OLTL Update Wednesday 11/9/05

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/9/05


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The Docks

Adriana, rushing down to the docks to be alone, takes her earrings off. She reaches up and pulls the hair pins out of her hair. Rex, wondering what is wrong with her, comes up behind her.


Dorian bangs on the door of Llanfair. Clint angrily opens the doors and orders her to cut it out. Dorian begins to rant and rave about Viki not being at her wedding. Viki opens the library doors, and upon seeing that it is Dorian, she shuts them back. She tells Clint to put Dorian out. Clint picks up Dorian, sits her down outside the door, and shuts the door. Dorian begins to scream as loud as she can.

Palace Hotel

Spencer enjoys a glass of champagne as he antagonizes David once again. He reminds David of the fact that he had once shot a man. Spencer informs him that that is a fact that he wouldn’t want the public to know, and he shouldn’t take it for granted. Spencer insists that he owns him. David is upset.

Statesville Prison

Cris has a brief conversation with Hayes Barber. Cris grabs him by the throat and begins to choke him. Hayes asks him if he is going to kill him. Cris releases him abruptly, and Hayes walks off. Cris bumps into another one of the prisoners, who slips a piece of paper into his pocket. Cris reads the note.

Llanview Police Department

Bo and John discuss John Doe being Cristian Vega, and how he had kept it from Natalie and Cris’s family. Bo can’t understand his reasoning behind keeping this secret from everyone. John explains that he had his reasons. Bo hopes the reasons are good, since he could lose his job and his girlfriend all in one night.

Adriana and Rex are at the docks. He comments her on her dress. Adriana explains that she had been at a wedding. Rex remembers it was Dorian and David’s wedding. Adriana informs him that it was called off because David had backed out. Adriana is upset with her mother because she had blackmailed her about the kiss she had shared with Rex. Rex wants to know what is bothering her. Adriana is upset because Duke had defended her. Adriana becomes hysterical about Duke and his treating her like a child. Adriana starts to walk off. Rex understands why Adriana wants to pick a fight with Duke, but he doesn’t know why she is telling him.

Palace Hotel

Duke enters the Palace dining room. The first person he sees is Ginger. He asks Ginger if she has seen Adriana. Ginger is just about to answer him when Kelly comes in and informs her that she has done quite enough.

Bo and John are in Bo’s office, discussing John Doe being Cristian Vega and why John hadn’t told anyone. John explains to him that Cristian had made him promise to keep his secret. Bo is disappointed in John that he hadn’t trusted him enough to tell him about this. Now all this results in Bo not trusting John.

Statesville Prison

Cris reads the note that the man had placed inside his pocket. The man approaches the table and introduces himself as Angus Kelly. Cris begins to question him about Carlo’s operation inside the prison.

Dorian bangs on the door of Llanfair until Clint has to let her in. Dorian immediately goes into the library and begins to rant and rave at Viki about her not attending the bachelorette party or her wedding. Clint tells Viki that if she needs back-up then he will be right in the next room. Viki questions her as to what had happened at her wedding, that she is here now making a fool of herself.

David insists to Spencer that no one owns him. Spencer doesn’t believe him. David tells him that he is going to get Dorian back somehow. Spencer assures him that he may not be able to fix this. David tells Spencer to just go ahead and call the police. Spencer doesn’t want David locked away because he will lose his power over him. David insists that he was only protecting Dorian by doing what he did.

John wants Bo to just go ahead and suspend him. Bo will not agree to do this to his best detective. Bo wants John to explain everything to him about Cristian. John begins to fill him in on everything. John tells Bo that Cristian didn’t want anyone to know who he was, or he would kill himself.. Bo wonders how he figures this. John tells him that under the circumstances he would probably do the same thing.

Rex and Adriana debate Duke being perfect or not perfect. Adriana comes to the realization that Duke is not perfect, and she is not good enough for him. Rex tries to persuade Adriana to give Duke a break. Adriana can’t seem to understand why Rex talks like this about Duke. Rex also tells her that she could do worse than Duke.

Duke defends Ginger, which aggravates Kelly further. Kelly cannot figure out why Duke defends Ginger after all she has done. Kelly blames Ginger for using people and trying to worm her way into Duke’s life. Duke calls Kelly’s hand, which makes Kelly angrier. She starts to leave, but she tells Duke before she goes that he should tell Asa about this. She points out that he is a chip off the old block. Ginger thanks Duke for his help.

Spencer wants to know why David had stopped the wedding. David points out that he wanted time to figure out what to do about him. David asks him what he had done to him that Spencer would try to sabotage his life like this.. Kelly comes in and demands to know what he is still doing there.

Viki wants to know what had happened, and why. Dorian points out that she should ask David. Dorian blames Viki for everything that had happened and says she probably knew about it. Viki can’t seem to talk any sense into her. Viki orders her out of her house. Dorian then steps over the line and tells Viki to bring out one of her alters. Viki gets angry and informs her that Jessica is sick with D.I.D., and it is all her fault.

Bo and John continue to discuss Cris. John fills him in that now Evangeline knows about Cris and is working on an appeal to get him out. Bo finds out from John that Carlo is in Statesville, too, and has made two attempts on Cris’s life. They discuss having Cris put into solitary to save his life. Bo tries to call the prison to talk to Warden Stephens, but he gets the runaround, just like John had when he called.

Spencer makes up a lie to tell Kelly as to why David had left Dorian at the altar. Kelly won’t buy any of it. Spencer leaves so David and Kelly can talk. Nothing David says will Kelly believe. David finally leaves Kelly alone to get out of her dress.

In the dining room, Spencer catches up with Ginger and tells her to tell Duke that Adriana is upstairs in the suite. Duke immediately goes upstairs. Upon entering the suite, he sees a bridesmaid's gown strewn over the chair. He sees Kelly in the next bedroom, and she is in her bra and slip.

Dorian is apologetic when she finds out why Viki hadn’t been at the wedding. Clint comes in and tells her that Jessica is asking for her. Viki goes upstairs. Dorian lets herself out after a few minutes of composing herself.

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