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One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/23/05


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The Cemetary

Spencer visit’s the cemetery. He takes a drink of the coffee as he squats down, and looks at the tombstone of Kevin Buchanan, Jr, Kevin and Kelly’s stillborn son. He talks to the grave for a few minutes. He imagines what it would be like if Kevin, Dorian, Asa or Todd was buried there instead of the baby. He vows to have Blair once that Todd is completely out of the way. He leaves the cemetery.

Llanview Hospital

Kelly and Kevin enter the hospital. The first person they run into is Paige. They question her as to where the lab is. Paige instantly thinks that something is wrong, but they assure her they are just there for some tests for the procedure that Spencer is going to do. Paige thinks that this procedure is a mistake. Kelly and Kevin are surprised by Paige’s attitude. Kevin and Kelly walk out of the elevator after she has had all her tests run. They discuss what Paige had said about Spencer, and it was all due to their nasty divorce. Kelly and Kevin leave the hospital . They visit the cemetery where their son is buried. They talk to him, and tell him about the new baby that they are going to have. They promise to tell the new baby all about him.

Palace Hotel

Dorian comes into the Palace dining room, and meets up with one of her friends. The woman offers her apologies on not being at Dorian’s wedding, and how sorry she is that David had left her at the altar. Asa comes up to join them.

Llanview Police Department

Todd is in his cell when he has a visitor from Starr. He is surprised to see Starr. Todd is upset that Starr has ditched school just in order to see him. Todd asks the officer to let him speak to his daughter alone .Starr insists that this is the only way that she could see him. Starr asks him about his killing Margaret. Todd is upset that Starr would think that he had murdered anyone. Todd asks Starr if she really believes that he would kill Margaret. Starr admits that she doesn’t know what to think, but that whatever he did, he did to protect her, Blair, and Jack. Starr promises to support him. Todd insists that he didn’t do this. He then makes Starr go back to school. Starr leaves. Todd becomes angry, and throws the mattress, and everything else off the bed.

Hugh is in Nora’s office. The secretary tries to use the intercom to get in touch with him, but can’t seem to get it to work. Hugh goes, and opens the door. The secretary comes in falling into the room with an armful of files. She informs Hugh that there is a man there to see him. Jack McNaughton comes into the office. Jack demands to know what he is doing there. Hugh questions him about his conversation with Todd. Jack is reluctant to give him any information. Hugh pulls out a file on Jack, and his past business dealings. Hugh then demands information on Todd. Jack again refuses to divulge any information. Hugh presses the button on the intercom, and asks his secretary to get in touch with the Judge, and get him a warrant for the arrest of Jackie McNaughton. Jackie orders him to put down the phone. Jackie opens up, and tells Hugh everything that he wants to know about Todd.

Palace Hotel

Blair comes into the Palace dining room. She meets up with Bunny Logan, who comments on Dorian. She then begins to belittle Todd, and his guilt. Blair insists to her that Todd is innocent. Spencer comes up, and upon hearing them argue, defends Blair. He gives Bunny a business card, and suggests a nose job. Bunny is insulted, and leaves. Blair thanks him for defending her, and that she needs a friend. They discuss Todd, and the evidence that the police has against him. Blair insists that she knows that he is innocent. Spencer doesn’t share her sentiments. Blair becomes upset that Spencer is against her in this. Blair insists that Todd is not going to prison. Still, Spencer will not agree to help her. Blair leaves. Ginger comes out of from her hiding place, and confronts Spencer about his conversation with Blair. Ginger insists that he leave Blair alone. Ginger threatens to go to Blair with the information that she has against him. He insists that she sit down. He grabs her by the arm, and tells her that if she goes to Blair then he will ruin her life. He releases her, and tells her to get out of his sight . She leaves.

Dorian and Asa sit at a nearby table. Dorian wants to get up, and force Spencer away from Blair, but Asa stops her. He reminds her of their pact, and he assures her that they have to use their heads. Dorian and Asa notice what is going on, and wonders what that was all about. Dorian mentions that they should get a private detective to look into Spencer’s past. She thinks that he must have some skeletons of some kind in his past. Asa doesn’t think that this is such a good idea, their partnership. She insists that it is. Asa reaches for her hand, and they form a bond to bring Spencer down. They discuss their plan of attack. After seeing Spencer’s treatment of Ginger, Dorian thinks that they may have found his Achille’s heel.

Kevin, Kelly and Paige discuss the medical procedure that Spencer is going to do on Kelly. Kevin insists on knowing why Paige is so against the procedure. She apologizes, and she blames it on their breakup, and nasty divorce. Paige assures them that Spencer is an excellent physician. Kelly and Kevin leave. David approaches, and tells Paige that he needs to talk to her. She takes him into a nearby exam room. David informs him that he is a murderer. Paige confers that if he is a murderer then so is she. Paige and David discuss what that Spencer holds over their heads. David owns up to that Dorian knows that he is a murderer, but Paige isn’t part of it. They know that Spencer could ruin both their lives if he called the police about what he knows. David suggests that they kill him. Paige can’t believe that David would suggest such a thing. David then suggest that they move on to Plan B. Paige wonders what Plan B is. David tells him to get at his weak point which is Blair. Paige can’t believe that Spencer wants Blair.

Blair comes into the outer office of Hugh’s law office. Joyce gets so flustered that she drops what she is doing. Blair insists to go to see Hugh, but Joyce stops her by telling her that he is with a client. Blair asks who, but Joyce refuses to tell her .Blair barges in on them, just as Jack is telling Hugh that Todd was willing to pay him to get rid of Margaret Cochran. Blair denies that this is true. She accuses Jack of lying. Jack insists that even she had seen him, and Todd talking . Blair remembers seeing Todd, and Jack talking at the Palace . Hugh threatens to subpoena her to testify for the prosecution.

Blair visits Todd in his cell. She confronts him about what she had just heard in Hugh’s office. She becomes upset, and doesn’t know whether or not she can believe him. She tells him that she is disappointed in him, and walks out .

Ginger tries to call Blair, but only gets his answering machine. She thinks about her conversation with Spencer, and tells Blair never mind. The only thing that she does say is that he isn’t what she thinks he is. She rushes out when she runs into Kevin and Kelly. They notice something is wrong, and ask her about it, but she insists that no one can help her. She rushes on, and into the path of a car. Kelly hides her face in Kevin’s shoulder.

Just as Asa and Dorian are leaving the dining room, they run into David. They are cordial. David goes on his way. Dorian tells Asa that she must talk to Dorian about who she lets in her restaurant.

Spencer is busy going over some medical chart, Paige stands behind him. A nurse comes up to her, and tells her about a patient of hers, who has just died. Paige looks at Spencer again, and remembers her conversation with David about killing Spencer. Paige leaves. Spencer looks around to see no one standing there.

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