OLTL Update Thursday 12/8/05

One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/8/05


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Adriana and Rex talk. She wonders why he isn’t at Ultraviolet. Rex doesn’t feel like going there tonight. They discuss how differently they had gone up. She had grown up in a Nunnery, but him on the other hand, had grown up very differently. He had grown up with a Mother, who had dressed up at Halloween as a nun, who called herself Sister Pain. This brings back memories to Adriana, who had a teacher named Sister Pain. Rex notices that there is a little of Dorian in Adriana. She confides to him that she had talked back to the nuns. Rex remembers that he had had a permanent seat in detention. He recounts to Adriana that he had lived with an aunt, who thought Roxie was an unfit Mother. He admits that he had missed Natalie. He states that your Mom is your Mom no matter what she does. Adriana and Rex discuss Bo, and what had happened to him. He also mentions Natalie, and what she had been going through. Adriana asks how Natalie is doing, and about John. Rex breaks down, and tells her that Christian is alive. Adriana can’t believe that Christian is alive. Rex confesses that John had known all along. John approaches. Adriana tells John that she had heard about Christian. John is at a loss for words. Adriana questions him if he had done this to keep Christian away from Natalie. John tells them that he doesn’t have an answer, but that Natalie and Christian will need them. John leaves, and Michael follows.

Michael brings John home from the hospital, but notices that he is in pain. Michael tells him that he needs to sleep. John refuses to do as his doctor prescribes. Michael questions him as to what he wants. John tells him that he wants the last year of his life back. Michael tells John that he had called him in a prescription, and it will be delivered. Michael wants to get him interested in television, but again John refuses to be swayed from his feelings of guilt. John explains to him that he would never forget what had happened tonight. Michael assures him that he will lose Natalie forever if he keeps acting like this. John wants to change the subject, and talk about Michael. Michael knows that this is tearing him up inside about Natalie. John tells him matter of factly that Natalie is married. Michael informs him that he loves Natalie. John orders him not to ever mention the “love” word again. Michael comments on how strong Natalie, and that she can take care of herself.


Antonio wants to know what does she mean. Vangie tells him that John Doe was Christian all along. Vangie fills Antonio in on everything that had been going on. She also confesses that John had known all along. Antonio wonders how she had found out, and how long she had known. Vangie explains as best as she can. Antonio also wants to know if Carlotta and Natalie knows. Vangie tells him to tell Carlotta about Christian, and also tell her that she was trying to get the verdict overturned. Antonio wonders how she can do this. Vangie explains that Carlo Hesser had brainwashed Christian into killing Tico.


An officer brings Christian into an exam room. The officer tells him that if he has any trouble just let him know. The doctor wants to examine the wound. Christian tells him that he doesn’t need a doctor nor does he need anyone. The doctor wants to know who had stitched him up. He also tells him that he had prescribed an antibiotic in case he needs it. Christian refuses the antibiotic. Christian tells him that he needs to be alone .The doctor informs him that he will be sent to a minimum security facility in the morning, but he will be by to see him before he leaves. Before the doctor leaves, he tells Christian that he had heard what he had been through, and if there was anyone he wanted him to call.


Natalie comes home, but is deep in thought. She feels numb after all that has happened. Clint comes out of the study. One look at her, and he wants to know what is going on. Natalie goes over to him, and hugs him. Clint and Natalie discuss the things that are going on between Niki and Tess. They bring the conversation around to Christian. Clint assures her that he does care about her. They discuss her Uncle Bo, and his already wanting out of the hospital. Natalie goes on to explain to him that there is this thing with Christian. She also tells him that she had gone to Statesville because John and Christian were there. She also tells him that she had almost been killed. Natalie also explains to him about Carlo Hesser, and the choice that he had tried to make her make, and that he had taken her hostage. Clint becomes so angry that he leaves before he can say anything that he might regret. Clint comes back, and finds Natalie waiting for him. She asks him if the fresh air helped. All he can say is that she had done a fool thing, but she is her Mother’s daughter. He questions her about the other situation, and what she is going to do. Natalie tells him that she wished she knew.

Niki orders Jessica out. They discuss Clint, and him keeping her locked up. Niki tells her that Tess knows nothing on her, and that she has staying power. Jessica explains to her that she is pregnant, and this baby needs its grandmother. Niki doesn’t think that she is grandmother material. Jessica explains to her that she is only out because Viki chose to let her out. Niki doesn’t believe her. Jessica tells her that if she won’t help then they don’t need her. Niki informs her that she can’t blame Tess for this. Jessica tries to convince Niki to be serious about this. Niki states that she hates Tess as much as she does. Jessica wants to know why Niki hates Tess so bad. Niki tries her best to explain what Tess had done to her. Jessica realizes that Niki doesn’t understand why that they had wanted her out .Jessica goes on to explain that it was to help her. Jessica orders her to start talking. Jessica vows that she is not going to lose her Mother. Niki assures her that Viki is never coming back. Jessica leaves, locking Niki in. Niki has took Jessica’s cell phone, and makes some calls.

Antonio visits Christian at the clinic. A guard shows him in. The guard asks Christian is this man is his brother. Antonio questions Christian if it is true. Christian acknowledges that Antonio is his brother. Christian relives memories of things that they had done when they were children. Antonio hugs Christian, then hits him in the jaw for putting them through this.

A bartender puts a bottle before Vangie. He comments on her working late. He promises to keep the caffeine coming .John and Michael come in. John wants to talk, but Vangie informs him that they can’t do anything together anymore. They discuss Christian’s case. Vangie leaves. Michael offers to buy him a drink. John knows that Vangie hates him, and now Natalie hates him. Michael suggests that love and hate is like a two sided coin. He tells John to toss the coin.

Antonio tells Christian that he is leaving to tell their Mother that he is alive. He tells Christian to take care. He leaves.

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