OLTL Update Monday 12/12/05

One Life to Live Update Monday 12/12/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Angie

Angel Square Diner

Antonio visits Carlotta. They discuss how good it is that Cristian is alive, and what it will be like when he and Natalie get back together. R.J. comes into the diner. Carlotta sees him and informs Antonio that not even R.J. could ruin her day. She smiles.

Antonio and R.J. sit down in a booth. R.J. wants to know if Antonio has talked to the feds. Antonio has been too busy with Jessica to talk to the feds. R.J. confronts him, saying that he has been too busy to raise his daughter’s child, and now he is too busy to talk to the feds. R.J. threatens that if he doesn’t get the charges against him dropped then the whole world will know about Viki and Jessica and their alter egos.


Niki orders a large pizza and gives the man the directions to the house. She asks him how much and is surprised at the cost. She orders him to make it snappy.

Jessica looks at a picture on the mantel. She sets it back and then walks over to the desk. Clint comes in and tells her that he had talked to Dr. Jamison, and he is on his way. Jessica asks him if they are going to include Niki in all this with Dr. Jamison. Clint informs her that no, he is going to leave her locked up in her room. The doorbell rings. It is a man who claims that he is Niki’s lawyer, and he is there to see his client. Clint wants to know how she had met him. The man informs them that Niki had called him. Clint and Jessica both wonder where she had gotten a phone. Clint tells Jessica to stay there as he rushes upstairs.

Mr. Stokes asks Jessica if she is Niki’s daugter. Jessica tells him kind of. He informs her that he knows what is going on, and he is going to have them put in jail and his client released.

Niki is on the phone. She asks the man what he is wearing. Clint rushes in and takes the phone away from her. Niki laughs and makes light of Jessica losing her phone. Clint is surprised to learn that Jessica had been to see her. Clint informs her that her lawyer is downstairs. Niki tells him that her lawyer will have her out of there, even if he has to go to the police. Clint is surprised.

Llanview Hospital

Spencer and Paige are in the room with Bo. Spencer makes a remark about Paige being in the operating room with him just to make sure that he didn’t let Bo die. Paige tells him to excuse her if she didn’t have a sense of humor about it. Spencer apologizes for his remarks. Bo wonders what he is missing. Spencer tells him that he wants to talk about a death.

Llanview Police Department

John and Natalie discuss her life, and the secrets that he has been keeping from her. She walks over and asks two other police officers how long they had known that her husband was alive. They stuff donuts into their mouths and don’t say anything. John tells her not to do this. Natalie asks him how long he would have kept this secret from her if he hadn’t gotten Carlo’s confession.

David talks to Asa about Spencer. Asa is not interested. David informs him that he could tell him something specific. David informs him that he can tell him what Spencer has already been up to.

Rex talks to Nash at the bar. Nash informs him that bed rest and fluids can’t cure him. They discuss the women in their lives, and how they can’t seem to reach them because of extenuating circumstances. Nash orders another round of drinks for his new-found friend. Rex makes the connection between Nash and Tess. Rex introduces himself, and Nash follows suit. Rex wonders how come Nash is at Antonio’s club. Nash is hoping to run into Antonio to talk to him. Nash fills him in that Antonio is keeping him away from Jessica’Tess.

Antonio and R.J. discuss Jessica and her alter ego. R.J. reminds him how he had lied to the court about Layla being his girlfriend, and he calls Jessica a lunatic. Antonio stops him from calling Jessica a lunatic. Antonio reminds him of how he had thought that they had had a deal.

Jessica informs the lawyer that he doesn’t understand about Niki, but the lawyer won’t have any of it. He starts up the stairs to see Niki. Jessica tries to stop him, but he pushes by her.

Clint reminds Niki of how she had pushed Ben out of a window, but he had survived. Niki threatens to go over Bo’s head to get released from Clint’s custody. The lawyer barges into the room. Jessica informs Clint that she had tried to stop him. Massive chaos breaks out, and Clint makes Jessica go back downstairs. An argument erupts between Clint, Niki, and the lawyer. After the lawyer finally introduces himself, Niki remembers him. The lawyer demands that Niki be released. The argument still goes on between Clint, Mr. Stokes, and Niki. Niki explains to Mr. Stokes that she is an alter, but she insists on staying and not letting Viki gain control again. Niki insists on her day in court. Clint gives her a letter to read that was written by Viki the last time Niki had gained control. It states that Niki would be committed if she gained control again.

John and Natalie go into Bo’s office. They discuss their relationship. They discuss Cristian, and how John had kept it from her that he was alive. John tries to explain to her that it was all Cristian’s idea to keep the secret from her. Natalie doesn’t believe him. Natalie tells him that that was where he made his mistake—when he went to Cristian instead of coming to her.

Spencer explains to Bo about how Ginger Foley had died and explains that when he had lost her in his operating room, Paige naturally became more than a little worried when he was going to do the surgery on Bo. Spencer apologizes to Paige for worrying her. Bo wants out, but Paige informs him that it is a little too early to discuss that now. Spencer leaves. Paige follows him out. Spencer reminds her of the man that died because of her and David.

Asa wants to know how much it will cost to get David to release information on Spencer. David informs him it will cost nothing, but he does want a favor. David wants him to talk to Dorian for him so that they will get back together. Asa refuses. David explains to him that Spencer had made him leave Dorian at the altar.

Nash and Rex discuss Adriana. Nash gives him the advice to fight for Adriana. Nash finishes his drink, tells Rex he is glad to meet him, and leaves.

Jessica gets a call from Dr. Jamison’s office notifying her that he was called out of town on an emergency. Jessica tells them that they would reschedule the appointment. The doorbell rings, and it is Nash. Nash tells her that he just can’t stay away.

Antonio and R.J. discuss Jaime and her well-being. They discuss Jessica and her alter. Antonio promises to talk to the feds for R.J. R.J. tells him that he will await his call. R.J. leaves. Antonio joins Carlotta. Carlotta wonders what is going on. He informs her there are no worries. Carlotta hopes so. Carlotta tells him that she is hopeful for her family’s happiness. They discuss Natalie, and how they hope that she will leave John.

John and Natalie argue over his lying to her about Cristian. John confesses to her that he had wanted to tell her so many times, but he had backed out. Natalie asks him if he wants her forgiveness. Natalie tells him that he will never have her forgiveness. She also informs him that she will not quit her job there. She will keep her job, and that way every morning when he comes in to work he will have to live with what he had done to her. She vows never to forgive him. She leaves him alone in the office.

Mr. Stokes and Clint come downstairs. Mr. Stokes tells Clint that he will not abandon Niki, and he will be back. He leaves. Nash stands in the doorway, watching the goings-on. Clint demands to know what he is doing there. Nash informs him that he only wanted to know how Jessica is. Jessica assures him that she is fine, but she wants to know what was going on upstairs. Jessica wants to know how Niki had gotten her hands on a cell phone. Clint holds up her cell phone. Jessica apologizes for letting Niki get the phone. Jessica wants to include Niki in her session with Dr. Jamison, but Clint refuses.

Asa refuses to help David get Dorian back. Asa doesn’t like Dorian very much, but even she deserves better than David. Asa leaves. Spencer sits down opposite David. Spencer demands to know what David had told Asa. David denies telling Asa anything about him. Spencer asks David to team up with him.

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