OLTL Update Monday 12/5/05

One Life to Live Update Monday 12/5/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Angie


Jessica is asleep in her bed. She awakes with a start and calls for Nash..

Nash calls Clint on his cell phone. He notifies him that Niki is in her room, asleep. He tells Clint that he is watching over both Viki and Jessica, just as he had promised. The doorbell rings. When he answers the door, he asks R.J. if he can help him. R.J. demands to know who he is. Nash replies that he is a friend of Jessica Buchanan’s. R.J. sarcastically says, "Really." R.J. tells him that maybe he can tell him what he needs to know.

Llanview Police Department

Marcie asks Stokes if he has heard anything from Statesville. Stokes apologizes and tells her nothing new. Rex comes in, and she speaks to him. Rex tells her that he has some good news. Marcie wants to know what the good news is. Rex informs her that he has just come back from the hospital, and Bo is stable. Marcie is relieved. Rex knows that he had fought really hard for Matthew because he wasn’t going to leave him. Marcie remarks that Bo is a good man with a big heart. Marcie questions him as to what he is doing there. Rex thinks that he can snoop around and find out what is going on at Statesville. Rex asks her if something had happened. Marcie tells him that it was just Michael that she was concerned about, because he was going back up to Statesville. Rex asks her if it was because of John. Marcie then breaks the news to Rex that Natalie is in danger, and that is why Michael went up to Statesville.

Statesville Prison

Vangie feels as though she is frozen to this spot, since she hasn’t moved in hours. Michael is upset because the police don’t have any information.

Agent Arlen gives his men instructions to secure the sector. He orders them that nothing moves inside unless he knows about it. He asks if that is clear. Agent Arlen orders the men to move.

Michael questions Agent Arlen as to what is being done to get his brother and Natalie out of there. Agent Arlen assures him that they are back in control of every sector in the prison—except one.

Evangeline asks about Natalie and John. Michael tells Vangie that Natalie and John are in the sector that isn’t secured. Agent Arlen tells them that he isn’t sure. Arlen is unsure of how many of Hesser’s men are in there, but it was clear they were low on ammunition.

Hesser orders Natalie to choose which man—Cristian or John—would get the bullet. She doesn’t say anything. He assures her that silence is not one of the options. They join John and Cristian. John breaks the silence and tells Carlo to just shoot him. Cristian speaks up and tells Carlo to just shoot him because he can’t make Natalie choose. Natalie assures them that she can make the choice, because she already has.


Jessica begs Antonio to just forget that she had called out Nash’s name. Jessica assures him that he is the only man that she wants to be with, and he knows that. Antonio tells her that he does know. Jessica thanks him. Jessica informs him that something had awakened her, like a car pulling up out front. Antonio assures her that there is nothing to worry about.

Nash informs R.J. that since he doesn’t know who he is, and since he has been placed in charge of the house, then maybe— His words trail off. R.J. makes light of Nash telling him that he was in charge of the house. R.J. wonders why a friend of Jessica’s would have to stand guard at Llanfair. Nash wonders why this is any of his business. R.J. then introduces himself as an old friend of the family. Nash introduces himself. R.J. asks him if everything is all right. Nash assures him that everything is fine. Nash suggests that he might want to talk to someone from the family. R.J.. informs him that he came by to talk to Jessica about her ex-boyfriend and his inability to raise his own child. Nash is confused as to what he is talking about. R.J. finds it strange that Nash doesn’t know about Antonio and Jessica being the couple around town. R.J. fills him in that his granddaughter is Antonio’s daughter, and Antonio’s new girlfriend is the one who has been taking care of Jaime. Nash is confused about Antonio’s new girlfriend. He asks him what he is talking about .

Statesville Prison

Michael doesn’t know how they can say that the prison is secure. Arlen denies saying that the prison was secure in all sectors. Michael reminds him that there is an innocent woman and a police detective still inside. Michael thinks that the only thing Arlen is concerned about is taking back the prison and coming out smelling like a rose. Michael thinks he will get a medal for this. Vangie doesn’t agree. Michael vows that he just can’t stand there and do nothing. Vangie assures him that she knows how he feels, but what can they do? Michael orders the men to hold up a minute. The E.M.T.s assure him that they can’t hold up. Michael tells them that he is a doctor, and he is supposed to examine all casualties. Michael looks at the body and then thanks them. Vangie asks him who it was. Michael tells her that it was Hayes Barber.

