OLTL Update Monday 11/14/05

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/14/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Angie

La Boulee

Dorian angrily throws David’s clothes down the stairs. Kelly comes in and watches her for a few minutes. Kelly asks her what she is doing. Dorian comes downstairs. She exclaims to Kelly that she had given David everything, and she couldn’t understand why he had left her at the altar.

Angel Square Hotel

David enters the Angel Square Hotel. After looking around carefully, he goes behind the counter and takes one of the hotel keys. Hearing someone come in, he quickly hides to the side of the counter, knocking off Roxie’s purse in the process.

Roxie comes into the room just as Natalie comes downstairs. Roxie gets pleasure out of knowing that Natalie had just been upstairs with Michael. Natalie informs her that she doesn’t have time for this now that her father had called a special family meeting. Roxie wants to go with her, but Natalie informs her that it is for immediate family only. This disappoints Roxie. Natalie leaves. Roxie starts to go around the counter when she bumps into David. She screams. She demands to know what he is doing there. He informs her that he had lost a contact lens. In standing up, he loses the hotel key. Roxie accuses him of trying to steal a room. David informs her that he had lost a contact lens, and now, since he had found it, he is getting out of there. Roxie lets him know that she knows what had happened at his wedding, and she shows him the article in the newspaper. He mumbles to himself that he is so sorry as he reads the article.


Viki tells Kevin that they have to find out what had made Jessica create Tess. Viki also tells them that the only person Tess will take to is Niki Smith. Kevin will hear none of this. Viki thinks that Niki is the whole cause of all this. Viki points out that the most important thing now is to help Jessica. Jessica comes into the room and is afraid that she is going to be stuck with Tess always.

Antonio and Layla come into the gym. Antonio thanks her for taking care of Layla. Layla is afraid that everyone, including Lindsay and the social worker, is going to find out that this is just a scam. Antonio assures her that he will take care of it. Layla leaves him just as Nash arrives. They exchange harsh glances. After a brief confrontation, it winds up in a fight between Antonio and Nash. Layla sees the fight and goes for help. They have to be separated.

Statesville Prison

Cris paces back and forth in his cell. He yells for Carlo Hesser. Carlo arrives, drinking a cup of coffee. Cris tells him that he is not going to get away with this. Carlo informs him that he already has. He also tells Cris to just sit back and watch what is going to happen next. Carlo takes a sip of the coffee as he begins to laugh.

John tries to revive the warden, but without luck. Hayes comes through the door singing, “a huntin’ we will go.” He fires his rifle in John’s direction.

La Boulee

Dorian vows that she is not going to do this. She is going to demand answers from David as to why he had done this. Dorian and Kelly discuss the reasons why David had left her at the altar, and they don’t believe them. The doorbell rings. Kelly is surprised to see Spencer and wonders what he is doing there.

Statesville Prison

Haskell, along with other prison guards, hurries out of the prison and locks the doors behind them. Sirens blare through the night air. The police cars stop just outside the prison gates. Haskell stops them from going any further. Bo explains to them that he had heard about the prison break and was there to help. Haskell tells them, "No help wanted."

Cris paces in his cell. Prisoners rush by his cell door. A noise sounds, and his cell door opens. Another group of prisoners rushes by his door. One of the prisoners stops and tells Cris to hurry.

Hayes fires at John again. John turns a somersault and shoots Hayes in the arm. Hayes vows revenge on John. John hides inside the warden’s office. Hayes turns the doorknob but cannot gain entrance. Carlo comes up, and Hayes fills him in on what has been going on. Carlo insists that Hayes kill John McBain. Carlo goes over and talks to John through the door. John holds his gun straight on the door. John tries to get Carlo to let them have a talk face to face. John doesn’t hear anything outside, so he opens the door, carefully, and he doesn’t find anyone thereónot even the warden’s body.

Haskell holds Bo at bay and will not let him inside the prison. Bo insists that his chief detective John McBain is in there, and he is not going to leave there without him.

Viki offers assistance to Jessica. Kevin tells them that he doesn’t remember anything like that going on when they were children. Viki tells him that something like that goes on behind closed doors. An argument erupts over Niki Smith and her being released. They all remember the things that had happened when Niki Smith was in charge before. Kevin and Jessica decide to go to the gym. Clint tries to apologize to Viki, but she won’t accept his apology. She goes upstairs. Clint and Natalie discuss her love for Cristian and her love for John.

Hayes holds his gun on Cristian and threatens to kill him.

Roxie doesn’t understand why David had left Dorian at the altar. David remembers his conversation with Spencer. David wants to tell Dorian the truth.

Spencer wants to talk with Kelly about the medical procedure. Dorian makes up an excuse to send her upstairs. Dorian reminds him of all the things that she knows on him. Spencer declares to her that he is the one who is in charge. He fills her in that he was the one responsible for David calling off the wedding. Dorian is puzzled as to what he is holding over David’s head. Spencer orders her to stay out of his business. Kelly comes back downstairs, and Spencer mentions the article in the newspaper about her wedding. Dorian demands to see it.

Bo insists on talking to the warden. Haskell pretends as though he is calling the warden, but doesn’t get any answer. Haskell tells Bo that there isn’t any answer. A body starts to fall from one of the upstairs windows. Bo and the other officers rush inside. To their dismay, they find out that it is the warden, and he has been shot.

Cristian escapes from Hayes and is on the run. John comes out of the warden’s office and begins to look around for Carlo. He sees Cristian. They decide to hide in the warden’s office. Cristian tells John that he knows why he is there, but he wonders what John is doing there.

Kevin and Jessica arrive at the gym. They run into Antonio and Nash. Kevin wants to leave, but Jessica tells him that she needs to get to know Nash better, since he may be the father of her baby.

Viki decides to agree to Tess’s terms and let Niki Smith come out. She calls Dr. Jamison to tell him of her decision.

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