OLTL Update Thursday 12/1/05

One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/1/05


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Antonio sits on the bed by Jessica, and watches her sleep. There is a knock on the door. When he answers it, he is annoyed to see that it is Nash. He questions Nash as to what he wants. Nash asks him how Jessica is. Antonio tells him that she needs her rest because she is pregnant. Nash reminds him that the baby could be his. Antonio just looks at him. Nash also reminds him that he had kept his promise to Jessica, and he hadn’t left town with Tess. Antonio is grateful, and he tries to shut the door in Nash’s face, but Nash puts his foot in front of the door so Antonio cannot shut it. Antonio wants to know if he cares so much for Jessica then why is he doing this to her, and her family. Antonio reminds him that he is a guest in this house, and he should act like one. Nash insists that it is going to destroy both Jessica and Tess to keep them locked up. Antonio tells him that the only one he is going to destroy is him. He goes back to join Jessica. When he goes back into Jessica’s bedroom, he suggests that she should get some rest. Jessica tells him that they have some problems that they need to discuss. Antonio tells Jessica about his fears that he is going to lose her forever. Jessica assures him that this fear that he is facing is only making Tess stronger. Jessica feels guilty that her family are putting their lives on hold for her. Antonio questions her if she remembers anything about last night. Jessica tells him what she remembers. Antonio fills her in that Niki has emerged. Jessica and Antonio lie in bed. He wants her to take care of herself. He discusses with her their plans for the future. Jessica goes back to sleep.

Clint unlocks Viki’s door, and goes inside. At first, he doesn’t see her because she is behind the door. When she sees him, she runs into his arms. She tells him that she is so sorry that she had gotten Dorian involved, and that all matters is helping Jessica. He asks her if she is Viki. Niki lies and tells him that she is Viki that Niki is long gone. Clint tells her to stop the act that he knows the drill. Niki tells him that you can’t blame a girl for trying. He reminds her of her appointment with Dr. Jamison. She balks at the idea. Niki tells Clint that they need her to get Jessica back to them. They begin to argue as usual. Niki begins to try to come on to Clint, but he refuses to let her. Clint questions her as to what had happened between her, and Jessica. Niki refuses to give any information. She then turns the tables, and wants to know why he is here, and not with his girlfriend. Niki suggests that they make the most of this situation. Clint gets a phone call. He leaves the room to take the call. The call is from Kevin, who tells him about Bo, and what has happened to him. Clint is reluctant to leave Niki alone. Nash suggests that he take care of Niki. Clint tells him not to open that door for anything or fall for any of Niki’s lines. Nash gets a chair, and sits down outside Niki’s door. Niki waves a white scarf out from under the door. She wants to talk to him. Nash refuses to fall for her lines. She then begins to talk to him about him and Tess, and how he doesn’t stand a chance with Jessica. She devises a plan to help him get Jessica. When Nash will not fall for her line, she tells him to get back to her.

Llanview Hospital

Paige panics because they are losing Bo. Spencer tells her that if she is going to act like a girlfriend to go wait outside, but then he orders her to start CPR. Paige orders the nurse to start blood gas, h & H chem seven stat of epi. The Anethesologist tells Spencer that there is no pulse, and no pressure. Spencer tells them that they are not going to lose two patients in one day. Paige steps aside while Spencer begins the CPR. Paige and Spencer still cannot get Bo to respond, and are afraid that they are going to lose him.

The Buchanan family stand vigil outside the operating room door. Matthew wonders what is taking them so long . Asa tries to assure him that Bo is a Buchanan, and he is a fighter. Kevin gets up from sitting beside Kelly. Matthew goes to sit beside Asa, who hugs him. Duke tells Adriana that he is glad that she is there, but he doesn’t need for her to stay. She asks him if he wants to talk. He tells her no, that his family is there for him. He walks off. Rex, standing a little ways off from them, is on his cell phone, and leaves Natalie a message for her to call him. Adriana comes to join him. He confides to her that he is really mixed up about this whole mess. Kevin comes back to join the family. He tells them that there are some reporters downstairs, and they are wanting a statement. Asa tells them that he will go, and talk to them .Kelly begins to give him advice on what to tell the reporters. Asa assures her that he doesn’t need any advice from her . Asa leaves. Kevin tells Kelly that Asa isn’t really mad at her. Kevin still feels terrible that he can’t get in touch with his father. Rex tells Adriana that he is worried about Bo. Matthew comes up, and tells them that he is going to the chapel to pray for Bo. He asks Rex to come. Rex makes up an excuse not to go with him. Adriana offers assurance to them both so that Rex changes his mind, and he goes with Matthew to the chapel.

