OLTL Update Friday 11/4/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 11/4/05


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Angie

Antonio, Jessica, Clint and Viki are in the library at Llanfair. Viki is on the phone with Dr. Jamison. Dr. Jamison informs her that he is on his way. Jessica has doubts about doing this and is afraid that Tess will emerge yet again. Viki assures her that this is the only way to make her whole again. Antonio tells her that she is surrounded by people who love her. The doorbell rings. Antonio goes to answer it, and it is Nash. Antonio is upset that he is there and wants to know what he is doing there. Jessica comes up behind Antonio and tells him that she had invited him. Antonio looks surprised.

David is in the kitchen, looking in the refrigerator at La Boulee. Dorian yells for him. He yells that he is in the refrigerator. She is quite aware of where he is, since she is in the kitchen also. She is distraught that he could eat at a time like this. She begins to rant about Viki not being at her bachelorette party, Cassie not being able to come to her wedding, and Blair’s refusing to come to the wedding at all. She wonders what could be more important than her wedding .

Spencer sits on the couch beside Blair. She is asleep, with her head on his shoulder and her hand on his arm. There is a knock on the door. Blair awakens with a start and mumbles, "Todd." Spencer gets up to answer the door. Spencer looks through the peephole and sees that it is Bo. He opens the door for him. Bo informs Blair that Todd had rented a car. The man who owned the rent-a-car business couldn’t make a positive identification because Todd had changed his appearance. Bo shows Blair a sketch of the new Todd.

Todd is in his car. He is indecisive as to what to do next. He looks at his hands. He checks his text messages.

Buchanan Enterprises

Kelly and Duke come into Kevin’s office, laughing. Kevin wonders what they are laughing at. Kelly and Duke explain to him about a woman they had seen while they were running that morning. Kelly admits that it was good to laugh after all that had been going on. She feels so badly about the baby that they had found in the lake. Kelly admits that this makes her want a child that much more.

Bo asks Blair if he can put a tap on her phone in case Todd should happen to call her. Blair agrees to whatever he needs to do. Bo leaves. Blair looks at the sketch of Todd. She confirms that Todd did the only thing that he could do in light of the circumstances, because he knew that if he stayed there then the police would not have believed him anyway. The doorbell rings. When Blair answers it, she finds that it is Ginger. Ginger asks if she can come in. Blair is sarcastic, but steps aside to let her in. Ginger once again tries to explain that Margaret was a good person before she went wacko. Ginger vows to help Margaret now, just as she had helped her. Ginger wants to know what should be done about the baby.

David is busy eating while Dorian paces the floor. She points out that he has cream cheese on the side of his mouth. Dorian is so afraid that their wedding day will be a complete shambles. David tries his best to reassure her that their wedding day will be fine. Dorian worries that if they don’t get married today, then they will never get married.

Jessica informs Antonio that she is afraid that Tess will emerge during the hypnosis. The doorbell rings. It is Dr. Jamison. Jessica speaks to him. Viki asks him if he would like to go into the library. They all go into the library. Jessica wants Viki and Clint to stay in the room with her. Antonio and Nash leave. Dr. Jamison begins the hypnosis by telling Jessica to count backwards from ten.

Bo comes into the hospital and sees Paige. With him he has a CD of some of Nora’s favorite songs. He wonders if it would help if they were played for Nora. Paige assures him that it wouldn’t hurt. Bo informs her that they have a suspect in the “floater” case, and it is Todd Manning. He assures her that it is easier to I.D. a car once it is parked.

Todd checks his text messages again. His mind is on Blair. He leans his head back against the headrest and mumbles to himself that he has to keep moving. He leans his head back against the headrest again, and suddenly he hears a baby cry. He looks around and sees a baby in a car seat with blood all over it. When he opens his eyes again, the baby is gone.

Blair is upset over the baby. She wants the state to handle it. She asks Spencer to get Ginger out of her home. Blair goes upstairs. Ginger is sorry that she came there. Spencer assures her that Blair is strong, and she will get through this. He then wants to know how she is doing. She tells him that she needs a job in order to pay him back his money. He tells her not to worry about it. He shushes her when she starts to mention him giving her money.

Dr. Jamison asks Jessica about her childhood and some happy experiences. He also asks her about some unhappy times.

Antonio calls Layla and asks if she can stay with Jaime a little while longer, and he tells her to call him. Nash is confused as to how he can have two women. Antonio assures him that Jessica will get better, and they will raise Jaime together.

Jessica relives an experience where she asks a man if he can take her home, and he asks her her name. The man takes her by the hand and leads her out of the room. He asks her her name again, and she tells him it's Tess.

Kevin, Kelly and Duke discuss the medical procedure that Spencer was supposed to perform on Kelly.

Ginger leaves after Spencer tells her he will keep in touch. Looking around, he sees the note that Todd left sticking out of a black box. He reads the note. When he hears Blair coming downstairs, he hides the note under the couch. During their conversation, he defends Todd. Spencer leaves to take care of some business.

Todd is in his car. He imagines Blair being there with him. She can’t understand why he is doing this to her.

Tess emerges. She immediately starts to yell for Nash. Dr. Jamison tries to reach out to Tess and get her to talk, but Tess stalls. After much insistence, Tess finally agrees to talk to him if she can talk to Niki Smith.

Todd realizes that his car won’t start. He has the hood up, working on it. When he lets the hood down, a police officer is standing there and tells him he is under arrest.

Spencer interrupts Bo and Paige. They discuss Nora’s condition. Bo goes into Nora’s room. Paige thanks Spencer for his help. He is impressed.

Spencer brings Blair her lunch. She gets a phone call from Bo informing her that they have found Todd’s car.

Ginger goes to Buchanan Enterprises to look for Duke. Kelly is in Kevin’s office. She apologizes to Ginger for coming down so hard on her at the bachelorette party. As Ginger starts to leave she runs into Duke. They make plans to go somewhere and talk, but suddenly she changes her mind and tells him that Kelly needs him.

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