OLTL Update Wednesday 11/30/05

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/30/05


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Blair comes into the condominium. She lays her purse and coat on the chair at the desk. She picks up the phone to call Spencer. When she is unable to reach him, she just leaves a message. The doorbell rings. She becomes frustrated when she sees that it is David. He asks her for her help. Blair refuses to discuss Dorian. Blair fills him in on the evidence that they have against Todd. She also tells him that she is going to have to testify against Todd. David insists that they cannot do that. Blair orders him out. David asks her if Todd did it. David tells her that he wants to talk about Spencer, and his feelings for her. Blair denies that Spencer has any feelings for her and says that they are not involved. Blair and David discuss David and how he had stood Dorian up at the altar. David blames Spencer for him having to stand her up. Blair demands to know why Spencer would make him stand her up at the altar. Blair suggests that he talk to Dorian and explain things to her. David confesses that he already had. Blair insists that he stop blaming Spencer for all of this. Blair checks her messages on her cell phone and is surprised to see that there is one from Ginger, who is warning her about someone. She once again calls Spencer, but again gets no answer. Blair and David discuss Ginger’s message. David begins to badmouth Spencer again. Blair, as always, takes up for him and tells David to stop badmouthing Spencer. David tells her to just be careful. The doorbell rings. David answers the door and sees it is Dorian. Dorian wants to know why he is there. David and Dorian exchange some pleasantries before he leaves. After David leaves, Dorian fills Blair in on what had happened to Ginger and tells her that she is now dead. Dorian also tells her about the argument that Spencer and Ginger had had. Blair accuses Dorian of being as bad as David. Dorian lets her know that Spencer had let Ginger die. Blair tells her that she doesn’t want to hear any more about Spencer.

La Boulee

Dorian and Asa arrive home. Dorian insists to Asa that he should talk to Renee about letting a con man like David into her restaurant. They begin to discuss Spencer Truman and the way that he had treated her at the Palace. They both wonder if she could be his Achilles’ heel. Adriana comes out of the study. Dorian is surprised to see her. Dorian asks her how she could get in touch with Ginger Foley. Adriana informs her that she can’t, because she is dead. Dorian questions Adriana about how the accident had happened that killed Ginger. Adriana fills her in as best she can. Adriana also tells her that Spencer was the one who had treated her in the exam room. Asa and Dorian discuss Ginger and Spencer’s involvement with each other. Asa feels that they will have to be careful so that Spencer will not be able to cover his tracks. Dorian reminds him of what had happened between Ginger and Spencer at the restaurant. Dorian asks Adriana about Kelly and Kevin. Adriana takes her to the side and asks her what is going on. Dorian tries to make up some excuse. Adriana accuses her of lying and then tells her that Kelly is at the hospital. Dorian suggests to Asa that they go to the hospital. After they leave, Adriana checks her phone messages. She begins to smile when she sees one from Rex. She hears the doorbell. When she answers it, it is Duke. Duke confesses that he needed to see her. Adriana can see that he is upset over Ginger. Duke wants to talk to her. Adriana gets a call from Rex, and he tells her about Ginger. Rex fills her in on Bo and what has happened.

Llanview Hospital

Rex listens to his messages on his cell phone as he awaits word on Bo. A nurse approaches him and tells him that cell phones are not allowed. Rex insists that he cannot leave Matthew until Bo is out of surgery. Rex tries to make him believe that Bo will be all right. Matthew doesn’t quite believe him and feels that Bo will lapse into a coma, or even die. Rex discusses with Matthew the things that people say to children to relieve their worries. Rex promises to always tell Matthew the truth. Kelly and Kevin join them. Rex fills him in on what had happened to Bo. Rex fills him in on Cristian and John. Rex admits to him that there is something about Cristian that he should know. Rex starts to explain about Cristian when Asa comes in. They break the news to him about Bo, and that Spencer is operating. Asa goes totally ballistic and rushes into the operating room. Asa orders Kevin not to ever touch him again. Asa asks him if he wants the same thing to happen to Bo that happened to Ginger Foley. Rex stands by and hears Asa tell Kevin that Ginger had died. Kevin comes back into the waiting area and informs them that he had called his dad and had left a message. Kevin asks if there is any word on Bo. Adriana and Duke join them. They fill Duke in on Bo’s condition. Adriana walks over to join Rex and Matthew. Rex informs her that he is lucky to have Bo. Adriana reaches out and takes Rex’s hand. Duke watches them. Asa just walks the floor, worried about Bo and what is happening in the operating room. He begins to pray for Bo.

Spencer and Paige are in the operating room, ready to begin operating on Bo. Spencer asks for a scalpel, but before he can begin Paige catches hold of his hand. She insists that he cannot do this. Spencer asks Paige if there is a problem. Paige is upset and orders the nurse to turn off the music. She looks at Spencer and tells him to be careful. Spencer sees too much blood and orders suction. Spencer continues to operate on Bo, but encounters some problems. Asa steps in front of Bo and Spencer. Paige orders him out. Asa orders Spencer away from Bo. Paige tries to tell Asa that he is endangering Bo’s life, but he wants Paige to operate on him. Paige informs him that she is not qualified. Kevin comes into the operating room after Asa. Asa threatens Spencer’s life if he lets Bo die. They both leave the operating room. Bo begins to bleed severely, but Spencer manages to get the bleeding stopped. Spencer continues to operate on Bo, but he begins to flatline.

Statesville Prison

Agent Arlen and Haskell stand outside the prison gates. A guard brings Natalie to them. Natalie immediately wants to know who had gotten shot. Haskell orders her out of there. Natalie refuses to leave until they tell her what is going on inside. Natalie demands to talk to Bo, but they refuse to let her. She then wonders about Rex. Agent Arlen fills her in that Bo was shot and had been airlifted back to Llanview. Natalie looks through the prison gates and wonders what is going on inside. She questions him about shooting the inmate (meaning Cristian). Haskell informs her that he was just another prisoner and asks what difference it should make to her, since she is with John.

Cris has Hayes pinned down on the desk with a gun aimed at his back. He orders Hayes to tell him where Carlo is. Cris lets Hayes know that he wants a confession from Carlo. Cris grabs him up and pushes him up against the door. Hayes comes up with a plan to get away from Cris. He makes Cris think that he is going to help him. Cris still holds the gun against Hayes. Hayes compares Carlo to a South American dictator. Cris releases him. Hayes tries to persuade Cris that he will get Carlo to confess. Hayes spies some papers on the desk. He pushes the papers off the desk at Cris, who loses his balance, and they both fall to the floor.

Carlo and his henchmen look for John. As they come through a door, John comes around the stairs with one of the men held under his arm. There is a standoff between Carlo and John. Carlo informs John that he does not care if the man does get killed. He orders his men to get John. After a fight between John and the two men, the men get the upper hand on John. They push John up against the railing. One of the men hands a gun to Carlo. Carlo’s henchmen hold John up against the railing. Carlo claps his hands at the capture of John. They begin to exchange snide remarks. The henchmen have John against the railing, and while they have him there he hides a tape recorder under the stairs. Carlo confesses all to John about how he had brainwashed Cristian to do his bidding because he had wanted to take over the Santi fortune. Carlo also explains that Antonio should have been killed, too. Carlo insists that it was payback time. The henchmen grab John and push him to the floor. Carlo tells them that once John had done what he needed him for, he would kill him. Carlo calls Arlen and informs him that he has John, and unless his demands are met, John will be killed. Natalie listens in on the conversation.

Cris and Hayes struggle over the gun. The gun accidentally goes off.

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