OLTL Update Friday 12/2/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 12/2/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Llanview P.D.

Vangie gives a police officer a difficult time by questioning him about Bo. She tells him that if he doesn’t tell her what she wants to know then she will find someone that can. Hugh comes to join them .He fills her in on Bo’s condition, and that he is now in I.C.U. The police officer leaves. Vangie apologizes to him for giving him such a hard time. Vangie questions Hugh if he knows anything else. He fills her in that there are pockets of resistance at Statesville, and that Carlo may have John, and Christian held hostage. Vangie walks over, and sits down on the edge of Natalie’s desk. Hugh asks her if she wants to hear some more bad news. Hugh gives her the file which contains the results of Margaret Cochran’s autopsy.

Todd paces the floor in his cell. He yells for the guard. The guard informs him that visiting hours are about over, and his blonde hasn’t shown up. Todd insists that when she does get there to show her in immediately. The guard informs him that his blonde has forgotten about him.

Palace Hotel

Blair knocks on Spencer’s door. She is surprised, and embarrassed when Spencer opens the door with just a towel wrapped around him. He asks her if she wants to come in. She accepts, and closes the door. She looks at some antiques that are on Spencer’s coffee table. She asks him if they buy this stuff in bulk. She notices that none of his things are scattered around the hotel room. Blair mentions to him that he had went in another direction. Spencer tells her that that was the general idea. Spencer notices that this topic of conversation wasn’t the reason why she had come there. She informs him that she was there to tell him that he was right about her going to the D.A.’s office. She goes on to fill him in on everything that had been going on with Todd trying to hire Jackie McNaughton to kill Margaret Cochran. Spencer questions her if she believes that Todd is guilty. Blair, at this point, doesn’t know what to believe. Blair fills him in on the telephone call that she had gotten from Ginger, warning her that “he” isn’t what you think that he is. Spencer tries to make excuses for himself that Ginger may have just been wanting to make amends for what she had done to them.

Statesville Prison

Carlo yells for Barber, but he doesn’t answer. One of the inmates asks him if he thinks that Barber is dead. Carlo tells him that if the explosion had killed Barber then, maybe, he had taken both John’s with him.

John tries to remove the boulder from off his leg, but unsuccessfully. He mumbles to himself that he can do this.

Llanview P.D.

Evangeline informs Hugh that this autopsy doesn’t mean a thing. She also orders Hugh to find her a witness that will testify to this fact. Vangie jumps up, angrily, and stalks out without even speaking to Marcie, who had just come in the door. Hugh fills Marcie in about Bo being shot, but he was going to be alright . Marcie inquires about the situation at Statesville, and about John. Michael comes in, and demands to know how bad it is at Statesville. When Michael doesn’t see Natalie around, he wants to know where she is. Michael hopes she isn’t alone .

Agent Arlen calls for all his agents to notify them of a new game plan.

Haskell, roughly forces Natalie to somewhere private. She tries to help him by telling him to call Bo, but Haskell refuses. She then suggests that he talk to Arlen, but again he refuses. He unlocks the gates, and forces her through the prison yard, and into the building.

One of the federal agents asks Arlen if things are all over. Arlen tries to brush him aside by telling him to stop bothering him. The agents persists in telling him that Haskell had taken Natalie into the building. Agent Arlen gets on the walkie talkie, and notifies the other agents to hold their fire that a civilian had been taken hostage.

John still struggles to get free from under the boulder. Two of Carlo’s men find him. One of the men squats down beside him, and wants him to quack like a duck. John, sarcastically, tells him if he can spell it. The man lifts the gun, and shoots into the ceiling. Chris slips up behind the one man, and knocks him unconscious. After a brief struggle with the other man, he too, is knocked unconscious. Chris manages to get the boulder off his legs. John tells him that he thought he had ordered him out of there. Chris states matter of factly, that he hadn’t left him to bleed to death, and they were stuck with each other. Chris gives him his hand to help him up.

An inmate searches for Carlo, and when he manages to find him, he notifies him of the latest news about the guns. Carlo becomes frustrated when he finds out that the guns are useless. Haskell brings in Natalie, screaming, trying to get away from him. Carlo walks up to her, and makes some comments about her. Natalie spits on him. Carlo then comments on the sketches that Christian had sketched of her. He even reveals that he had had dreams about her. He laughs at her. Natalie asks him what is he going to do with her, and he simply says, that she will see. Carlo gets on the walkie talkie, and notifies everyone in the prison that he has Natalie Vega. John and Chris are alarmed. They head for the area that they think that Carlo is when they run into Haskell. They hold a gun on him, and forces him onto his knees. From the top of the stairs, Carlo has a gun on Natalie. He informs them that he knew that that would bring them out from hiding. Natalie says, “Christian”. Christian tells her that yes, it is him.

Spencer and Blair discuss David, and his blaming Spencer for leaving Dorian at the altar. Spencer denies any involvement. Blair then reveals to him about what Dorian had told her about his meeting with Ginger, and their argument. Spencer lies to her as usual, and tells her that Ginger had had serious internal injuries. Spencer wants to know what else Dorian had to say. Spencer tells her that he doesn’t care what anyone has to say. The only thing that he cares about is what she thinks. There is a knock on the door. He is surprised to see that it is Paige. She tells him that she just wanted to thank him for saving Bo. Blair asks about Matthew, and how he is doing. Paige tells her that Matthew told them that they just needed to thank Dr. Truman.

Blair seconds that for saving Jack’s life. Blair suggests that she leave. Spencer walks her out. Blair apologizes to him for bringing all that up about Dorian and David. Spencer tells her that it is alright. When Spencer goes back inside, Paige makes light of his comment that he didn’t want anyone to die on his watch. Spencer then reminds her of the man, who had died. Paige knows then that Spencer will always hold this over hers, and David’s heads.

Vangie visits Todd in his cell. She fills him in that the judge had denied a continuance, and the trial would begin as scheduled. Vangie then drops the biggest bomb of all, she tells him that she quits. Vangie reveals to him about the autopsy results, Todd once again denies strangling Margaret to death. Vangie points out all the evidence that they have against him. He swears on the lives of his children that he didn’t kill Margaret.

Michael is tired of just standing around not doing anything. He demands to know something about John. Hugh offers to go, and see what he can find out .Marcie offers him moral support, but he refuses.

Hugh comes back into the squad room, and notifies Michael that Natalie had been taken hostage. Vangie is confused that Natalie had gone back up to the prison. Michael insists that he is going to the prison. Vangie tells him that she is going too. They leave. Hugh and Marcie are left in the squad room.

Blair visits Todd in his cell. He thought that he wouldn’t see her again tonight. He questions her if she believes him now. She confronts him about the news that she had just learned about him hiring Jackie McNaughton to kill Margaret Cochran. He makes up an excuse as usual. They discuss that she has been called to testify against him in his trial. Todd suggests that they get married tonight. Blair is hesitant at first, but then she agrees. Hugh comes to join them, and fills them in on the autopsy results. Blair becomes upset that he has lied to her yet again, and leaves.

Carlo has only one bullet left in his gun, and he makes Natalie decide as to who gets the bullet--John or Christian .

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