OLTL Update Tuesday 12/6/05

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/6/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Angie


Antonio and R.J. argue, as usual. R.J. insists that the game is over. R.J. makes a comment about Layla. Antonio tells him that he can’t talk about his girlfriend. R.J. denies Layla even being his girlfriend, and on top of all that, Nash had had him detained downstairs. Antonio orders him out. R.J. begins to dial the number of the social worker to tell her what has been going on. R.J. tells him that nowadays Jessica doesn’t know whether she is Jessica or Tessica. Antonio insists that there is no need to involve the social worker. R.J. tells him that he is more interested in running after Jessica than spending time with his daughter. R.J. asks him if he even knows whom he wakes up beside in the morning. Antonio tries to make R.J. believe that Jessica loves Jaime. Antonio isn’t so sure that Tess loves her. R.J. reminds him of the fire at the apartment that almost cost Jaime her life, and he says that he doesn’t want Jaime left alone with Tess. R.J. also reminds him of the things that Niki Smith had done to the Buchanan family. Antonio offers R.J. help in getting off concerning the federal charges if he doesn’t tell the social worker about Jessica. Clint comes in and wonders if there is a problem. He tells Antonio that he is going out, and when he comes back he wants R.J. gone. Clint leaves. Antonio asks R.J. if they've got a deal. Antonio and R.J. cannot seem to reach a deal concerning Jessica or Jaime. R.J. brings up the baby that Jessica is carrying. R.J. informs Antonio that he has everything he needs to run the story about Jessica and the baby in every newspaper. Antonio finally gives in, and they reach an agreement. R.J. lets it slip that Nash is upstairs with Jessica. Antonio goes running up the stairs.

Jessica orders Nash not to come near her. Nash tells her that he is not armed. Jessica knows that Nash misses Tess, but if she has anything to do with it, Tess will never come back. Nash asks Jessica, if Antonio were in trouble and she couldn’t get to him, what she would do. Jessica just looks at him and doesn’t answer. Nash tells her that everyone thinks that Tess is just an alter, but she is his whole world, and his reason for living. Jessica apologizes to him but tells him that she is in love with Antonio. Nash starts to leave, but Jessica tells him to wait. He looks at her and thinks that it is Tess. Jessica denies being Tess. Nash confides to Jessica that he is worried about Tess. Jessica feels the baby move. Nash notices how much Jessica wants this baby. Jessica confides in him about the baby that she had lost, and how empty she feels. Nash tells her how sorry he is. Nash sits down beside her on the bed. Nash asks her if he can feel the baby. Jessica refuses to let him touch her. She insists that this baby is Antonio’s. Nash takes Tess’s side and insists that Tess is just scared. Jessica tells him matter-of-factly that if he had his way Jessica’s life would end so he could be with Tess. They discuss Tess and the baby. Jessica suddenly remembers something that had happened when she was a child. She suddenly can’t breathe. Jessica finally agrees to let Nash feel the baby. He pulls his hand away. They kiss. Antonio sees them kiss.

Blair comes out of her condo with Dorian right behind her. She questions the officer as to what is going on. He informs her that they are gathering information from people in the building. Blair knows that they are gathering information on Todd. Hugh comes up and tells them they are going to take a statement from Mrs. Lambert about the night that Margaret was killed. Blair tells him that she is glad that he is here, because she wanted to discuss the autopsy with him. Hugh apologizes for his actions at the jail. She asks him about the autopsy results, and if they could be wrong. Hugh informs her that both autopsies had shown the same thing, and there couldn’t be a mistake. He tells her that Margaret was dead from strangulation long before she hit the water. Hugh also assures her that the case against Todd is airtight. Blair questions Hugh about him asking for the death penalty against Todd. Hugh tells her that Todd had killed his own child. Blair says that there are extenuating circumstances. Hugh won’t buy any of this. Dorian whispers to her that she is sorry. Blair questions him about his looking for witnesses. Hugh fills her in on the fact that Mrs. Lambert had seen Todd the night that Margaret was killed, and he was acting strange. Hugh also tells Dorian that he will call her as a witness. Dorian refuses to testify against Todd. Hugh threatens to put her into a cell beside Todd until she agrees to testify. Blair thanks Hugh for being honest with her. Blair also thanks Dorian for being on her side. Dorian tells her that she hopes Todd fries. They argue over the children being without their father. They also argue over Spencer standing beside her.

