OLTL Update Monday 11/21/05

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/21/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Statesville Prison

Bo calls Hesser on the walkie talkie, but gets no answer. Bo informs Hesser that he has his money, and the helicopter. Bo orders him to let him know about the prisoners before he gives him anything . Bo calls for Hesser again, but doesn’t get an answer. An officer brings up a man, who was waiting outside the gate. Bo questions him, and orders him to tell him what he knows. Bo questions him about Carlo, and his plan. The man tells him all he knows. An F.B.I. Man comes up, and shows Bo a map, and fills him in on a plan.Bo tells Hesser to answer him, and to stop playing games. The F.B.I. Man comes up, shows him the briefcase of money. Bo informs Carlo that he has his money. He wants the prisoners released. The F.B.I. Comes up with a plan. The F.B.I. Man wants to cut the power, but Bo refuses. Bo orders Vangie and Natalie to leave. They leave. Bo wants the power back up. Bo wants something done before they lose everything and everybody.

Vangie explains to Natalie that the only thing that had kept Chris alive in there was thought of her, and coming home to her. Vangie wonders if that is how Natalie feels too. Natalie just looks at her. Natalie doesn’t know how shc can think of a future with Christian in there dying. Vangie begins to point out Chris’ virtues. Natalie becomes aggravated, and tells her that she doesn’t have to point out Chris’ virtues to her, she had married the man. Natalie begins to blame Vangie for all of this, and accuses Vangie of wanting John back. Natalie and Vangie argue about Christian and John. Natalie points out that John has turned her life upside down .Natalie wonders what she is going to do next?

John lies Chris down on the floor. John begins to give him CPR to revive him. John tries frantically to revive Christian, but finally manages to bring him too. Chris begins to talk to him. John and Chris decide that they don’t like each other too much. They share a whiskey bottle. John searches for a way out. Chris climbs the stairs, and searches for a way out .


Layla is on the phone, and argues with the man that she is talking to. Antonio comes up, asks for a drink which he swallows right down .Antonio looks around, and wonders where Jessica is. Antonio is on the phone, searching for Jessica. He can’t seem to find her anywhere. Layla comes up, and tells him that Jessica is not in the ladies’ room. Antonio figures that there has to be an explanation to where Jessica is. Antonio keeps searching for Jessica. The lights go out which unnerves Antonio further. Michael comes in, and comments on the the lousy party. Marcie comes in behind him. Antonio is frustrated that he has a problem with the plumbing, and now the lights. Antonio informs them that he is going to look for Jessica. Antonio comes out, and upon seeing Michael, asks him for his help. Michael refuses by telling him that he has hands of a surgeon. Marcie offers her help instead, and gets the lights back on.

Nash and Jessica kiss. They pull apart, and Tess has emerged. They smile at each other, and Tess asks him what has took him so long . Tess finds it difficult being locked up inside Jessica, and wants to get out of there. Nash fills her in that he had picked out a name for the winery which reminded him of her. She likes the name. She tries to persuade him to leave .He informs her that they can’t that he had made a promise to Jessica. Tess is upset that Nash will not leave with her, and that he had made a promise to Jessica. Tess asks why he had made a promise to Jessica. Nash tells her, reluctantly that she is not a whole person. Tess is upset with Nash that he won’t agree to go with her. She starts to leave, but he stops her. He tries to point out to her that all matters now is their family. Tess gets a call from Antonio, and pretends to be Jessica. She makes up a lie as to why she had left the party, and now she was going to bed, and she would see him tomorrow. Once again Tess wants to leave Llanview, but Nash refuses. Nash offers her encouragement that they cannot keep running, and that they will work this out together. Tess doesn’t want to turn into Jessica for good. Tess asks him for his help. They decide to go to a bar outside of town.


Dorian and Viki arrive at the Mausoleum which houses Victor Lord’s body. Dorian is all against this idea, and doesn’t understand why Viki needs her. Viki points out that Tess will only talk to Niki Smith. Dorian is still reluctant to help her. Viki begs to her to help her save Jessica. Dorian tells her that this makes no sense, and starts to leave. Viki stops her from leaving by locking the door. Viki once again begs her to help her. They begin to argue as usual. Dorian orders Viki to give her the key. Viki refuses. Dorian thinks that there must be some other way that Jessica could be helped. Viki, in order to get Dorian to lash out at her, begins to complain about Dorian’s faults, and how she cannot be counted on for anything .This makes Dorian angry, and she begins to lash out at Viki, which makes Viki happy. The argument continues until Viki’s iniative is finally reached, and Niki Smith emerges. Dorian is finally relieved that Viki has accomplished what she had planned. Dorian begins to call Clint, but Niki orders her not to make any phone calls. They wrestle over the phone which results in Dorian falling, and hitting her head on the side of the tomb to which Victor Lord’s body is entombed. Niki Smith checks on Dorian’s condition, and upon seeing she is still living, decides to leave. She thinks of a bar outside of town.

Adriana is at the rock quarry, alone. Rex comes up, and tells her that she shouldn’t be here by herself. Adriana, looks at him, and tells him that she had hoped he would come. Adriana and Rex discuss their relationship. Rex informs her that he is getting used to this hot and cold. He tells her that he is just glad to be there. Adriana asks him, really, Rex tells her that she has to make a decision. Rex takes her hand, and they leave.

Clint comes into the kitchen just as Kevin and Kelly come in. Kevin wants to know about Viki. Clint finds out from them that Viki had been with Dorian, and they were whispering together. Clint wonders which one of them is dragging the other one into who knows what.

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