OLTL Update Tuesday 11/22/05

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/22/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita


Clint yells for Viki and Dorian, but cannot find either one of them. He leaves the mausoleum. Clint comes back to search the mausoleum. He looks around, and wonders what has happened in here. He finds the cell phone. Then he sees Dorian the casket. He raises her up as he asks her who had done this to her. Dorian answers him, Niki Smith. Clint is surprised . Clint wants to know how this had happened that Niki Smith had emerged. Dorian fills him in on all the details. Clint apologizes to Dorian for the way he had treated her because he knows that it had taken a lot of guts to do what she did to help Viki and Jessica. Dorian hopes that Niki won’t ruin their lives. Clint vows to refuse to leave town again until his family is safe .

At a bar outside Llanview

Tess and Nash arrive at the bar. They select a table about middle ways the room. Tess catches hold of Nash’s hand, and requests that he sit with her for awhile. The bartender comes up, speaks to her, and asks her if she wants her usual. Tess gives him her drink order. Nash tells him that he will have the same. Tess tells Nash that everything has changed. Their drinks arrive. Nash tries to assure her to stay calm. She lashes out at him, and thinks that all he cares about is the baby. Nash tries to tell her that stress is bad for the baby. Tess declares that she hates being pregnant. She slaps him. Tess suggests that she would like to start over when it was just her and him. She insists that this baby is a mistake. Tess explains to him about how she had wanted to get rid of the baby. Tess admits that this is freaking her out, and she doesn’t know how to get rid of Jessica. She asks him if he wants her to tell him what made Jessica create her in the first place. The baby begins to kick which makes Tess cry. She knows that she will never have a life of her own, and she will never be just Tess. She feels everything closing in on her, and wants to leave. Nash stops her. He will not allow her to leave on her own. They kiss. She tells him that she doesn’t know what she would do without him.

Statesville Prison

John keeps knocking on the wall trying to find a way out. He gets frustrated, and sits down. He tells Christian that if Natalie could see them now, she would want neither one of them.


Natalie and a police officer come into Rodi’s. They listen to the special report on the television about the riot at Statesville. She, sarcastically asks the officer if she could get a cup of coffee without him breathing down her throat. The officer denies her request by telling her that Bo had requested that he stay with her to keep her from returning to Statesville Prison. She begs him for a few minutes alone. He warns her not to do anything funny. The bartender comes up, apologizes, and asks what Natalie would like to drink. She pours Natalie a cup of coffee. The bartender tells her about the only other customer in the place. Rex comes in to join her. The bartender comes up, and orders him to leave her alone. Rex asks Natalie what is wrong. She asks him what is she going to do. Rex hugs her.

Viki(Niki) sit’s at a nearby table, and tries to be conspicuous from Natalie. Niki continues to hide from Natalie and Rex. Niki mumbles to herself that she knows that guy that he is the one with a dog’s name. Niki grabs her purse, and sneaks out of Rodi’s. The bartender chases after her.

Niki looks in the window of Roxie’s hair salon. She sneaks into the hair salon. She picks up a bottle on the table, and finds it empty. She turns around, and spies a box on the table. Walking over to the table, she starts to lift the lid on the box when Roxie comes up behind her, holding a bottle on her. They discuss Natalie being with Rex. Roxie asks Viki is she sleepwalking. Roxie questions her about Jessica. Niki doesn’t know anything about Jessica, and thus, says it is just family business. Roxie takes a drink of whiskey. Roxie makes Viki a proposition to make her over. Niki agrees. Roxie takes another drink, and Niki(Viki) asks for one too. They discuss Natalie being with John, and how she is a survivor. Roxie goes in the back to get something. Niki gets up, looks in the mirror, and tells Viki that if you play with fire you are going to get burned. Roxie takes the towel off her head, and reveals Viki’s new hairdo. Viki likes it .She applies makeup to Viki’s face. She goes into the back to get fake eyelashes. Niki gets up, takes a drink from the bottle, steals the money, and leaves.

Natalie informs Rex that the man she had thought was Christian is really Christian. Rex cannot hardly believe it. Rex wonders why Christian would pretend to be Christian. Natalie fills him in on everything that Vangie had told her, and that he had been shot right before her eyes. Natalie wonders why Christian hadn’t told her about all this. Rex questions her if Vangie could be lying. Natalie insists that Vangie is telling the truth, and that she wished she could hate her. Natalie also fills him in that John had known for about the last year. Rex suggests that he pack her bags, and she can get out of town. Natalie insists that no one is driving her out of town. She insists that she can take care of herself, and is going to deal with this head on. She vows that she never stopped loving Christian, but now she doesn’t know how she feels about John.

She wonders how this could happen to her. Rex questions her as to how John had gotten involved in the prison riot. She fills him in that John had gone up there, and now Bo was overseeing the procedures. Natalie tells him that Bo said he would call if anything happened. Rex has a questioning look on his face. Rex promises to find out what he can. He hugs Natalie. Natalie wonders if she will ever be able to trust a man again.

John checks Chris’ wound. He suggests to Chris to pray. John pulls Chris up off the floor. Chris tells him that he appreciates that he had kept his word to him. John relates to him that once they are out of there, he will tell her everything. Chris tells him that once they are out of there, and he has a chance to explain everything to Natalie, and she believes him that John won’t stand in their way of them getting back together.

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