OLTL Update Friday 12/9/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 12/9/05


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Dorian visits Todd in jail at his request. She is intrigued by his calling her. He warns to warn her about someone who is more dangerous to Blair than he is: Spencer. He fills Dorian in on Spencer's visit. He thinks Spencer will pretend to be on Todd's side and then go on the stand and agree with the medical examiner's report (turning against Todd). They discuss how this will affect Todd's case and how Spencer is using this to get Blair. Dorian agrees that Spencer has been supportive of Blair, but she tells Todd that they both share disdain for Spencer. Todd hopes that Dorian will help him, then. She says that Blair won't listen to her when she warns her against Spencer. Blair thinks that Spencer is just a friend and has no ulterior motives. Todd and Dorian agree that Blair is being naive. Dorian already knows Blair is blind when it comes to Todd, whom she calls a "conniving snake". Todd points out that they both love Blair, and Dorian agrees. Todd is surprised that Dorian already dislikes Spencer, since she used to think he was great. She says that while Todd's been avoiding the law, Dorian has learned what Spencer is really like. Todd calls him a devil, but Dorian adds that Spencer is a murderer, surprising Todd. He wonders who he killed. Dorian tells Todd that she thinks Spencer is responsible for Ginger's death, even if he didn't actually kill her. Todd is surprised to hear that Ginger is dead and wonders what Spencer and Ginger were arguing about. He wants Dorian to help find out more about Spencer so they can convince Blair to keep her distance. Dorian wonders why she should help him, so he asks her what she wants. She just wants Blair to be safe and happy. She points out that Todd is incarcerated and that's fine with her. She plans to take care of Spencer without Todd. Todd says ok and asks what she will do. Dorian says it's not hard to get allies against a man with so many enemies. Todd furrows his brow, wondering who she means, as she walks out.

David arrives at the hospital to see Spencer. David looks disheveled, which Spencer notes. They trade insults, as usual. David is in a bad mood because of having to sleep in uncomfortable places and having his marriage ruined. Spencer continues to threaten David, but David is concerned about Kelly getting hurt. Spencer wants David to "take care of Kevin" or else. Kelly and Kevin arrive, excited about her surgery. Kelly thanks Kevin for being there, and they kiss. Spencer tells Kevin that he has to wait out there and it should only take an hour. Spencer assures Kevin that the risks to Kelly are very minimal. Kevin knows that Spencer took care of Bo, so he knows Kelly is in good hands. Spencer is glad to hear it and talks about how well Bo is doing. He looks pointedly at David as he says that he intends to have a nice, long chat with Bo. He pours on the charm as he talks to Kevin, then he goes to leave. Kevin tells Spencer to take care of his girl. Spencer assures him that he knows exactly what he's doing. David looks worried as Spencer leaves.

Spencer prepares Kelly for her procedure; she is nervous. Spencer introduces her to her anesthesiologist and reassures her. Kelly is happy to hear that she should be able to have a baby after the operation. Later, the nurse informs Spencer that Kelly's blood pressure has dropped very low, but he is unconcerned. Later, Spencer finishes the operation and says Kelly should be coming out of the anesthesia soon.

Meanwhile, David asks Kevin if he really thinks this operation is a good idea. Kevin wonders why David cares, so David says he cares about Kelly, who is a "special friend". David awkwardly tries to do what Spencer wants, but it doesn't come out right, so he suddenly tells Kevin that he shouldn't let Kelly do this. David tries to argue without revealing his hand, so he points out that their baby will be a Buchanan, and Dorian will object. Kevin says he can handle her. David gives up and says he will speak to Spencer later. Kevin is left wondering what that was all about.

