OLTL Update Monday 11/28/05

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/28/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Angie

On a park bench

Tess wakes up on a park bench with her head on Nash’s lap. He says good morning as she raises up. Tess wants to get out of there and get some breakfast. Nash brings up her feelings about the baby, her family, etc. Nash questions her about what they are going to do about the baby. Nash folds up the blanket. Tess wants to watch every sunrise with Nash, and she wants the Buchanans to be miles away. Tess feels that she is on borrowed time, and that she can’t promise him anything. Nash states that he doesn’t want her to promise him anything. He tells her that he loves her. Tess admits that she is scared, and that she wants it to be just them. She wants to get away from the whole Buchanan family. She tells him that she wants to get out of there. They discuss the baby. Nash tries to get her to believe that her family cares about her. Tess doesn’t want any part of the Buchanan family. She tells him that she wants bacon. He suggests the bar. She begins to look for her purse but realizes that she had left it in the bar. They decide to go and get it.

Llanview Hospital

Spencer and Michael discuss him going into pulmonary or cardio surgery. Michael has his doubts. Paige, behind them, listens to what they are discussing. Spencer tells him to enjoy his day off. Michael leaves. Paige comes up and confronts him about what he had said. She remarks that that wasn’t like him. The paramedics hurry in with a woman on a stretcher. Spencer and Paige join them. Spencer recognizes the woman as Ginger. Ginger is wheeled into an exam room where Spencer frantically begins to work to save her life. He talks to her and tells her not to die on him. Spencer continues to work frantically on Ginger to save her life. He tells her to hang in there. Spencer again tells Ginger not to die on him. He then remembers his conversation with her earlier. Ginger then flatlines, and he cannot revive her. Ginger dies. Spencer comes out of the exam room and gives Kelly and Kevin the bad news. Duke is upset, and Adriana tries to comfort him, but he refuses her help. Kelly puts her arm around Adriana.

Statesville Prison

Bo climbs down the ladder after he knows that everything looks the same in the dark as in the daylight. The FBI man knows that Bo doesn’t approve of his idea of a lockdown. Bo walks over to the car and, picking up some pictures of them, he looks at them. Rex stands by and listens to their conversation. The head of the FBI tells Bo where the sharpshooters are located. They discuss what Carlo could be planning to do next. The federal agent declares that he is tired of playing games with Carlo. Bo insists that he is not going to leave John McBain in there to fend for himself.

Rex, putting on a raincoat with a hood, heads for the ladder. He pulls the hood up over his head so that no one can see his face. Just as he begins to climb the ladder, someone grabs him by the legs. Haskell grabs him around the neck and takes him to Bo. Bo becomes upset when he finds out that Rex could have been killed in that riot. He walks off. Rex walks over to join him. Bo orders him to get into his car and get out of there. Rex agrees to go.

John looks down over the stairs. He has noticed that it is daylight outside. John knows that the place is still locked down. John and Cris head up the stairs. John and Cris discuss taking back Statesville for the good guys. Cris sinks down on the steps as he holds his side. John works on trying to unlock the door. John and Cris are approached by two of Carlo’s henchmen. A fight breaks out. One of the men is knocked down the stairs while John struggles with the other one. The other man finally manages to get up, and while one man holds John the other man beats him. They manage to bend John over the railing. Cris manages to get up and knocks the men out. Cris offers John his hand and helps him up.

Kelly and Kevin are anxiously waiting on the outside for news on Ginger’s condition. Duke rushes up and wants to know what is going on. Kevin fills him in on what has happened to Ginger. Duke is upset. Adriana comes up behind him and wonders what is going on. (Editor's note: didn't everyone find out Ginger had died four paragraphs ago?)


Natalie questions the officer about why they are back at Rodi’s. She is upset that he will not leave her by herself. All she wants to do is be at the police station to await word on John and Cristian’s condition. Natalie declares to him that she just wants to be left alone. Natalie tells the officer that she needs some space. Michael comes up behind her. They hug. Michael assures the officer that he will take care of Natalie. The officer leaves.

Michael and Vangie watch the news inside Rodi’s. Vangie breaks the news to him that John is there. Michael misunderstands and thinks that John is up there helping out with the riot. Vangie fills him in that John is inside the prison, and he is trapped with the real Cristian Vega. Michael is confused. Michael is upset over how Cristian had treated Natalie. Vangie fills him in that this is the real Cristian. They discuss John and him being locked up with this guy. Vangie declares that she won’t sit around playing the anxious girlfriend. Michael declares that he has to find Natalie. He starts to leave, but then he comes back, hugs her, and promises her that he will find out about John. Vangie sits back down at the table and is joined by Hugh Hughes. They are discussing Todd’s case when Michael and Natalie join them. Hugh gets up to leave, and Michael follows him. Michael wants to know what his deal is, that he is going through every woman in Llanview. Hugh realizes that Michael must be jealous of the time that he spends with Marcie.

Carlo tells the henchman not to fire until he tells him to. Hayes comes up behind him. They discuss Haskell, and him possibly going over to the other side. Carlo tells him that he has plans for Haskell.

Paige questions Kelly and Kevin about the accident, and if it was really an accident. Kevin fills her in on everything that had happened. Kelly tells Paige who Ginger is.

Adriana talks to Duke about Ginger’s condition. Duke doesn’t know what to make of Adriana and accuses her of being glad that this had happened to Ginger. Duke reminds her of her breaking up with him hours before.

Niki sits at the bar with Harry, the bartender. They discuss her family and how they wanted her back this time, and she is wondering why. Niki notices Tess and Nash come into the bar. She quickly hides behind the bar. She whispers, "Is there a way out the back?" and the bartender tells him that there is, but it is locked. When she raises up, she meets face to face with Tess and Nash.

Carlo tells Haskell that he is handling the negotiations. He declares that he likes Haskell's spunk. Rex listens in on their conversation.

Duke sits by Ginger and talks to her. Kevin and Kelly look on.

Natalie is left alone with Vangie. They listen to the broadcast. Natalie panics. Vangie tells her that she has to go to the office to get some work done. Natalie promises to call her if there is any word on John.

Rex confronts Haskell about his conversation with Carlo. Bo comes up and orders Rex gone. Rex tries to explain about Haskell, but Bo will not listen. Bo takes a rifle from the officer and goes inside the prison wall. Haskell gets on the walkie-talkie and notifies the other guards as to Bo’s whereabouts. Rex reprimands him for what he has done. Rex hurries inside the prison wall. Bo, holding the rifle up, slips around the prison wall. From high atop one of the buildings, a shot rings out. The bullet catches Bo in the side of the neck. He sinks down on the ground. He rubs his hand over his neck and finds that it is bleeding. He gets up to try to walk, but collapses. Rex hurries to his side.

Michael and Natalie listen to the broadcast, and then Michael promises that he will find out what he can about John.

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