Natalie tells Carlo that if he wants to shoot someone, to shoot her. Cristian orders him not to do that. John speaks up and reminds them that he is a cop. Mass confusion breaks out between them, and Carlo tells them that Natalie had made him an offer that he couldn’t refuse.


Antonio tells Jessica that she should lie back down. Jessica then remembers Spruce Grove, and that someone had remembered to put up the Christmas lights. Antonio asks her if it was her mom. Jessica doesn’t remember whether it was her mom; maybe it was her Dad. He also knows that next year she will have a child to look at those lights with. Antonio hopes that a year from now they will be living in their own place with Jaime and the new baby. Jessica thinks that this sounds perfect.

R.J. realizes that Nash doesn’t know that Antonio has a girlfriend. Nash wonders what this had to do with his granddaughter. R.J. fills him in that Jessica had been a big part of Jaime’s life. He also tells him that Antonio had sued for custody of his daughter. Nash is surprised. R.J. is confused as to why Nash doesn’t know about Antonio and the custody hearing. R.J. fills him in on everything that had been going on. Nash brings up Tess. R.J. is curious as to who Tess is. Nash tells him that this has been a fascinating chat, but he orders R.J. to go. R.J. refuses, telling him that he isn’t going anywhere until he talks to Jessica. Nash tells him that Jessica is asleep and that he should talk to Antonio. R.J. asks him if Antonio is there. Layla comes into the room. R.J. is surprised to see her. Layla asks if Jessica is there. R.J. tells her yes, and she is with her boyfriend. Nash asks Layla if Jessica knows that she is not just the nanny, but also doting on the boss.

Rex is surprised that Natalie had gone back to Statesville, and he wonders if she is nuts. Marcie informs him that she has more to tell him. Marcie informs him that Natalie has been taken hostage. Rex exclaims that she is inside. Rex wants to know how this could happen, since Bo had a guard on her. Rex knows that Natalie had almost gotten killed before, and he wonders why anyone hadn’t told him. Marcie informs him that she had just found out herself. Rex asks her if she is coming. Marcie orders him not to go up there, because there is no point in it.

Hugh informs Michael that Vangie had just called from Statesville, and something has happened. Vangie tells them that she thought they should know what is going on. Michael asks her if she had told Hugh about Hayes Barber. Michael knows that that was one good thing that had come out of all this. Vangie tells him not to say that. Evangeline and Michael are both going crazy just standing around. Seeing the body come out of Statesville made Evangeline and Michael both think that it was John.

Carlo informs Haskell to let them wait before they kill him. Carlo makes mention of Cristian doing the honorable thing about defending Natalie. Haskell wants to break his neck, and then he won’t be so honorable. Carlo orders him to let him up, and to escort John into the party. John informs Haskell that he had backed the wrong pony. Haskell orders him to shut up. John wants to know where they are going to, since the feds have got the place surrounded. Not all of it, Carlo reminds him. Carlo orders Natalie to make her decision: which one of the men? Natalie tells him that she loves both men, and she refuses to choose between them.


Jessica comments on how beautiful the night is and wants to go outside no matter how cold it is. She knows that she has to stay with him, or she doesn’t know what might happen. Jessica is afraid that all the changes that were going to happen might not happen. Antonio assures her that everything is going to change. Jessica asks about Nash. Antonio wants to know what about him. Jessica reminds him that Tess has a life, and she has a boyfriend that she loves, and she is real. Antonio knows that if she feels this way then they have a problem .

Nash questions Layla about what is going on between her and Antonio. Layla denies pining away for a guy who would chase a girl clear across country.. Nash asks her about what she had said. Layla assures him that he has no idea. Nash reminds Layla of Jessica’s emotional stability. Layla admits that she was playing nanny, and she is fine with that. She admits that she loves Jaime, but she came here looking for Antonio. R.J. butts in and tells her that Antonio and Jessica had never broken up. R.J. reminds them that Nash was talking about some woman named Tess. R.J. wonders if Jessica and Tess are the same person. Nash thinks that this is crazy. They argue.