Cristian rests in his bed at the clinic. He awakens and remembers the handcuffs that keep him in the bed. Evangeline arrives, wondering how he's doing. She seems to be in a good mood but notices that he is annoyed about the handcuffs. He wonders if he will be free soon. Evangeline goes to arrange Cristian's appeal hearing for today and then comes back, telling Cristian that she had to pull a lot of strings. She is confident that they have the DA on their side and so things will go well. Cris wants to know his odds, but she can only tell him, "Good". He thanks her, but she tells him that he should thank John because he is the one who got Carlo to confess. She talks admiringly about John and what he sacrificed, so Cris asks her if she still loves him. Evangeline objects to his question. He wonders if she is representing him because of other facts. She assures him that she is doing it because it's the right thing to do. He wonders if she will be rooting for him to reconcile with Natalie. He asks her to be honest with him like he has with her and asks her if she wants another chance with John. Evangeline refuses to answer his question. She assures him that she will do whatever she can for him. She says maybe after the hearing, they can be friends then. He accepts that. She points out that a lot of people are mad at him for his lying about who he was. He is grateful to her for bringing him hope. She leaves to get ready for court. Cristian, who is still in cuffs but no longer cuffed to the bed, walks around the room. The guard brings in his mom, Carlotta. She looks at him with tears in her eyes, wondering if it's really him. He tells her that it's him. She touches his face gently, speaking in Spanish, grateful to have her son back. Carlota blows her nose and says she didn't think she had any tears left after he died. He tells her that he's really sorry for putting her through that. She understands and can't be angry at him. Antonio told her that he was just trying to protect them. He didn't think she could live with the fact that her son was a murderer. He wonders if she can forgive him because it was his hand that pulled the plug. She forgives him and says that God will forgive him, too. She hopes he can forgive him for the mean things she said last time she saw him. He knows that she thought she was talking to the imposter. She says she saw something in his eyes but thought it was only her heart deceiving her. She declares that they can put it all behind them. She mentions Natalie, so he tells her that things have changed with Natalie.

Hugh is surprised to see John back at the police station so soon after what happened at the prison. He thought John would have paid leave. John points out that someone needs to keep the place running, since Bo is in the hospital. Hugh guesses there is a lot to do after something like that. John looks at Natalie's namecard on her desk and says, "More than you might imagine". Hugh tells John that they have an airtight case against Todd. John wonders if there is ever such a thing as an airtight case. John asks Hugh if he's seen Natalie. Hugh tells him that Natalie resigned, which shocks John. Hugh thinks it's because Natalie is shaken up after her ordeal at the prison.

Natalie meets up with Rex at the diner. Rex picks her up and swings her around, excited to see her. He is so relieved to see her and tells her how scared he was for her. She cracks a joke about being taken hostage at Statesville. He wonders how she is, and she answers that she's fine, but he can tell she is not doing so well emotionally. She admits that she doesn't know how she will recover from Cristian and John's lies. They sit down and discuss her dilemma. He is amazed that she told John and Cris that she hates them both. He rattles on about how she should make them have a duel, but then she gets a painful look on her face and tells him to shut up, so he does. She tells him how much the two men hurt her by lying to her. He points out that maybe they were just trying to protect her, but she doesn't care about that. Rex is sympathetic and takes her hands as she wishes that she could just go back in time to when she was just loved and in love. He wonders which man she means. Natalie talks about great it will be not to have to live up to expectations any more. She lists them, including feeling guilty. Rex wonders how the two of them got consciences. Natalie says they must have been hanging around the wrong people. Rex agrees that there's no going back now. He says they've changed. Their conversation briefly turns to his wanting Adriana. He hopes that she is not going to let some jerk take advantage of her again when she's vulnerable, and she agrees that won't happen.

Carlotta returns just as Rex and Natalie are about to leave. Carlotta is thrilled that she has her son back. Natalie asks how he is. Carlotta says he will be coming home to them, and then she gives Natalie a big hug. Carlotta hopes they can pick up their lives and have the family Natalie always wanted. Rex leaves, not wanting to see Natalie's response. Nat tells Carlotta that it won't be easy. Carlotta knows that but says it will be worth the fight. She tries to urge Natalie to go back to Cristian, pressuring her by reminding her of her wedding vows. Carlotta tells her to remember what Cris has been through, but Natalie replies, "What about what I've been through?" She can't take the situation, so she rushes off, leaving Carlotta looking concerned.

