OLTL Update Tuesday 11/8/05

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/8/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

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Llanview Police Department

Natalie straightens some papers on a desk in an attempt to keep busy to keep her mind off Jessica. John and Hugh come out of Bo’s office. John comes up to Natalie. He can sense something is wrong. They discuss Jessica, and her sleeping about all the time. Natalie tells John that it helps, him being there. Bo comes out of his office and beckons John to join him in his office.

Bo informs John that he knows about him requesting more protection for John Doe, a.k.a. Cristian Vega. Bo wants to know why he had worked so hard to get him convicted and now is helping him.

Statesville Prison

Cristian talks to one of the guards. Carlo comes up and informs Cristian that he owns everyone there; that means anything. Carlo informs him that he is planning a jail break, and he will be taking away everyone who could help him. Cristian tells him that he will never get away with it. Carlo asks him about his attorney and if she had deserted him.

Llanview Jail

Todd wants out on bond. Evangeline informs him that he will not get out until his arraignment. She doesn’t think that he will be granted bail because he had been arrested once before, and he was considered a flight risk. She also reminds him that he is charged with two counts of murder. Todd informs her that he cannot stand this place. Evangeline encourages him to call Blair. He is hesitant.

The Palace Hotel

All the guests are confused because David has decided that he cannot marry Dorian. Dorian insists that the preacher ask him again. David tells her again that he cannot marry her.

Statesville Prison

Cris tells Carlo that he can’t control him anymore. Carlo begins to talk about Natalie. Cris accuses Carlo of wanting him to hit him so he can be thrown back into solitary. Carlo walks off. Cristian mumbles that there must be someone there whom Carlo can’t control. He walks over to one prisoner. When the prisoner stands up, it is Hayes Barber.

Bo and John discuss his closed case. John will not divulge any information about it. Bo asks him if this is about Natalie. Again, John will not let anything slip. Bo reminds him that his decision will affect the whole department. John assures him that he has got the case under control. Bo warns him that if he messes up, then he will have to do what he has to do. John leaves. Bo stands in his doorway and just shakes his head. John is standing at the filing cabinet when Natalie comes up and asks him what had happened. John tells her that he has something to do, and he will see her later. John leaves. Bo beckons Natalie into his office .

The Palace Hotel

David tells Dorian that they need to talk. Dorian insists that she is not going anywhere until they get married.

Blair and Kelly can’t seem to figure out what has made David change his mind.

Duke comes up behind Adriana and asks her if she is all right. Adriana assures him that Dorian will not stand by and let anyone humiliate her in public. Jack asks Carlotta if they aren’t supposed to say "I do."

Blair gives Kelly her bouquet of flowers. She states that she has had enough excitement for one day and is going to find Todd. Blair leaves.

David tells Dorian that he has changed his mind about marrying her. Dorian doesn’t believe him. He informs her that Spencer had changed his mind. Spencer walks up to them.

David lies to Dorian and tells her that he has made a mistake, and he wants a life like Spencer's. Dorian again doesn’t believe him. He tries to make her believe that if he marries her then it will just hold him back from recognizing his dreams of becoming someone like Spencer. Dorian apologizes to the crowd and tells them she and David are going to have a talk, and then they will come back and have a wedding. David and Dorian leave.


Hugh and a police officer discuss the case and the evidence against Todd.. Hugh tells him that he is asking for the death penalty for Todd. Blair overhears their conversation.

Natalie wants to know what Bo wants. They discuss Jessica and her beginning therapy. Bo assures her that Viki will do everything that she can do to help Jessica. Bo knows that Viki is scared about Jessica. Bo doesn’t want to tell Viki about Todd being arrested, but he knows if he doesn’t tell her then she will read it in the newspapers. Natalie comes to the realization that Viki has to be told.

John makes a call to the prison. He gets a runaround from the girl who answers the phone. He tries to tell her that this is urgent police business, but the girl doesn’t believe him.

Evangeline finishes up their conversation. She calls for the guard. She meets Blair as she is leaving. Evangeline tells Blair that Todd needs her. Blair wants to know why he had left her.

Once upstairs, David doesn’t know what to say. Dorian comes up with a plan to tell the guests, but David still refuses to marry her. She demands to know what she had done that he didn’t want to marry her. He informs her that it isn’t her, it was something that he had done. She gives him five minutes to come downstairs and get married, or it will all be over between them—for good. She leaves him alone.

John visits a church and has a conversation with a preacher, who offers him some advice.

Natalie knows that John always does what is right. She vows to be there for Viki when she finds out about Todd.

Evangeline and Hugh discuss the case against Todd. Hugh insists that he has him dead to rights. Evangeline wonders why, if he has such an open-and-shut case against Todd, he is worried about her defending Todd.

Todd tells Blair that he had left a note for her. Blair insists that she hadn’t found any note. Blair reminds him of all the things that he had done to cover his tracks. Todd still insists that he did not kill Margaret. He begins to go over the facts with Blair of the things that had happened. Todd reveals to Blair that he didn’t want Margaret arrested, he wanted her dead.

Natalie listens to the conversation between Evangeline and Hugh. Natalie finds out that Vangie is defending Todd. She asks Vangie if she is dropping the case for John Doe.

David is unhappy that he is not marrying Dorian. Spencer visits him. David doesn’t want any company. Spencer insists that it is better to humiliate Dorian than have the public finding out that David is a cold-blooded killer.

Dorian dismisses her guests to go and enjoy the bridal dinner that they had prepared. After the guests leave, Dorian knocks over one bunch of the flowers, and then another. She sits down in one of the chairs. She vows that it isn’t over until she says it’s over.

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