OLTL Update Monday 11/7/05

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/7/05


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The Palace Hotel

Dorian, carrying her wedding dress, comes into a suite at the Palace Hotel. She yells for Kelly, Blair and Adriana, but she doesn’t get any answer.


Buchanan Enterprises

Kelly and Duke are hugging. Kevin walks in and sees them. Kevin questions Kelly as to what is wrong. Kelly comes over and hugs him. She explains to him how bad she feels about the baby in the lake. She gets a call on her cell phone from Dorian, who wants to know where her bridesmaids are. Kelly asks if she needs anything. Dorian tells her no. Kelly kisses Kevin bye as she leaves the office.


The Palace Hotel


David samples some of the entrees. He gets a call from Dorian. David thinks that their wedding will be jinxed because he had seen Dorian on the cell phone before the wedding. He insists to Dorian that they are getting married today. She asks him if he has seen her nieces down there. David tells her no, but Carlotta is there. Dorian tells him to send her up to help her.


Blair is upset when she gets a call from Dorian, who insists that she be at her wedding. Blair tells her no, she is not coming to the wedding. They hang up. Spencer tries to console her as best he can. Blair picks up a cushion and puts it over her head, telling Spencer that Dorian drives her crazy. Their discussion strays to Todd. Blair insists that Todd would not kill an unborn child.


Llanview Police Station

Todd is brought into the police station. There are reporters everywhere who are asking him if the dead child is his. Todd is ushered into Bo’s office. Bo comes in behind him and tells him to sit down. Bo begins the questioning. Bo tells him that he is going away this time on two counts of murder.




Nash tells Antonio to sit down because he is driving him crazy.


Tess tells Dr. Jamison that she is not telling him squat. She demands to talk to Niki Smith.


John comes into Bo’s office, where Bo and another officer are questioning Todd and revealing evidence to him. Todd insists that he did not have anything to do with Margaret’s murder. Bo and John do not believe him.


Blair starts to go to the police station, but Spencer stops her. He encourages her to get ready to go to Dorian’s wedding. At first she hesitates, but then she agrees. Before she goes upstairs, she tells Spencer that she is sorry and she didn’t mean to lean on him so much. Spencer just smiles to himself.

David looks in the mirror and plays with his bow tie. Starr comes up behind him and tells him that she needs an answer. Starr asks him if Margaret is dead.


Carlotta is busy taking care of Jack. She tells him to leave. After he leaves, Carlotta starts demanding to know why Evangeline is defending the man who had pretended to be Cristian for months. Evangeline is surprised that Carlotta knows about this.

Natalie comes through the door at Llanfair. The first people she sees are Antonio and Nash. She wants to know what is going on that the door is shut. They tell her that Jessica is being hypnotized. Natalie starts to join them, but both Antonio and Nash stop her.


Dr. Jamison wants to know what it is that Tess can only say to Niki Smith. Tess insists that she talks to Niki Smith or she doesn’t talk. Viki takes Clint aside for a private conversation. Viki devises a plan to make Tess think that Niki Smith has emerged again.


Natalie and Nash argue over the fact that he will not allow her to go into the room where Jessica and her parents are. Antonio insists that the only person who is emerging from that room is Jessica. He insists that Nash catch a airplane and go back to California. Nash tells them that they do not know who is going to come out of that room, Tess or Jessica.


Viki and Clint agree to Tess’s terms and decide to let Tess talk to Niki Smith.

Viki tells Tess of their decision. Tess is thrilled. Dr. Jamison begins the hypnosis. Within minutes, Niki Smith (or so Tess thinks) has emerged. After carefully talking to Niki for a few minutes, Tess finds out that they were trying to fool her. She tries to leave the room. Dr. Jamison quickly gets the situation under control and brings Jessica out. Jessica immediately wants to know what happened with Tess, and what they had found out. They take Jessica out to join Antonio, Nash and Natalie. Clint instructs Natalie to take Jessica upstairs.


David and Starr discuss Margaret Cochran, and he says that she won’t be bothering them again.


Kevin and Duke arrive at the wedding. Kevin remarks that Asa had warned them about the pitfalls of being around the Kramer women.


Kelly arrives to help Dorian get ready. Dorian demands to know where she has been and gets upset when she finds out that Kelly had been at work. Dorian is upset about why neither Blair nor Viki is there. Kelly offers her help. Adriana arrives. Adriana explains that she had forgotten her shoes, and she had gotten a speeding ticket. She makes up an excuse to get Adriana out of the room.


Todd demands his one call and calls Evangeline to ask for her help.

Dorian comes out of the bathroom with her wedding dress on, which is absolutely breathtaking. Kelly and Adriana comment on how beautiful the dress is. Blair and Spencer arrive. Dorian is upset again by his presence. Blair goes on and on about how beautiful the dress is.


Dorian sends Blair, Adriana and Kelly out of the room so she can have a conversation with Spencer. Once they are gone, she orders Spencer not to do the procedure on Kelly. Spencer refuses to listen to her. Dorian threatens to blackmail him again if he does the procedure. Spencer leaves the room. He tears up the wedding invitation.

Evangeline arrives at the police station to talk to Todd. At first she is reluctant to take the case, telling him that if he has killed the unborn baby then she will take all of the information to the district attorney. John is confused as to how she can defend Todd after what he has done. Evangeline threatens Todd that if he lies to her about Margaret and the baby then she'll take what she knows straight to the district attorney. Bo comes in and instructs the officer to take Todd across the hall and book him. John again tries to talk to Evangeline about defending Todd, but she insists that she believes in Todd, just as she does in Cristian.


Spencer catches up with David and blackmails him to help him put Dorian in her place, or he will expose all to everyone there. David is reluctant to do as he asks, but Spencer insists.

The wedding begins. Dorian takes her vows first. When it comes to David’s turn, he tells Dorian that he has changed his mind and that he can’t go through with it.

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