Duke and Asa discuss business at a restaurant. Asa pulls the plug on a project, so Duke thinks it's because it's owned by Spencer. Asa points out that Spencer still hasn't proven what kind of man he is, even though he saved Bo's life. He thinks Spencer is a vicious womanizer that won't take no for an answer. Duke says he sounds like Asa, so Asa gets annoyed. He tells Duke that he is way smarter and meaner than Spencer. He vows to crush Spencer if he ever hurts anyone he cares about. He crushes a muffin to emphasize his point. Later, David phones to talk to Adriana but realizes he got Duke instead. Duke wonders why his number is on David's speed-dial, so David pretends that his phone is breaking up and makes Duke hear only part of the story, which makes no sense (hoping that Duke will not understand and not ask any more questions). It's pretty funny. David wants Adriana to know that Kelly's procedure is almost finished, but then he says she shouldn't probably know because then Dorian will know and mayhem will ensue. He hangs up, figuring that Duke will spread the word and the Cramers will arrive to cause trouble for David. David finds a nearby tool to use for something, saying that it should cause damage. Duke tells Asa about Kelly's operation. Asa is happy to hear that Kelly might bring another Buchanan into the world. Asa says they all need to band together to fight the Spencers of the world.

David goes back to where Kevin is and tells him that he saw someone breaking into his car and stealing his stereo. Kevin is annoyed and mentions that he has BE files in the car. David tells him that he will tell Kelly he just went to the bathroom if she wakes up, so Kevin takes him up on it and rushes out. David puts back the little tool he stole to break into Kevin's car with.

Evangeline talks to Hugh at the LPD; he goes to get Carlo's confession tape for her. John and Evangeline catch up on how they are doing. She praises him for saving Cristian's life, then wonders where Natalie is. He says that he hasn't seen her, so Evangeline goes to leave. John stops her and says he has something he needs to say. He apologizes to her for everything, saying he never meant to hurt her or anyone. He says he should have let her in and opened up. He also should have told her about Cris. She stops him, saying they can't turn back the clock and he shouldn't beat himself up about it. She points out that he's spent his whole life doing that and it takes its toll. She wants to just let it go. He tells her that she was right about everything, so she thanks him. She tells him that she and Natalie have gone through a lot and understand each other a lot better. The same thing happened with him and Cris. She hopes it all works out for the best for him. Hugh comes out and asks her if she's ready to go free an innocent man, so they leave.

Spencer comes out to give Kevin the good news about Kelly. Only David and Duke are there. Spencer says it went well and Kelly is fine. Duke asks to see her, so Spencer lets him go in. David tells Spencer that he did what Spencer wanted. He demands to know why Spencer wants Kelly to have a baby, why he wanted Kevin gone and Duke there, and what it has to do with bringing down the Buchanans. Spencer just says that it's about playing the advantage and mentions "The Margaret Situation". This doesn't answer David's questions but only leaves him with more. He tells Spencer that he's sick of his games. Spencer laughs that there's nothing David can do to him. David says to himself that he knows someone who can do something. Next we see that David is sitting down with Asa. David tells Asa that he has some useful information for him.

Kelly, who is acting kind of drunk from the anesthesia, tells Duke about a silly dream she had while she was under. They share a laugh. She puts her hand on his face, saying he is so nice to her. She says she wants a son just like him, only smaller. They laugh some more. Outside, Kevin returns and asks Spencer how Kelly's operation went. Spencer says it went great and that he and Kelly can start working on a family in a few weeks. Kevin is overjoyed to hear it and shakes Spencer's hand happily. He rushes into Kelly's room to find her telling Duke that she loves him. Duke tells her that he loves her, too. Kelly falls back asleep. Kevin clears his throat, so Duke stands up and lets him sit there, looking kind of guilty.

Evangeline goes back to Cristian's room and tells him that they did not overturn his sentence. They will be moving him back to minimum security prison. Cristian is very disappointed. She assures him that she is going to the state supreme court in the morning in Harrisburg and she will not stop until he is free. Cristian tells her that he will work to get out, too, no matter what it takes. He yells that no one will keep him locked in a box or away from his wife. He hits a nearby table as he says that. Evangeline looks upset and worried as he looks out the window.

Natalie goes to the LPD and runs into John there. She glares at him.

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