OLTL Update Thursday 11/17/05

One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/17/05


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Blair visits Todd in jail. She asks him what had really happened to Margaret. Todd begins his story that it had started the night that Starr had been in the hospital.


Layla and one of the bartenders get ready for the big re-opening of Capricorn. Layla admits that no one is going to ruin this night for her. She looks around and sees Nash, who has just walked in. She wishes that she had kept her big mouth shut.


Clint asks Viki if she is sure that she is doing the right thing. Viki assures him that this is for Jessica, and nothing is going to change her mind. The doors to the library open, and Jessica and Antonio walk in. They are just wanting to say good night, since they are going to the AIDS fund raiser at Capricorn. Jessica makes up an excuse that she has to go back upstairs for a lipstick. Viki follows her. Jessica stands in front of the mirror. Viki asks, "Is it Jessica?" Jessica assures her that it is. Jessica admits that she is nervous about going out and being around so many people.. Viki tries to offer her assurance as much as she can .

Clint tells Antonio that if there is any sign of Tess for him to call him immediately. There is a special bulletin on the radio informing all the listeners about the riot that had begun at Statesville Prison. Clint is relieved that that is out of Bo’s jurisdiction.

Viki again tries to offer Jessica some kind of comfort about dealing with Tess, should she come out again. Antonio and Clint come out of the library. Antonio asks Jessica if she is ready to go. Jessica assures him that she is. She kisses Clint and Viki bye, and they leave.

After they leave, Clint asks Viki if she had told Jessica that Dr. Jamison was coming by. Viki tells him that no, she hadn’t. She was hoping that the hypnosis would work, and she would gain the information that they needed to help Jessica.

Blair questions Todd more about what had happened between him and Margaret. He tells her where they had met, and how he had gotten her to get rid of the gun, and how he had gotten her in a boat with him.

The gunshots at Statesville continue. John tries to revive Cris, but with no luck. He shields Cris’s body with his own. He finally manages to get Cris back inside. Natalie has become hysterical, wanting to know why they had gone back inside. Bo tries to get Vangie and Natalie to safety away from the gunshots. Once out of range, Natalie demands to know from Vangie what she is doing to her.

Layla and Nash discuss the telethon for the African people with AIDS. Layla tries to get Nash to leave town. Nash gives a contribution, but he refuses to leave town. Layla looks up and sees Antonio and Jessica arrive. Layla goes to see them, and she fills them in that Nash is there. Antonio wants to put him out, but Jessica assures him that they are going to deal with this until they work something out. Layla tells him about the contribution that Nash had given. Antonio goes over to confront him.

Natalie and Vangie argue over John Doe being Cristian Vega. Natalie doesn’t want to believe that Cristian is really alive.

Carlo comes into the warden’s office and finds Hayes gagged. Carlo begins to complain about how things had turned out differently from the way that he had them planned. He unties Hayes and gives him another chance to kill John. He assures Hayes that Cristian had been shot by Haskell.

Bo reprimands Haskell for firing shots before he was supposed to. F.B.I men arrive and talk to Bo about the happenings at the prison.

John gets Cris to safety inside a stairwell. Cris’s side is bleeding profusely. John takes off his shirt and presses it on Cris’s side.

Natalie looks all around at the top of the prison walls. She can’t believe that the man inside is Cristian. Vangie tells her that she is so sorry that she had to find out this way. Natalie wonders why Cristian hadn’t told her who he really was the day that she had visited him. Natalie wonders why this is happening now when she is so happy with John. She begins to cry. Vangie tries to comfort her

Todd continues to recount the happenings of when he was with Margaret, and how she had tried to gain hold of the oars. He began to rock the boat to get her to stop. They began to argue.

Viki is grateful that Clint is there with her. The doorbell rings. When Clint opens the door, he finds it is Dr. Jamison. Viki invites him to come in and make himself comfortable in the library while she talks to Clint.. She wants Clint to assure her that she is strong enough to go through with this. Clint assures her that she can do anything.

Cris is afraid that Natalie will find out about him. John looks for a way out. They both wonder what Carlo is planning next. Cris faints. John tries to revive him. John finally manages to get Cris awake. When Cris comes to, he wants John to take on Carlo in order to save their lives. Cris knows that John always has to play the hero.

Vangie and Natalie still argue, and Natalie tells her that she can’t look at her right now. She orders Vangie to leave. Vangie refuses. Natalie can’t believe that any of this is happening—that her husband is alive, and no one had told her. Natalie thinks that both John and Cris are going to bleed to death inside. Vangie tells her that John wouldn’t have gone through with all of this to let Cris die now. Natalie wants to know what she means. Vangie breaks down and tells her everything. She tells her how John had known who John Doe was since the day of Cris’s sentencing. Natalie can’t believe what she is hearing.

Todd tells Blair about how he and Margaret had begun to struggle in the boat, and how Margaret had told him that she would always love him, and then she had plunged overboard. Todd dived in to try to find her, but she had sunk to the bottom too fast. Todd wants to know if Blair believes him.

Layla tells Jessica that she hopes everything works out for her. Jessica feels that she has already done enough, and wants to know why. Layla tells her that Antonio had been good to her since she came to town, and she wanted to repay the favor.

Antonio orders Nash to leave Capricorn. Nash refuses. Antonio gives a beautiful speech on the tragedy that has struck the African people, and how they need our help and contributions. After his speech, he receives applause from everyone. He goes to join Jessica. They hug.

Dr. Jamison begins to hypnotize Viki. When he has her thoroughly hypnotized he tells her to let Niki out, but Viki cannot feel Niki anywhere. Dr. Jamison will not press the situation any further and tells Viki that he has to confer with his colleagues, and he will get back to her in the morning. Clint shows him out. Clint comes back to join Viki. Clint receives a phone call from Dallas. When he goes to take the call, Viki gets her coat and purse and she leaves.

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