OLTL Update Wednesday 11/16/05

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/16/05


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Statesville Prison

John pushes Cris up against the door and tries to prevent him from going outside. Cris acts as though he believes John. When John releases him, he hits John and leaves him lying on the floor. John gets up, grabs his coat, and leaves the office.

He runs into Hayes, who fills him in that Carlo had ordered him to kill John McBain.

Carlo instructs Bo to get a pen and paper to write down his demands. His demand is that Renee be brought to him. Bo will not allow this to happen and tells Carlo to forget about his other demands. He also tells Carlo that the only way he is coming out is feet first. Carlo laughs.

The Palace Hotel

Asa and Renee come into the Palace dining room. Asa sees Spencer and wants to leave. Renee insists that they sit down and eat their dinner. Asa wants to have a talk with Spencer. Renee instructs him to act like a grownup.

Spencer sits at a table a little ways from them. David comes in and sits down opposite him. He lets Spencer know that he has no control over him anymore, because he had told Dorian everything. Spencer laughs and asks him how that could be, since he doesn’t know everything.

La Boulee

Dorian comes down the stairs, talking to herself in the portrait at the top of the stairs. She tells herself that she had done the right thing, the only thing she could do. Blair comes in and wants to know what is "the right thing." Dorian informs her that she had cut David completely out of her life, and Blair needs to do the same thing with Todd.


Todd sits alone in a room and awaits his lawyer. One of the police officers comes in and informs him that his lawyer hadn’t shown up, but he has a visitor. Viki comes in. Todd is sarcastic when he tells her, "Long time, no see." Viki informs him that she had just found out about his arrest, and there were other members of the family in deep trouble, too.

Statesville Prison

Vangie and Natalie arrive at the prison. Haskell refuses to let them go any further. Vangie demands to see her client. Haskell again refuses. Vangie threatens to call the governor.

Bo refuses to bring Renee into this mess. One of Carlo’s men holds a gun on the guard and threatens to kill him. Cris approaches. Carlo’s man jumps up, knocking the guard to the floor. He grabs Cris by the arm and holds a gun on him. Carlo is impressed by Cris’s appearance. He tells Bo that someone else has come to the head of the line.

Blair and Dorian argue as usual over Todd and whether or not he had killed Margaret and her unborn child. Blair defends Todd, as usual, which angers Dorian even further.

Todd apologizes to Viki. Viki confronts him about his knowing about Jessica and her D.I.D., and the fact that Jessica is pregnant. Todd tries to assure her that he was only looking out for her. She asks him if he thought he was doing the right thing when he killed Margaret and her unborn child.

John and Hayes struggle over the gun. Hayes gets the upper hand by holding the gun against John’s throat.

Bo demands to know from Carlo who is there with him. Carlo informs him that Cristian Vega is there. Carlo orders Cris to sit down. He tells Cris that he is a dead man. He orders one of his men to kill Cristian, and then the guard, and he will watch.

Vangie demands to know who is in charge. Natalie sees Bo and yells at him. Bo instructs Haskell to let them through. Bo fills them in that John is in there, and John Doe is with Carlo. Natalie thinks that is good and says to let Carlo kill him.

Cris has some sort of rod in his hand. He knocks Carlo’s man out. He helps the guard up. He grabs Carlo and holds the gun to his head.

Dorian hurls insults against Todd in every way she can. She tries to make Blair believe that Todd had killed Margaret and her unborn child.

John and Hayes continue to struggle over the gun. John gets the upper hand and draws a pistol on Hayes.

Bo tells Natalie that if she can’t remain calm then she will have to leave. He orders her and Vangie to keep their heads down. Natalie starts ranting and raving about Vangie protecting John Doe, saying he deserves what he gets. Vangie informs her that she shouldn’t say that, because she doesn’t know who he is.

Viki reminds Todd of a conversation that they had had a few months earlier about Margaret. She insists on knowing what he is keeping from her. Todd remains silent.

Dorian and Blair continue to argue over what David had told her, because Dorian doesn’t want to tell her. Finally Dorian relents and tells Blair what David had told her. They begin to argue once again over Todd. Dorian demands to know who supports her. Blair informs her that Spencer Truman does. Dorian once again begins to give her advice about Spencer and says that he is no good for her. Blair becomes upset and leaves. Dorian realizes that she has a big mouth. She decides to call Asa to enlist his help in ruining Spencer.

Asa talks to Spencer about the horse, Home on the Range, and possibly a higher-stakes poker game. Asa receives a call from Dorian. She informs him that she has information on Spencer.

John ties Hayes up in the warden’s office. Hayes wants to know who John finally wound up with, Natalie or Vangie. John gags him. He then leaves the office.

Bo instructs Natalie and Vangie to get out of there. Natalie refuses to go without John. Chaos occurs, and Cris brings Carlo out the front door.. A sniper is on a nearby building. Haskell holds his gun on Carlo and Cris.. Vangie realizes that it is Cristian behind Carlo and yells, "Cristian!" Vangie then fills Natalie in that John Doe is really Cristian Vega—the real Cristian Vega.

Asa visits Dorian and she fills him in on what Spencer has been trying to do. After a brief conversation, they decide to join forces against Spencer.

All the guns are aimed straight for Cristian and Carlo. Natalie runs in front of the bars. She looks and realizes that it is Cristian, just as a shot is fired and Cristian falls to the ground.

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