Statesville Prison

Chris and Hayes struggle over the gun. The gun goes off accidentally, and they both hit the floor. As a result of the gunshot, Hayes has landed on top of Christian. Christian manages to get Hayes off him. After struggling a little, he gets the gun, and gets to his feet. He leaves Hayes lying on the floor. Hayes opens his eyes. Hayes manages to crawl into the hall. He crawls up to the vent, and takes off the cover. He looks up inside to where he has installed a bomb. Hayes sits up against the wall. He sings a song about Johnny Boy. He dies.

Carlo yells for Arlen. He tells Arlen that if his demands aren’t met then he will kill Detective McBain. Natalie overhears the conversation and starts to yell at John. Carlo walks over to John, and tells him that that is very touching. He asks John if he is at a loss for words. Carlo’s henchman force John up the stairs.

Arlen insists to Natalie that if she doesn’t stay back out of the way then he will be forced to take her into custody. Arlen, and his men approach the prison gate. They see Carlo have John in the window. Natalie is right behind them. She yells for John. Carlo whispers to John that he hopes he still has friends down below. John manages to give Carlo, and his men a shove. He jumps over the railing. Carlo fires a shot at him. The henchman goes after John. A fight begins between John, and the men. John manages to get the upper hand, and escapes from them. He grabs the tape recorder from under the stairs, and runs. Carlo lets out a scream that can be heard outside. John has managed to get away from Carlo, and his men. Chris roams the hollowed halls, jumping at every noise. John and Chris meet up. Chris fills John in on what has been happening.

Arlen wants to know what is going on in there. Natalie insists on knowing what is going on from Haskell.

Duke and Kelly discuss Spencer, and him operating on Bo to save his life. They both realize that it is a big mistake when you don’t tell people that you are close to how you feel. Kelly hugs him. Kevin sees Kelly hug him.

Clint has arrived at the hospital. Kevin fills him in on what has happened to Bo, and that Spencer is operating.

Paige and Spencer begin to shock Bo to get his heart started back. They begin at three hundred.

Rex and Matthew arrive at the chapel .Rex asks him how do you do this .Matthew asks him has he prayed before. They go up to the altar. Rex suggests that Matthew do the praying. Matthew says a beautiful prayer about the people that he has already lost in his young life. After they get through, Asa comes in, and tells Matthew that it is time that he re-joined the family.

Haskell orders Natalie to stay out of the way. He tells her that he is going to take care of her that she doesn’t get hurt. She gets a call on her cell phone from Rex. He fills her in on Bo. He also gives her the lowdown on Haskell, and tells her that she needs to talk to Arlen about Haskell. Rex asks her to call him. Haskell comes up to join her. He asks her if anything is wrong. She informs him that she needs to talk to Arlen. He grabs her by the arm, and tells her not so fast . Haskell pulls a gun on Natalie, and tells her that she has just been promoted from civilian to hostage.

Carlo becomes angry when he cannot reach Arlen on the walkie talkie. He throws the walkie talkie against the wall.

John and Chris finds Hayes dead. Chris begins to wander around, and notices that something is wrong. He trips over a wire which triggers the bomb. The blast results in Chris being thrown up against the wall. John is trapped under a concrete slab. Chris asks him if he is alright. John tells him that he thinks that he is . Chris tries his best to get the concrete slab off John, but is unsuccessful. John orders him to leave. At first, Chris refuses to leave him, but John insists. Chris asks about the gun, but John tells him that he had lost it. Chris leaves. John raises up, trying to get his leg out from under the boulder.

Spencer finally manages to get the rest of the bullet out of Bo’s neck. The nurse wheels the aluminum pan out. Spencer and Paige come out to join the Buchanan family. Spencer informs them that he had gotten the bullet out, and that Bo is stabilized. They are all relieved. They want to see him. Spencer suggests in a little while.

Duke brings Adriana some ice cream from the cafeteria. He apologizes to her, and tells her that he loves her. They hug. Rex watches in dismay.

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