OLTL Update Friday 11/11/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 11/11/05


Written By Mary
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Natalie hurries into John’s apartment. She begins to yell at him as she looks around the apartment for him. When she can’t find him, she decides to take a shower.

Statesville Prison

Cris does push-ups in his cell. He remembers the conversation that he had had with Angus Kelly. Hayes comes by with the book cart. He tells Cris to go ahead and pump iron, but it won’t do him any good when seven o’clock comes. Cris looks at the clock, and it is six o’clock.

Natalie comes out of the bedroom and looks for John. She hears a knock on the door. It’s Michael, and he wonders where John is. Natalie has no idea where he is, and she has a funny feeling that something is wrong.

John hangs up the phone at the courthouse. He meets up with Bo. John fills him in that he is on his way to Statesville to talk to Warden Stephens. Bo hopes Warden Stephens gets back in time to save Cris’s neck. Evangeline arrives. Bo tells John to do what he has to do. Vangie wonders what they are talking about.

Kevin and Kelly are in the courtroom, and she wonders how Blair will react when she finds out that Kevin and Kelly had known about Margaret. Bo approaches them and tells them that he knows that this is going to be hard on them.

Evangeline tells John that if this is about her client then she needs to know. The guard brings Todd in, in handcuffs. There is a group of reporters behind them trying to get a statement. Vangie pulls Todd aside. Todd asks about Blair, and where she is.

Spencer is on the waterfront. Blair joins him. She wonders what he is doing here. He tells her that he had been volunteering at the clinic, and he had had a rough night. He asks her about Todd’s arraignment hearing. Blair confesses to him that she thought she was ready, but she just realized that she was in love with a murderer.

Spencer tries to assure Blair that Todd needs her. Blair points out that Todd has always walked a fine line with the police. She also knows that there will be people out today who will think that Todd is the same person he was years ago. Spencer asks her if she believes that Todd is a murderer. Blair tells him no.

Vangie and Todd discuss Blair, and where she is. A reporter breaks through and manages to ask Todd a question about Blair. Todd grabs him by the coat. Vangie manages to get him to release the reporter. Hughes comes up and makes a remark about the trial. Todd asks Vangie who that is. Vangie remarks that that is the man who is going to put him behind bars.

Bo, Kevin and Kelly discuss Todd and Margaret, and them being a lethal combination. Bo leaves to make a phone call. Kelly and Kevin sit down. They see the police bring Todd in. Kelly starts to get up but Kevin pulls her back down. Kevin suggests that they go someplace else. Kelly tells him that she is not going anywhere.

John assures Bo that he knows what he is doing. Bo tells him he hopes so. John leaves.

Cris asks Haskell if he can talk to the warden. Haskell refuses to let him. Haskell informs him that in forty-eight minutes he won’t be talking to anyone.

Haskell informs Carlo and Hayes that everything is set. They all sit down at the table to play cards. Carlo tells them that in forty-seven minutes the walls of Statesville Prison will come tumbling down.

Natalie and Michael discuss her and John. Michael asks her if Evangeline is a problem. Natalie tells him that she hadn’t even thought about Evangeline. They discuss Jessica. Michael suggests that they go to the diner for something to eat. Natalie goes to get ready when there is a knock on the door, and it is Roxie. Roxie wants to know what is shaking. She then sees Michael. She isn’t at all surprised to see Michael. Michael goes to get them supper while Natalie fills her in on all the juicy details. Roxie fills Natalie in that she is the meat in a McBain sandwich.

John fills the warden in on the fact that John Doe is really Cristian Vega. John wants Cristian to wear a wire. The warden refuses, but then reconsiders and agrees to John’s terms.

Haskell cuts the line that leads to the fuse box. All the lights go out everywhere in the prison. Warden Stephens tries to use the telephone, but it, too, has been disconnected. John wonders what is going on out there.

Carlo pushes his book cart up to Cris’s cell. Hayes comes up, and he takes a book off the cart. He opens up the book, and inside is a gun. Hayes shuts the book back and goes on his way. Cristian begins to yell for a guard. When the guard checks the book, he finds nothing. Carlo doesn’t buy that there wasn’t anything in the book.

Spencer and Blair discuss how Todd is different from anyone else. Blair doesn’t think that Todd is capable of killing Margaret and her unborn child. Spencer and Blair leave for the courthouse.

A reporter sneaks his way into the courtroom and begins to ask Todd all kinds of questions. A bailiff orders the reporter out. Kelly approaches Todd and begins to tell him that she had thought he had changed, but she was wrong. She accuses him of being a rapist and a murderer.

Todd’s arraignment hearing hegins. Hugh begins his opening argument as to why the bail should be denied. Evangeline has her turn at her opening statement. The judge denies Todd’s bail, and only gives Evangeline a week to prepare Todd’s defense. This unnerves Todd as well as Blair, who vows to stand beside him no matter what. The officer handcuffs Todd and takes him out of the courtroom. Spencer goes to Blair’s side and slips his arm around her waist. Todd looks back to see what is going on.

Sparks are flying from the cut electrical wire. The prisoners are hurrying out of the building. There is massive chaos everywhere in the prison. John informs the warden that he is going out there to see what is going on. The warden gets his gun out of a drawer and joins John at the door. They slip out into the hall. Hayes has the warden in his sights. Hayes aims and fires. The bullet hits the warden in the chest. John looks all around to see where the shot had come from.

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