Evangeline wonders why John has to save the whole world. Michael tells her that he doesn’t know. Vangie asks him if his dad was like that. Michael fills her in that his dad loved being a cop. Vangie mentions that he was a doctor. Michael tells her that he didn’t go to medical school to save the whole world, just one person. Vangie again asks about their dad. Michael tells her that he was gunned down by a suspect. Vangie tells him that John had told her. Michael tells her that he didn’t have to die and goes on to explain to her how his father had died in the operating room. Vangie tries to assure him that John will be all right. Michael wants to believe that.

Rex demands to know from Hugh if Natalie is all right. Hugh tells him as far as they know, she is. Rex thinks that that is not good enough. Marcie asks if it is John or Michael. Hugh assures her that it is nothing like that. Marcie demands that Hugh tell them. Hugh informs them that Hayes Barber is dead. Marcie asks if he is sure. Hugh fills her in on what Vangie had told him. Rex is frustrated and orders Natalie to use her head and not do anything stupid.

Carlo is inspired by Natalie’s devotion. Haskell orders them all to be killed. Carlo thinks that that is rash. Haskell thinks that it is smart.. There is a gunshot, and Natalie screams, "No, John!"

Layla and R.J. argue over Antonio having custody of Jaime. R.J. points out that Antonio had lied. Layla takes up for Antonio, as usual. R.J. thinks that this is all a sick joke. Nash orders R.J. out of the house because Jessica is too fragile for all this. Nash and R.J. argue over Jessica and her mental health. Layla tells them that this is not the place or the time. Layla tells them that she needs to speak to Antonio. R.J. suddenly remembers what had happened to Viki and her alter, and he wonders if this was happening to Jessica. Nash tells him that he needs to go.

Antonio remarks that Jessica knows that Tess is not a figment of her imagination, because he had spoken to her. Antonio denies it and tells her that it was her. Jessica tells Antonio that Tess is real, and that he has to accept it. Antonio refuses to accept the fact that Tess is real and that Nash is just waiting for her to come out. Jessica informs him that if he really believes that, then they are dead.

Evangeline wants to know what is happening. Arlen orders the men to go. Michael wonders why they are moving in. Michael asks if John is okay. Arlen fills him in on what he knows. Vangie orders Michael not to go in there.

Natalie asks John what had happened. Carlo moans. John tells Carlo that one of them was a lousy shot. Cristian asks if she is okay. Natalie tells him that she just bumped her head. Haskell groans. An officer rushes in and tells them to freeze. Another officer tells them to put their hands in the air. John tells them not to shoot, Llanview P.D. Arlen asks Natalie if she is all right. Natalie tells him that she is fine. Arlen orders John to get Haskell out of his sight.

John introduces Cristian Vega to Jack and fills him in on what had been happening with him. They all leave the prison after learning that everyone is all right.

Antonio tells Jessica that he is sorry. Jessica apologizes too.

Layla orders R.J. out. R.J. offers her his card because he figures their objectives are very similar. Layla tells Nash not to listen to him. Layla and R.J. discuss Jaime and her happiness lately. Layla vows that Jaime will never be hurt.

Evangeline and Michael learn that everyone is safe. They are relieved when they see them come out. Michael tries to examine John, but John tells him that he is all right. Natalie tells them that she is fine, but she just wants to be left alone.

Vangie tells Natalie that Hayes Barber is dead. Natalie asks if she is sure. Natalie looks at Cristian and asks if it is really him.

Antonio comes downstairs after hearing R.J.’s voice. He demands to know who had let him in. Layla starts to say something, but Antonio tells her that it is all right. Jessica hears a noise and asks who it is.

Hugh tells Marcie the great news about John, Michael and Natalie. Marcie is relieved.

Natalie confronts John and Cristian about the lies that they had been telling her all along. Natalie tells them that she never wants to see either one of them ever again.

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