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One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/10/05


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Natalie sits on Jessica’s bed and watches her sleep. Jessica dreams of when she and Nash had first met, and the things that had happened since their first encounter. Jessica wakes up and finds Natalie sitting there.


Bo has John Doe’s file before him on his desk. There is a knock on the door. John pokes his head in and informs Bo that he is leaving for the night. Bo motions for him to come into the office. John tells him that he is going up to visit Warden Stephens to discuss Carlo Hesser.

Statesville Prison

Cris asks for Angus’s help. Angus is reluctant to help him. Cris asks him if he could live with himself if he got his throat cut.

Palace Hotel

Duke hurries into the suite. He sees a bridesmaid dress strewn across one of the chairs. He sees Kelly in her bra and slip. Once she sees him watchng her, she begins to scream for him to get out. She pushes him, and they lose their balance and fall to the floor. A man heads for the door.

At the docks

Rex and Adriana begin to kiss. They don’t know what they are doing or why they are doing it, but they continue to kiss.

Kevin pushes Duke off Kelly. Duke goes in her direction, and Kelly hits the floor. Kevin demands to know what is going on.

Jessica and Natalie hug. Jessica is glad to see Natalie. Natalie tells Jessica that Viki had told her about the baby, and they will get through this somehow. Jessica confesses that at times she thinks that this is all just a bad dream, and she has no alter ego, and she hasn’t cheated on Antonio. They hug again.


Nash pays a fine to the lady for the incident that had happened at the airport. He hands her a check. Clint walks up and takes the check out of the woman’s hand. He gives her a check of his own. Nash looks puzzled.

Bo apologizes to John for leaning on him so hard. Bo is reminded of all the secrets that he has been keeping from people he cares about lately. Bo suggests that John tell Natalie all about this deal with Cristian Vega.

Llanview Hospital

Spencer has been in Nora’s room, checking on her condition. When he leaves the room, he sees Evangeline. Evangeline asks him about Nora’s condition. Spencer fills her in on a medical procedure that another doctor has been working on that could possibly be used on Nora. Spencer tells her that they would need Nora’s family's permission. Paige walks up and informs him that it will never happen. Evangeline is confused.

Kelly gets ice for Duke’s head. Kevin apologizes to him for hitting him. Kevin thinks that Duke might have a concussion and says he may need to go to the hospital, but Duke refuses. Kevin asks what had happened there that night.

Adriana and Rex pull apart. Adriana wants to know where this is headed. Adriana wants them to be just friends. Rex accuses her of leading him on. Adriana tries to explain, but Rex doesn’t buy any of it.

Statesville Prison

Angus insists that he did what he had to do. Cris pulls him to one side. Cris tells him that once he gets out, he should get in touch with Commissioner Bo Buchanan and tell him what is going on. Angus wants to know what makes him so close to the cops.

Bo advises John to tell Natalie what is going on with Cristian before it is too late for him.

Nash will not accept Clint’s offer of the check. Clint insists that it is only a loan that he can repay when his winery gets up and running. Nash thanks him. Clint tells him that he wants to discuss Jessica and Tess with him. He wants Nash to stay away from Jessica.

Natalie wants to know how far along she is. Jessica says she thinks maybe a couple of months. Natalie tries to console her. Natalie asks her if she is prepared if the baby is Nash’s. Jessica tries to explain to her that by the time the baby is born, then she will probably be well, and Tess will be gone. Jessica is afraid that Tess is trying to take over and get her own life back. Jessica reveals to Natalie that Tess had tried to have an abortion. Natalie plumps up Jessica’s pillows and tells her to get some rest. Jessica is afraid that when she sleeps Tess will be there again.

Nash tears up the check and throws it onto the desk. He tells Clint that it is Tess’s decision.

John knows that Bo is telling him the truth about telling Natalie. He confesses to Bo that he had tried to tell Natalie. There is a knock on the door. It’s Clint. John leaves them to talk. Bo wonders why he is there. Clint wants to know how long he has known about Jessica and Tess.

Duke begins to try to explain to Kevin about what had happened. Kevin insists that Duke should have called first. Kelly turns the tide and wants to know what Kevin is doing there. Kevin tries to explain. Kelly and Duke share a laugh. Duke leaves. Kevin gives Kelly a questioning look, as though he believes that something more was going on.

Adriana admits that she has conflicting feelings about Duke and Rex. Rex makes her make a choice between him and Duke. Rex wants her to stop dragging him around.

Natalie assures Jessica that she will give Tess what for if she shows up again. Natalie kisses her on the cheek and leaves. Just as she leaves, she runs into Nash. She demands to know what he is doing there.

Evangeline, Spencer and Paige discuss the procedure that the other doctor has been working on. Paige explains to them that it is only in the experimental stages. She goes on to explain that the patients it was used on suffered more brain damage. Evangeline goes to visit Nora. Spencer threatens Paige that what she did was unwise.

Vangie goes in to visit Nora. She apologizes for not being there sooner. She explains to her that she is in her heart, and she has been praying.. Nora has an out-of-body experience and comes up to the side of Vangie. Nora tells her to spill it as to what is on her mind.

Bo and Clint discuss Jessica and Tess. Clint wants Bo to help him with any information that will help in Jessica’s therapy. Clint tells Bo that he needs to get back to Llanfair to check on Jessica. Bo tells Clint that he’s home.

Kevin assures Kelly that he knows nothing was going on between her and Duke. They hug.

Adriana and Rex are joined on the docks by Duke. He fills Adriana in on what has just happened between him and Kelly. Adriana misunderstands and thinks that Duke would rather make love to Kelly than to her. An argument erupts, and she forces Duke to leave. He is resistant at first, but he gets the feeling that she wants to be alone with Rex. He leaves them alone.. Adriana comes to the conclusion that there is nothing between her and Rex, not even friendship.

Angus, at first, refuses to help Cris, but then he agrees. Before he leaves, he tells Cris to watch his back after lights-out. Cris sits down at the table and mumbles under his breath to Natalie that he is coming .

Natalie orders Nash out. Nash insists that he wants to see Jessica. Clint approaches them. Clint assures Natalie that he will take care of this. Natalie leaves.

Spencer tells Paige about the fiasco at Dorian and David’s wedding. Paige is uninterested at first, but then she becomes interested. She wonders why Spencer would want to break them up, since Dorian is the love of David’s life. Spencer threatens Paige that there will be dire consequences if she makes him look like a fool again.

Nora and Vangie discuss the secret that she is keeping. Nora encourages her to keep her mouth shut. Vangie is relieved for the helpful advice. Bo comes in to visit Nora. Vangie exclaims that she just wants her to wake up.

Natalie waits for John outside his apartment. When he arrives, they discuss Jessica. They go into the apartment. Natalie wants to know what John is upset about. He explains to her that he doesn’t want to talk, because this evening is about her. They begin to kiss and end up partially dressed in bed.

Clint agrees to let Nash see Jessica. When they go into her room, she is asleep. Clint pushes back her hair and gives her a kiss on the cheek. Nash leaves.

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