OLTL Update Tuesday 11/29/05

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/29/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Angie


Natalie comes out of Rodi’s, deep in thought. Antonio and Clint come up to join her. Clint wonders what is wrong. They immediately want to know if it has anything to do with Viki and Jessica. Natalie is confused and wants to know what is wrong with Viki and Jessica. Clint tells Natalie that they have been out all night looking for Jessica, and she is Tess again. Clint also fills her in that Niki Smith is back too. Antonio goes into Rodi’s to see if anyone could have seen Jessica or Viki. Clint puts his arm around Natalie, and they go into Rodi’s. Once inside, Natalie fills him in that the man posing as Cristian is really Cristian. Natalie fills him in on how Cristian hadn’t wanted anyone to know that he was alive, including Antonio and Carlotta. Natalie also explains that Evangeline had found out, and had taken his case to appeal it. Natalie fills Clint in on how Carlo Hesser had brainwashed Cristian into doing his will. She also tells Clint that Cristian was shot right before her eyes. Clint tells her how sorry he is. Natalie also fills him in that John had known about Cristian ever since Cristian’s sentencing. Antonio comes up and wants to know about Cristian. Natalie lies to him and tells him that John was involved in Cristian’s case. Clint asks him if there is any word on Viki. Antonio fills him in that the waitress had identified Viki from the night before. They all leave Rodi’s to find Viki and Jessica.

Tess and Nash run into who they think is Viki. Tess wants to know what she is doing there. Viki (Niki) in turn asks what she is doing there. Nash tries to talk to her, but Niki lashes out at him and asks him who he thinks he is, and then she stops in mid-sentence. She changes her attitude when she senses that they think that she is Viki. Niki tells him to butt out. Tess gets upset and asks her what her problem is. Niki (pretending to be Viki) questions Jessica as to what she is doing there. Tess tries her best to explain about this whole situation, and about the baby. Viki is surprised. Tess begins to see through Viki, realizing that is not who she really is. She asks Nash to give her a few minutes with her mother. Nash goes over to the bar and sits down. Tess motions to her to come to the side. Tess wonders how Viki would know about a place like this, and it occurs to her that this is really Niki. She looks into Viki’s face and asks her if that is Niki. Tess laughs and asks how she had gotten out. Tess fills Niki in that she is Jessica’s alter, and her name is Tess. Tess and Niki argue. They both admit that they hate each other. Tess starts to leave but then hears Jessica’s voice urging her to stay. Tess continues to hear Jessica’s voice. Nash wants to call Dr. Jamison, but she orders Nash to stay out of it. Tess collapses. When she comes to, Jessica has emerged. Antonio leaves with her.

Llanview Hospital

Matthew is in the room with Nora. She is still unconscious. Matthew looks at some postcards of different cities. Paige comes in and asks if she can help him. Matthew immediately wants to know if she has talked to his dad. Paige tells him no. They discuss the case that Bo is working on. Matthew first looks at his mom, and then at Paige. He asks her if, if something were to happen to his father and his mother remained in this condition, she would take care of him. Paige assures Matthew that nothing is going to happen to his father. Matthew is upset that his mother will not wake up. Paige tells him that she loves him, and she will be there for him. Spencer pokes his head in the door. Paige tells him immediately that she is busy. Spencer tells her that it is urgent. Paige assures Matthew he shouldn't worry and says she will be right back. Once outside, Paige informs Spencer that she is not up to ridicule. Spencer breaks the news to her that Bo has been shot, and he is being airlifted in to the hospital. Paige and Spencer rush to the nurses’ station and want to know about Bo. Spencer tries to explain to her about Bo’s condition, and that he will be scrubbing. Paige orders him away from Bo and says that he is not performing surgery after what had happened to Ginger Foley.


Layla is behind the bar at Capricorn when Vangie comes in. Layla doesn’t see her when she first comes in, and is startled when she sees her. Layla tells her that she looks terrible. Vangie sits down at the bar while Layla pours her a cup of coffee. Layla looks at her and tells her to spill it about what John had done now. Vangie tells Layla all about John and Cristian being trapped inside Statesville during the riot. She also explains that she had been at Statesville all night with Natalie. Vangie spills the beans that Cristian is really alive. Vangie goes on to explain everything to her about the DNA test that she had stolen out of John’s apartment. She blames herself for not telling anyone about Cristian being alive. She also will blame herself if John and Cristian get killed.

Statesville Prison

John and Cris are still held up in the stairwell. They hear something like a gunshot. They come to the conclusion that Carlo’s men are shooting at the good guys. John and Cris listen to Carlo’s speech to Agent Arlen. John knows Agent Arlen and says that he won’t put up with Carlo’s antics. Cris wants to go down to the warden’s office and force Carlo to confess that he had brainwashed him into killing Tico Santi. John insists that they stick to their original plan. Cris sits down on the steps and wonders if Natalie is outside, and if she is all right. Cris refuses to just sit there and let Carlo get further away. He gets up and goes after Carlo. John tries to stop him, but with no luck. John goes after Cris. John comes back to the stairwell and sees the message on the wall telling him, “I’ll be back.” John gets his coat, puts it on, and leaves.

Bo lies face-down on the ground, and blood is pouring from his neck. Rex pulls off his coat and covers Bo. Rex yells for someone to call an ambulance. The ambulance drivers have Bo on a stretcher with an I.V. attached and are heading for the helicopter. Rex starts to go with him, but the federal agent stops him. Rex pulls away and tells him that he is going .

Statesville Prison

Agent Arlen calls for Hesser and tells him to start talking. Again Arlen calls for Hesser. All Hesser can do is laugh. Hayes looks through binoculars at Agent Arlen. Carlo asks Agent Arlen if Commissioner Buchanan had suffered much. Carlo Hesser speaks over the loudspeaker to Agent Arlen and tells him that he has changed his demands. Carlo tells Hayes that in order for his plan to work, he needs a hostage. Carlo wants his hostage to be John McBain. He tells Hayes if Cristian Vega gets in the way to dispose of him. Hayes leaves in search of John McBain. Carlo is on the phone with Agent Arlen and questions him about Bo’s condition. He informs Arlen that he is waiting for a visitor. Cristian listens at the door. He hears two men approaching and hides in the stairwell. The two men tell Carlo that they know where to find McBain. They leave in search of John.

Hayes goes up the stairs. He finds John’s coat and the whiskey bottle. He breaks the whiskey bottle.

Spencer tells Paige that if she wants her boyfriend to live, stay out of his way. The paramedics bring Bo into the emergency room. Spencer begins to examine him. Paige stands by Bo’s side and talks to him. Matthew gets off the elevator, sees Bo on the stretcher, and tries to rush to him, but Rex catches him. Matthew wants to know what had happened. They wheel Bo into an exam room. Spencer works on Bo to try to stabilize him. He begins to flatline, so Spencer orders CPR.

Paige tells Matthew not to worry. She assures him that she will go in the exam room to find out how he is, and then she will come back and tell him. Matthew sees the blood on Rex's shirt and asks him if it is Bo’s. Rex tells him that it is as he tries to zip up his coat. Matthew tries to leave, but Rex catches him. Matthew finally breaks away from him and runs to his mother’s room. Rex watches him through the window in the door.

Natalie leaves the bar. She orders a car to take her to Statesville.

Clint orders the keys from Niki. She finally agrees to give them to him.

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