister and Ginger’s mother). Blair is more than a little surprised.


David says something in French and then orders another drink. The bartender doesn’t want to give him another drink. David insists that he drinks to forget. He remembers his conversation with Asa, and also the conversation with Spencer. Dorian comes in. A waitress shows her to a table. She sits down in the booth as she watches David. David turns around and sees Dorian sitting there.

Llanfair cottage house

Kevin brings Kelly home. He promises to wait on her hand and foot. She is impressed. She then wants him to go to Capricorn and get her some spaghetti carbonara and all the trimmings. She tells him to go and have a talk with his father before he comes home.

Jessica tells Clint to at least think about including Niki in the hypnosis with Dr. Jamison. Clint refuses to go along with this. The doorbell rings. It’s Antonio. Jessica is glad to see him. She asks him what is wrong. Antonio fills her in that Cristian is alive.

A guard stands outside Cristian’s door. Natalie assures him that this will be quick. She goes inside to see Cristian. As she enters the room they just look at one another.

Jessica leads Antonio into the study. Jessica can’t believe that Cristian is alive. She asks Antonio if he has seen him. Jessica then wants to know if Natalie knows, and why she hadn’t told her about it.

Clint explains to Nash about the situation between Cristian, Natalie and Antonio. Clint goes on to explain that he knows that things are hard on Nash concerning this Niki/Tess situation. Nash starts to get a piece of pizza from the box, but Clint closes the lid on his hand. They discuss Jessica bringing Tess out to talk to Niki. Kevin comes in and overhears that Niki is out again.

Kelly throws away the birth-control pills in her purse. She picks up the newspaper and sees the article about Ginger’s funeral services. She feels so sorry for Blair.

Spencer introduces himself to Mrs. Foley. He explains to her what had happened to Ginger, and how she had died. Mrs. Foley thanks him for his help. Mrs. Foley asks Blair who she is and how she knew Margaret and Ginger. Blair introduces herself. The preacher comes up and wishes to talk to Mrs. Foley about the service.

Blair tells Spencer that she had wished for so long that Margaret would die.

Duke introduces himself to Mrs. Foley. He tells her how much he had liked Ginger. The minister approaches and wants to talk to Mrs. Foley.

Adriana approaches Duke. She offers him moral support. Duke fills her in that he had talked to Mrs. Foley about Ginger. He hugs her.

Todd tells Rex that he doesn’t know the whole story about Margaret, and he asks what had happened. Todd tries to explain that he hadn’t killed Margaret, but Rex refuses to listen. Todd tells Rex that he needs information. Rex tells Todd that he is on his way to the funeral of a baby that he fathered. Rex refuses to help him, and he leaves.

Natalie tells Cristian that she wants to ask him some questions. Natalie wants to know why he had wanted her to believe that he was dead. Cristian tells her that he just wanted to do what was best for her. Natalie asks him which one she was good for.

Duke and Adriana discuss all that she had put him through. They discuss Spencer, and him operating on Ginger. Adriana tells him that she had acted like a real brat through all this. Adriana wants to try again. Duke agrees.

Blair and Spencer discuss Margaret, and what she had done to them. Blair also brings up her mother. Kelly comes up and tells Blair to go ahead and tell him that it was her fault.

Kevin confronts Clint about Viki being Niki again. Nash gets a call. Clint tells him to take it outside. Nash leaves. Kevin and Clint discuss Bo, and what he has been going through. Kevin asks him Joey knows.

Nash asks about the fire and how bad it was. Nash explains to him that he can’t come now, and he doesn’t know when he can come. Antonio comes up and wants to know what is wrong.

Cristian explains to Natalie all about Carlo, and how he had brainwashed him. Natalie tells him to go on. He goes on to explain everything to her. He comes over and kneels down in front of her. He tells her that he had loved her too much to put her through seeing him behind bars. He also explains to her that he had made John promise that he would not tell her anything.

David sits alone at the bar. Kevin comes up to pick up what he had ordered. David tells him that Asa isn’t there. Kevin tells him that he doesn’t care what he thinks. David tells Kevin that he is lucky to have Kelly. Kevin lays some money on the counter to pay for a cab for David to go home. David mentions the tip. Kevin starts to leave. Dorian steps in front of Kevin. She wants to know how David is. Kevin insists that he has to get back to Kelly, since she had had the procedure done today by Dr. Spencer. Dorian is furious that he would agree to let Dr. Spencer even touch Kelly. Dorian insists that they aren’t even married yet.

