OLTL Update Wednesday 12/7/05

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/7/05


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Marcie and Hugh sit in a booth. She declares that she is not hungry, she just wants a drink. A waitress comes up and recognizes Hugh as the D.A. She hopes that he really sticks it to the “baby killer.” She then asks him if he has much time to date. He takes Marcie’s hand to let her know that he is with Marcie. Marcie is surprised. Marcie and Hugh order their drinks. Hugh fills Marcie in on his past life as a “surfer dude” and about his family life. He reaches over and takes her hand again. Vangie comes in and tells him that it is a matter of life and death that she talk to him. She wants to talk to him privately. Hugh informs her that he wants Marcie to stay. Marcie blurts out that she knows that John Doe is really Cristian Vega. Vangie is surprised, and is afraid that someone else will hear. Vangie tells Hugh that Carlotta and Antonio need to know that Cristian is alive. The waitress approaches again to talk to Hugh, but Vangie puts her in her place by telling her that it wouldn’t look too good for her to come on to one of the customers. The waitress leaves. Vangie tells Hugh about Carlo’s confession. Hugh has his doubts about the confession. After much conversation, Hugh finally agrees to listen to the confession to see if there are any signs of entrapment. If there are no signs of entrapment, then he will show the judge. Vangie leaves. Hugh gets himself and Marcie drinks. They discuss what she wants out of life. She confides to him that she wants to get married and have children. He tells her that that isn’t for him—he never wants to have children. Vangie comes back to ask Hugh to grant Todd a twenty-four-hour leave from jail. Hugh refuses. Vangie tells him that Todd thinks that someone is trying to steal Blair away from him. Spencer comes up and admits that it is him. Spencer tries to make them believe that this is all in Todd’s head. He agrees to testify for Todd.

Lindsay looks at a picture of Jaime. R.J. comes in. He is beaming with happiness. She immediately wants to know what has made him so happy. He fills her in that he has Antonio exactly where he wants him. R.J. fills her in on Jessica and her condition. Lindsay feels sorry for Jessica, but they know that this means that they will get Jaime back. Lindsay says to just wait to see what the judge says. Lindsay starts to dial the lawyer, but R.J. stops her. He informs her that they need Antonio to plead his case before the new district attorney.


Nash kisses Jessica. Antonio comes in and orders him to take his hands off her. Jessica and Nash just look at each other. Antonio asks Jessica if it is her or Tess. Jessica assures him that it is her. Antonio orders Nash to leave. Jessica tells him not to talk to Nash that way. Antonio looks at her in puzzlement. Jessica tells Antonio that Nash hadn’t said anything to her. She defends Nash to Antonio. Jessica assures Antonio that Nash is in love with Tess. Antonio blames Nash for kissing Jessica, saying he only did it because he hoped it would bring Tess out. Jessica makes Nash promise he will not do that again. They discuss the fact that the baby Jessica is carrying may, in fact, be Nash’s. Nash leaves. Antonio tells Jessica good night, and she climbs into bed.

Clint unlocks Niki’s door and goes inside. At first he doesn’t see her, but then he notices her foot sticking out from under the cover. She pops her head out and invites him to join her. She tells him that at one time he couldn’t get enough of her body. Clint just looks at her. Niki pats the bed beside her and invites him to join her. Again he refuses, by reminding her about Dallas. Clint throws some slurs her way, calling her pitiful and desperate. She orders him to shut up. He asks her if she knows something that will help Jessica. Niki calls Clint an old stick in the mud. Clint demands to know everything that Niki knows about Jessica/Tess. Niki denies knowing anything. They argue again, as usual. Clint orders Niki to tell him what she knows about Jessica. Again, Niki tells him that she doesn’t know anything. She suggests that Jessica’s real father, Mitch Lawrence, is to blame for Jessica creating Tess. Again, Clint orders her to tell him about the bars that she frequented. Niki will not tell him anything other than that she would take Jessica with her to the bars. Clint demands to know what she had done to Jessica. Niki tells him that she doesn’t remember. She tells him that she needs a drink. She tries to get him to take her to a bar. He refuses. He leaves her alone. Niki looks for a way to escape. Jessica comes to visit her and ask her for her help.

Llanview Police Department

Todd is in his cell, lying on the bed. He remembers his conversation with Vangie about the autopsy results. A guard comes up and tells him that he has a visitor. Spencer comes up to the cell. Spencer tells Todd that he has come to help and that he wants to be a witness on his behalf. Todd wants to know why. Spencer admits that he is doing this for Blair and the children. Spencer asks him again if he will let him help him. Spencer fills Todd in that Blair doesn’t know that he is there. Spencer admits that he only wants to help. Todd sees through his plan and just laughs. Spencer confides to him that Blair had come to see him at his hotel room, and he did his best to comfort her. Spencer also vows that he will comfort Blair as long as she wants him to. Spencer leaves. Todd yells for the guard. He asks the guard to make a phone call. Vangie comes to visit Todd in his cell. She wants to know what is a matter of life and death. Todd fills her in that he needs to get out of there. Vangie admits that there is no time for a bail hearing. Todd suggests that she get him out on twenty-four-hour leave. He confides in her that Spencer had come to see him, and he is after Blair. Todd asks Vangie to get him out on twenty-four-hour leave. Vangie agrees to try. She leaves.

Vangie meets up with Antonio and tells him that she needs to talk to him. She tells him that Cristian is alive.

Todd, in his cell, remembers his last moments with Margaret, and how she had fallen overboard.

Clint comes downstairs and finds Nash. He pours them each a drink. They admit to each other that they are both worried about Jessica and Tess. Nash thanks him for the drink and leaves.

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