OLTL Update Friday 11/18/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 11/18/05


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La Boulee

Dorian comes downstairs with an armful of wedding gifts. She yells back up the stairs at Kelly and tells her that if she finds any without a card attached just to lay them aside, and they will take care of them later. The doorbell rings. When Dorian answers it, she finds it is Viki. Dorian apologizes again for dropping by the other day but makes her apologies that she is busy returning wedding gifts. Viki insists that she needs Dorian’s help. At first Dorian tells her no, since Viki hadn’t been at her bachelorette party or at her wedding, but then she reconsiders. Viki fills her in that she wants her to help her resurrect Niki Smith. They discuss bringing Niki out. Dorian asks her about how her family feels about this. Viki fills her in on Dr. Jamison hypnotizing her but being unable to bring Niki out. Dorian doesn’t understand; if the procedure that Dr. Jamison had performed hadn’t helped, then what could she do? Kelly comes downstairs and wants to know what procedure. Dorian lies to her and tells her that they were discussing the procedure that she was going to have, and how Kevin is against it. Kelly informs them that Kevin had changed his mind about the procedure. Viki is more than a little upset when she knows that Dorian had lied. Dorian tells her to remember why she is here. Viki goes on to give her the specific details on how she can help.


Jessica asks Antonio not to ever let her go again. Antonio assures her that he will never let her go, and he will fight for her with everything he has. They kiss. They hug, but while they are hugging, Jessica looks at Nash. They pull apart, and Antonio notices that Nash is watching them. Antonio wants to make him leave, but Jessica pulls him back onto the dance floor. They begin to dance, but Jessica still looks at Nash.. Nash brings Jessica a drink, and she thanks him. He tells her that he is glad that she is taking a break. Antonio stands up and informs him that he doesn’t give Jessica advice. Antonio starts to cause an argument, but Jessica calms him down by telling him that Nash was only being Nash.. Nash storms out of Capricorn. Layla comes up and notifies Antonio of a disaster that only he can take care of. Antonio leaves Jessica alone.

Llanview Police Department

Blair and Todd are together in one of the conference rooms. He asks her if she believes him. He knows that if she doesn’t believe him or have confidence in him any longer then he has no reason to fight. He also knows that if he has her belief in him then he will fight with everything that is in him. She assures him that she believes him, but she wishes that he had come to her with this long before now. Todd had his doubts, and that is why he had run. He knew that the police knew he had a motive, and they had proof he was at the scene. Blair tells him that she is so sorry that he has to go through this. Blair tells him to stop this, because they have Evangeline on their side. Blair tells him that she wants to believe him. Todd becomes upset. Blair points out that what he has just told her doesn’t match the evidence that the police have. She asks him if he has left anything out.

Statesville Prison

Bo tells Carlo to get on the horn. Hayes remarks, Doesn’t Carlo just want to tell him to shove it? Bo walks over to the F.B.I man and wonders what is taking the T.A.G. men so long to get there.

Carlo gets on the horn, and he informs Bo that he is willing to negotiate. Carlo tells him that he wants a helicopter and one million in cash to tide him over. Bo and the F.B.I men converse. They come up with a plan to give Carlo what he wants so that he won’t take any more lives. Bo points out that in a matter of time, Carlo will mess up. Bo tells Carlo to get on the horn. Bo informs him that he will have his copter in an hour. Carlo tells him that this is unacceptable, and he's to call him back in five minutes or John McBain will get one bullet in his kneecap and one between the eyes. Carlo fires at Hayes, which unnerves Hayes.

Cris begins to straighten up a little bit. He mumbles to himself that he is coming back to Natalie. John comes back with some bandages. Cris accuses him of wanting Natalie all to himself. Cris tells John to concentrate on getting Carlo. John gives him a bottle of whiskey. Cris takes a drink of it.. Cris has a gag in his mouth and he yells out in pain. John begins to take the bullet out of his side.

Natalie and Vangie wait outside. Natalie can’t take in all that has happened, and that John had known about Cristian being alive ever since the day he was sentenced a year ago. Natalie also wonders why John had lied to her and hadn’t told her anything about this. Natalie demands to know why John had kept this from her. Natalie turns on Vangie and blames her for doing all of this. She thinks that Vangie wanted John all to herself. Vangie tries to deny all of this, but Natalie will not believe her. An F.B.I. agent walks up and notifies them that Bo wants them to stay out of the way. Vangie tries to fill Natalie in on everything that has been going on. Vangie explains why she had taken the case to try to clear Cris’s name. Natalie tells Vangie that she should have been told. Vangie informs her that it was Cris’s call, not John’s, and not hers. Natalie gets a call on her cell phone and, upon looking, thinks that it is from John. When she answers the call, she finds that it is from Hayes, and he is ridiculing her. She demands to know where Cris and John are, but all Hayes will tell her is that he will take care of them. Natalie tells Vangie that she had lost Cristian twice, and now this is all her fault.


Adriana comments to Antonio on the job that Layla had done on Capricorn. Duke comes up, pats Antonio on the shoulder, and asks to cut in. Adriana tells Antonio to go and join Jessica. Duke informs her that he was hoping that he would run into her. Duke admits that he really cares about her and wants it to work between them. Adriana tells him that she is confused about them right now. She explains that she needs time to think, and she can’t be with anyone right now. Duke is confused about Adriana’s decision. Duke is still at Capricorn when Kelly arrives. Duke fills her in on what has just happened. Kelly hugs him. Kevin walks in and catches them. Duke leaves.

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