Blair tells Kelly that this isn’t the time or the place. Spencer tells her that she should be at home resting. Kelly tells them that she had seen the article in the newspaper and wanted to pay her respects. The funeral begins. Duke reaches out to hold Adriana’s hand. Rex comes up behind them and sees them holding hands.

Clint and Jessica discuss Niki and her being included in Jessica's hypnosis. Jessica points out that there has been a difference in Niki this time. Clint, on the other hand, has not noticed any difference.

Antonio and Nash discuss the vineyard. Nash sees through Antonio’s concern and refuses to fall for his line. Antonio insists that he wants to help him get back his vineyard. Nash is confused.

Cristian knows that Natalie is hurt and confused about what he and John had done to her. He tries his best to explain that she was always on his mind and how he had had dreams about her. Natalie insists that she should have been given a choice. She wants to know what had changed his mind about his little plan. Cris tells her that it was Evangeline’s idea. Cris points out that John Doe is dead, but Cristian Vega is very much alive. He kisses her.

Dorian and Kevin discuss the procedure that Spencer had done on Kelly. Kevin insists that he has to go.

Dorian goes over to join David. She demands to know what he had said to Kevin. David informs her that he had just pointed out the Buchanan flaws. She orders him to stay out of it. She also orders him to get a cab and go home, because he is smashed. She tells him matter-of-factly that she is not feeling sorry for him, because he had asked for what had happened to him. She leaves.

The minister finishes the service.

Duke talks to Mrs. Foley about Ginger, and how she had made friends in this town. Mrs. Foley is grateful that her daughter was happy.

Adriana and Rex both want to know what the other is doing there. Adriana looks at Duke, who talks to Mrs. Foley. Rex wants to continue with their earlier line of conversation, but Adriana refuses. Rex mentions his relationship with Jen. He confesses that he wants to be the man in her life. She insists to Rex that what he is feeling for her isn’t real. Adriana also tells him that what she feels for Duke is real. She tells him that she is not the right girl for him. She goes to join Duke, and they hug.

Blair tells Kelly that she is so tired of the past. Kelly gets up to leave. Spencer sits down beside Blair.

Rex talks to Mrs. Foley about Ginger, and how much he liked her. They also discuss Margaret. Mrs. Foley lets it slip that Margaret had known how to swim, and she had even taught Ginger how to swim. Rex is surprised.

Natalie pulls away from Cris. She insists that he should have leveled with her. He says again that he is not dead. She tells him that what she had with Cristian is dead—just as dead as she feels inside. She leaves.

Nash refuses help from Antonio with his vineyard. Nash vows that he may have to leave to take care of this, but he will be back to get Tess.

Clint and Jessica vow that they will get through this. Clint tells her that he loves her. Jessica also loves him. Antonio comes into the study. Jessica wants to know where Nash is. Antonio tells them that Nash is leaving, but he will be back. Clint is relieved that Nash will be back to help sort this all out.

Kevin is on the phone. He wonders where Kelly could have gone. She comes in. He is relieved that she is back. She fills him in that she had gone to the funeral for Margaret, the baby, and Ginger. Kevin fills her in that Niki is back. Kevin asks her to marry him. She accepts, as long as this is the last time. He tells her that he loves her.

Mrs. Foley comes up behind Blair and tells her that she remembers her. She begins to rant and rave over the things that she thinks that Blair had done to Margaret. Mrs. Foley insists that Todd hadn’t given Margaret’s baby a chance. She leaves.

Adriana hopes that Rex finds what he is looking for.

Rex visits Todd again in jail. Rex offers his help to Todd. He tells Todd that he had just found out something about Margaret. Rex tells him that he had had a talk with Mrs. Foley, and she had told him that Margaret could swim, and had trophies to prove it. Todd wonders what else Margaret was lying about.

Blair leaves the cemetery. Spence remains.

Dorian watches David drink, and then gets up to leave.

Kelly places an ornament on the tree. Kevin gives her a ring. They kiss.

Clint and Antonio leave the study. Jessica is starting to close the door to the study when she sees Nash outside the patio doors. He waves. She waves back.

Natalie watches as the guard leads Cristian away in handcuffs.

The minister talks to Spencer at the cemetery. He wants to know if he had known Margaret well. Spencer relates to him that they had gone through a lot together.

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