Llanview Hospital

Spencer takes Bo’s pulse. He instructs him not to make too much of his saving his life now, because he won’t spare him in the future. Matthew overhears what he says, and he questions him as to what he had said. Spencer tells Matthew that his father is doing well. Matthew doesn’t want Spencer lying to him just because he is a little child. Matthew comments about something that Asa had told him about him being a Buchanan through and through. Spencer leaves while Matthew goes over to the bed to talk to Bo. He asks Bo to please wake up, because he needs to talk to him. Matthew tells Bo to squeeze his hand if he can hear him. Bo smiles and tells him that he can do better than that. Matthew is happy that his father is alive.

Michael brings John into an exam room and puts him onto a table. A nurse opens the door and asks if she can help. John tells her not to listen to him. Michael threatens to put him into traction. Michael sees Natalie looking through the window in the door. He comes out to talk to her. He asks her if she was using him to get to John. Michael tells her that she can’t turn her feelings on and off just because her husband has come back from the dead. Natalie assures him that she has no feelings—she is just numb. She complains about a bump on her head. While Michael examines her head, she wonders how John and Michael could have done this to her. Michael suggests that she go home. Michael assures her that she is one of the strongest people that he knows, and she is going to get through this with the help of her friends and family. The elevator door opens, and Marcie steps off. She notices that Michael sits beside Natalie. Marcie is more than a little jealous to see Michael with another woman. Michael tells Natalie that she is going to have to deal with John. He also explains to her that she is going to have to make a choice. She just looks at him. He tells her to call him in the morning. Natalie thanks him and leaves. Michael joins Marcie at the nurses' desk. They discuss Natalie being in denial. Marcie, under her breath, says that she is not the only one in denial. He asks her to have a drink with him. At first she is hesitant, but then she agrees. He tells her that they can celebrate Hayes Barber being dead. Marcie can’t believe that Hayes is really dead. They discuss the fact that Cristian is really alive and what this is doing to Natalie, and the fact that she loves John.

Spencer meets Paige out in the hall. She demands to know what he is doing in Bo’s room. He tells her that he is just checking up on his patient, and that she is sounding paranoid. He assures her that he isn’t the one who had murdered someone. Spencer shows Paige the bullet that he had taken out of Bo. He warns her that things can happen when you least expect them. He reminds her of what had happened when David had left Dorian at the altar. Paige calls him heartless. Matthew comes out and tells Paige that Bo is awake.

Paige goes into Bo’s room. She tells him how glad she is to see him. He tells her to show him. They kiss. She fills him in on John, Natalie and Rex. She also tells him that he owes his life to Spencer. He notices her shaking and wonders what is wrong. They kiss again.

John visits Bo in his hospital room. Bo asks him what he missed. They discuss Natalie, and her going back to Statesville even after Bo told her not to. Paige comes in and tells Bo that she wants to take him for a CT scan, just to make sure everything is all right. John leaves. Outside the room, John sees Natalie, and she just looks at him and leaves.

Blair tells the person on the phone that she has no comment. She wants to know why Todd is doing this to them. The doorbell rings. It’s Spencer, and he is bringing good tidings. She fills him in on the evidence that seems to be mounting against Todd. She wonders how he could kill an innocent baby. Spencer tells her to follow her heart. She thinks if he can be that heartless that he can just get out. Spencer tells her that he is not trying to play her. She apologizes to him and tells him that he is the only one who has been supportive. He promises not to turn his back on her. She promises to trust him.

Dorian meets Clint at Capricorn. She invites him to join her. They discuss Bo, and how he is doing. Clint fills her in on where Niki Smith is. She asks him if he has any plans for bringing Viki back.

Rex comes into Bo’s hospital room and finds him gone. The orderly tells him that he is so sorry, but the man is gone. Rex slides down the wall and begins to cry. Matthew comes up to join him. Rex begins to tell him what a wonderful man his father had been when they wheel Bo off the elevator. Rex is so relieved to see him. Bo questions him about hitching a ride on his helicopter. Bo finds out that Rex and Matthew had prayed for him. Bo and Rex clasp hands.

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