OLTL Update Tuesday 11/15/05

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/15/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

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La Boulee

The doorbell rings, and when Dorian answers it she is surprised to see that it is David. David wants to know if he can talk to her for a few minutes. Dorian reminds him of how when the minister had asked him if he would take her as his lawfully wedded wife, he had said no. David begs her to let him explain why he couldn’t marry her.


Viki is on the phone in the library. She leaves Dr. Jamison a message to call her as soon as he can. She tells him that this is for Jessica’s sake. Clint comes into the room to join her, and he tells her that this is a bad idea. Viki asks him what, thinking he means that Natalie shouldn’t see John. He explains to her that he means the idea of her being hypnotized to bring out Niki Smith. Viki assures him that this is something that she has to do. Clint is afraid that she will lose herself in the process..

At the gym

Kevin doesn’t think that it is such a good idea for Jessica to talk to Nash. Jessica insists that this is something that she has to do. Nash asks Jessica if she is admitting that this baby may be his and Tess’s. Jessica wants to know about Tess, and why he thinks that he is in love with her.

Angel Square Hotel

Natalie comes in and meets up with Evangeline, which annoys her. She sees that Vangie has been up to John’s apartment, which annoys her further. Vangie assures her that John wasn’t up there, nor is he at the station. Natalie thinks that something has come up.

Statesville Prison

John and Cris push a desk up against the door to keep anyone from getting in. Cris asks him what he is doing there. John tells him to get him out because he is innocent. Cris is confused. John fills him in on the plan that he was going to put into effect to get Carlo to confess, adding that it had fallen through. Cris wants to go after Carlo, but John stops him. John informs him that if one goes out the door, then both of them go, because they are stuck with each other.

Antonio visits Viki and Clint at Llanfair. He asks if anything is wrong. Clint fills him in on Viki’s plan to bring out Niki Smith to help Jessica. Clint thinks that this is a bad idea, and so does Antonio. Clint wants him and Antonio to take care of Jessica. Viki declares that he has no idea how to take care of Jessica. Antonio asks where Jessica is. They inform him that she is at Serenity Springs. Antonio suddenly feels in need of a workout, and he leaves.

Jessica and Nash discuss Tess, and the fact that Tess had told him that her twin was named Jessica. Jessica informs him that her twin was named Natalie. Jessica then wants to know what else she had told him.

Kevin stands a little ways off from them. Kelly comes in and sees Jessica and Nash. She inquires of Kevin if that is Nash. Kevin has his doubts about this. Kelly assures him that Jessica can take care of herself. Kelly tells him that she wants to talk to him. She fills him in that she had talked to Spencer, and she was going to make an appointment to have the procedure done. Kevin doesn’t like the idea of this.

Jessica is upset when she finds out that Tess had told Nash that she was dead.

Statesville Prison

Carlo calls Hayes useless. They are disturbed because they thought their plan was flawless, but now it had gone awry. Carlo declares that now all he has is hostages and negotiations. Carlo declares that he hates negotiations.

Bo orders Haskell to open the gates before someone else is killed. Haskell tells him that he is out of his jurisdiction, but he orders the gates open. Bo gives his officers instructions, and they start inside. As they near the gate, gunshots are fired, and everyone rushes to safety.

John and Cris discuss a plan of escape. John searches around the room for a plan to get out of there. Bo stands outside the prison gates. He walks over and speaks privately to one of his officers.

Carlo orders Hayes to find Cristian Vega and kill him. Hayes tries to make up excuses for not killing him. Carlo reminds him of how he had been treated when he was a child. He also reminds Hayes of how Cristian had beaten him in his cell. Hayes vows revenge.

Viki and Clint again discuss her being hypnotized to bring Niki Smith out in order to help Jessica. Clint is thoroughly against the idea.

Cris wants to leave the office, but John talks him out of it. John goes back to looking at the map. Cris points a gun at John and tells him that he will get Natalie back.

Carlo calls for Bo on the walkie-talkie, but Bo refuses to answer. Carlo threatens to throw one body at a time from the roof until his demands are met.

Hayes wanders through the halls of Statesville Prison, looking for John and Cristian.

David and Dorian still discuss how he had left her at the altar. After he tells her about him killing a man, she realizes that he must feel light at heart. She then goes ballistic on him and informs him of how humiliated she feels, and how people point and make fun of her. She orders David out of her house. David leaves.

Jessica makes Nash promise that if Tess emerges he will not allow her to talk him into running off with her. Antonio comes up and wants to know if he is bothering her. Jessica tells him no. They fill Antonio in on the promise that Nash had made to Jessica. Nash tells them before he leaves that if this is his and Tess’s child, then he will never give it up.

Carlo threatens the hostage. Bo gives in and wants to know what Carlo wants.

John thinks that he has Cris calmed down enough that he won’t try to leave the office. Cris hits him and leaves him in the office.

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